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  1. taco corp

    2023-2024 MBB Big Ten Tournament

    Great, we get to lose to Penn State 3 times this year. Ugh!!!
  2. taco corp

    (2026) - G Steven Reynolds III

    Thanks for the info Old Fart. Always appreciated! U mention Reynolds as probably a long shot and that wouldn’t disappoint me at all. I’ve watched quite a few of his high school games and I’m not seeing a 4 star rating that some services have him at. What I have always seen was underwhelming. I’m wondering if he is Xavier Booker part 2? Great in pickup ball AAU, but way less than that in normal games.
  3. taco corp

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    IU should be doing to Mack, what supposedly other schools have doing to our guys, reaching out to them, even though they aren’t in the portal. Let Mack know we could throw a Brinks truck at him.
  4. That right there should get Woody a ticket out the door this afternoon. Crean’s first team had very little talent. For them to be more competitive than this team of Woody’s is ridiculous.
  5. taco corp

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Eight wins would be a nice thing to see this fall.
  6. taco corp

    (2025) SG - Braylon Mullins

    Sure hope this “mess” the program is going through right now, doesn’t cause us to miss out on Mullins and Sisley. That will sting to see them playing in other uniforms.