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  1. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    Welp, looks like its back to video games on ESPN. College sports wont be the same moving forward. I can honestly say Im weaned off sports. Dont really care if they come back and a lot of others feel the same. Saw the Bruiser headline to UK and it really didnt stir any emotion either way. Kudos to you guys keeping this place going with nothing happening college sports wise.
  2. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Many teachers are in denial about the changes coming. What has happened in the past with virtual schools doesnt really matter because that is where the tech will be focused moving forward. Brick and motor is expensive. The business world has realized they can save $11000 per employee working from home and the employee can save $3-$5000 per year. New education options will explode taking money away from public schools. That said there will be jobs in education and if you embrace the changes coming you can still have a nice career.
  3. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    That part I can agree with.I thought Covid would be slowing down by now. Truth is we still dont know where we are at with this virus. Some data now suggests it was in China in August 2019.
  4. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    It is fascinating to take a step back and see how much of an impact this virus is gonna have moving forward in all facets of life. Disturbance brings change. I dont think anything will change as drastically as education. The old school model is dead and technology will take over quickly. Teachers are headed the way of the old telephone operators. Obsolete. Will large tech companies take over education? Covid has absolutely sped up the pace of change.
  5. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Ive tested positive for antibodies and had Covid symptoms in January though you cant 100% prove thats when I had it. Encouraged to donate plasma. Im betting exposure is a positive.
  6. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    If weve learned anything thus far its that models from April and the actual Covid 19 death count are innacurate. Farrs Law predicts how the virus will act not a prediction of death count.
  7. Alford Bailey

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Yep. And, we arent controlling this virus either. Farrs Law of Epidemics.
  8. I dont believe it just showed up in that nursing home. With all the down time I suggest doing some research. Start with Event 201. This was released in China.
  9. Alford Bailey

    Book Thread

    I liked The Reckoning. Seemed to kinda drag on though.
  10. Alford Bailey

    2019-2020 Season Review

    Technically progress was made in year three. Plenty of the same issues year after year though. Still waiting on guard play to improve. Bottom third in the conference sucks.
  11. Alford Bailey

    College Bball Thread

    Did anyone watch the dog show on ESPN today? LOL!
  12. Alford Bailey

    High School Basketball Thread

    Had more than one person tell me the IHSAA and Bobby Cox can do whatever the hell they want. I suppose thats the case. NBA, NCAA and MLB all cancelled but HSBB can go on with 150 people in the place??
  13. Alford Bailey

    Wisconsin at IU Game Thread 03/07 12 PM ESPN

    Agree. I was at an AAU tourney in Springfield OH with my daughter somewhere around 2013-14. Travis was there with his mom in full MSU gear. I believe the boys have a younger sister? Anyways mom was doing it back then.
  14. that changed quickly