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  1. Dreaming here, Xavier Johnson and Caleb Love would send shivers down any coach’s spine.
  2. His commitment day 6am workout shows MM already rocking IU gear
  3. There is a certain calmness in Bloomington tonight that feels so right. Maybe it’s summer. Maybe it’s the post Kolby Cooper concert. I don’t know, but it feels so good.
  4. Momentous in so many ways. Let’s have a season!
  5. Last minute discussion topic, if MM commits, he’s the biggest recruit since…? Zeller?
  6. Feel the rain on your skin, Mack will lead us in scoring, Kansas posters can suck a ____
  7. The latest Instagram followers tale now includes Mark Cuban following MM.
  8. Reason this would be momentous in so many ways is we add another 5 star for the third year in a row and our chances of being a contending team in the B1G increase drastically as well as being top 25 (relevancy). We have a chance to add two (maybe three) to the NBA draft. His addition would be HUGE.
  9. Slater posted more. His family being there certainly stands out.
  10. This would be momentous.
  11. Certainly have the biggest opening for his position and skill set
  12. IUHoosier5

    (C) Kel 'el Ware - COMMITTED TO INDIANA

    As Lil Jon once said, “YYEEEAAHHH!”
  13. IUHoosier5

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Let it be known to Flory and all future recruits, it’s not “you,” it’s just Mike Noodson.
  14. IUHoosier5

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    DeLoach and Ledlum interacting with X on his Instagram live tonight...maybe that guy was right.
  15. IUHoosier5

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    My heart <3