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    Run and gun, baby!
  2. I don’t want to start anything, but prepare to see a lot of talk on what Dakich says tomorrow on his show. He’s going to rip them for quitting with time left, and in my opinion, he won’t be wrong. That simply cannot happen and it visibly did in their biggest game of the year. It’s unacceptable. All in all, another step in the right direction was taken but it’s still not enough. Yes, X was missing and he would have helped tonight. That said, nearly a whole season was played without him and the team obviously adjusted and could have still made a run. Miami didn’t outplay Indiana. They outworked and out-hustled them. That’s the toughest pill to swallow from this season. Onward and upward. Go Hoosiers.
  3. Don’t have much to say. Disappointed by how quickly they folded. There were seven minutes left and the intensity decreased when it needed to elevate a level or two. TJD did help the program make some steps back to relevancy, but that was not good enough and I don’t like saying that. They didn’t leave it all out there. That’s what hurts.
  4. We did in fact get clowned and that’s what’s most perplexing.
  5. This is so sad. How can this team play this way in this spot? Getting out rebounded by a smaller team is a horrible look.
  6. JHS will wake up and it will be a tale of two halves game.
  7. Was not expecting this bad of a performance from JHS. Hopefully it's a tale of 2 halves
  8. Give Bates some credit. Besides the foul, he's been playing great D.
  9. It's early. Cut it to at least 8 going into halftime
  10. IUHoosier5


    It's them or Kansas St