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  1. BH33

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I've been having these weird scenarios play through in my head where I see UK and Cal part ways and he ends up at IU. I even texted my former college roommate about it this morning after we finished our gripe session from last night's game.
  2. BH33

    Fire Coach Woodson

    That's Cal, and yes please.
  3. BH33


    who are your other 4 ?
  4. At the latest, most often within a few hours.
  5. Another quirk with Peacock is that there is not a DVR function or delayed start option. So, if you start the game late tonight, it will automatically jump to LIVE and not give you the option to catch-up. Typically, these live sports broadcasts take a few hours for them to be available as an "on demand" show where you can watch at will. Plan accordingly.
  6. It’s a standalone broadcast so the listing will be available tonight at the start time and won’t be impacted by an earlier game like a normal cable channel.
  7. BH33

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley TO INDIANA

    He replied to a tweet last night asking him if the countdown was still on with a gif from "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies.
  8. ESPN's BPI likes IU by 8.7, 80.1% win probability FWIW
  9. hover over that user's name and the Ignore option comes up
  10. just pulled this from IUHoosiers.com
  11. BH33

    General Coach Candidate News

    That’s actually a really good spot for him, IMO.
  12. These guys have a decent track record, too. Fun follow.
  13. Current assistant coaches with the Celtics.