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  1. Tasmanian Devil

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    My money is Kaiser first, then Page.
  2. Tasmanian Devil

    B1G Standings Predictions for 2022/2023

  3. Tasmanian Devil

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    “It’s time to be selfish!”
  4. Tasmanian Devil

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Guard play is the key element lacking for the Boilers. It was this past season and is amplified even more now. If Morton is your lead guard, you’ve got big issues. And he’s the closest thing Purdue has to a competent PG. Everyone else (Ivey, Hunter, Thompson) from last year has either gone pro or transferred. Morton’s not a BAD player, but he more of a complimentary guy. Asking him to be you main PG option is equivalent to expecting Trey Galloway be our top PG.
  5. Tasmanian Devil

    TJD is BACK

    Here’s a great article by Tom Brew from SI on this subject: https://www.si.com/college/indiana/basketball/tom-brew-my-two-cents-trayce-jackson-davis-leadership-most-important-tool-this-season?fbclid=IwAR0yyFFsQLYaLr68979nCfFfQPIo5ey6ZIRkx9yrzxyKqgIjP1txiyyF0Y0
  6. Tasmanian Devil

    TJD is BACK

    Although I get why some of you say it should be kept private, I still approve of it in this case. IMHO, he’s setting the bar HIGH for the team. You are here PRIMARILY to play basketball and REPRESENT the University. My opinion it helps eliminate any issues of guys possibly going astray by stating that if team first is not your top priority, you’ll be gone. Winning at a high level is tough enough; trying to do it without having everyone pulling in the same direction makes it even harder. After watching some IU teams in the last decade struggle because of leadership (or lack thereof), I have no problem with Trayce setting the standard for everyone. You’re either IN, or you’re OUT. Period, end of speech. And if you end up OUT because of this, you really have to question what your priorities really were.
  7. Tasmanian Devil

    TJD is BACK

    That’s one way to look at it. Then, again, it can be looked at as Trayce demonstrating strong leadership. He’s making it CRYSTAL CLEAR that he wants everyone focused - you’re either in on the things TRULY important that are going to help you win, and if you’re not mature enough to understand that you need to be gone. Period. Just as long as he’s walking the walk, he can talk the talk all he wants in my opinion. That statement was for his CURRENT team going forward, not guys no longer there. And if those departed have issue with what was said, too bad - it’s likely why you’re no longer in Bloomington.
  8. Tasmanian Devil

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    From my understanding, he’s a wing/3,
  9. Tasmanian Devil

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Again, true. Juwan shot 30% from three? I had to look at stats to confirm, but I’d bet .03 % or less of all FG attempts by Trayce were from behind the arc. (EDIT: while bored waiting for a program to compile, I looked it up - for his Indiana CAREER Trayce has taken 3 three-point shots (all this past season) out of 1053 total FG attempts, meaning less than .003% of ALL shots he’s taken in an IU uniform have been behind the arc.) You’ve had more experience working within the league, so I truly respect your opinion. But as athletic as Trayce is, he’s not his dad as a down-low banger. IMHO (which, admittedly, isn’t worth much) he has to show SOMETHING of a perimeter shot to have any long-term success in making it in the NBA.
  10. Tasmanian Devil

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    True - but both of those guys had demonstrated they could shoot an outside jumper. Trayce never has.
  11. Tasmanian Devil

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Thing is, how often do you even have to play against an Edey? Not very often. A front court of Race, Jordan and Dennis is gonna win you a LOT of games. I’m still betting on TJD coming back, though. Just wondering if he does if that means a no on Dennis, or is there something that can be done to make room for him?
  12. Tasmanian Devil

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Gotta love the “pop” of the net
  13. Tasmanian Devil

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Welcome home, Jordan! And thanks for the fond memories like these.