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  1. Tasmanian Devil

    College Bball Thread

    Sorry - saw this after I had posted. #Done
  2. Tasmanian Devil

    College Bball Thread

    I don’t doubt racism exists, same as I can’t tell 100% sure it WAS racist. What I CAN tell you is that every time something happens, when a person of color is involved it doesn’t automatically mean it was intentional racism. This very easily could be a idiot Purdue fan trying to dog on an IU player, period. All because someone is a tactless idiot doesn’t necessarily make them a racist.
  3. Tasmanian Devil

    College Bball Thread

    What’s sad is that when something like this is said the first reaction of so many is that it IS racist.
  4. Indiana 74 Fighting Frans 71
  5. A lot depends on if JHS can have an impact. IF he can (and I believe he WILL), this becomes a classic in the long history of two elite programs. Indiana 77 Kansas 76 JHS hits a trey from the right wing at the buzzer in an epic comeback win.
  6. Tasmanian Devil

    IUMS NCAA Tournament Thread

    I’m not disagreeing either, but it’s BS to not call it
  7. Tasmanian Devil

    IUMS NCAA Tournament Thread

    Todd is PISSED at the no call
  8. Tasmanian Devil

    IUMS NCAA Tournament Thread

    It’s afoul doesn’t matter when it is in the game.
  9. Tasmanian Devil

    IUMS NCAA Tournament Thread

    Without question
  10. We didn’t have JHS. We got hit by a 17-0 run AGAIN. TJD was in foul trouble a significant amount of 2nd half. And yet, we never went away. Against a GOOD opponent we kept competing, even though we clearly didn’t play nearly as well as we can. Let’s get healthy. Sure, we need to clean up some things. But this team could be dangerous come March.
  11. Past years I’d been very worried about a game like this. Not this team. They’re different. Rutgers will be gunning for us, but in the end our depth will be the difference. Indiana 79 Rutgers 68
  12. Agreed. This is a solid TEAM. You can tell these guys genuinely like and care about each other. Chemistry like that makes for a special team.
  13. My favorite player, because he exudes winning basketball. So smart out there.