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  1. Alford Bailey

    Who leaves the program first; Darren Hiller or Tom Allen?

    It really feels like Hiller is here as long as Allen is
  2. Remember when people were mentioning Allen’s name for the Florida St job? Hilarious then even more so now. Programs are firing better coaches mid season but IU is perfectly content to watch this sh** show for a couple more years.
  3. It’s hard to believe a program can be so inept for decades . I guess someone has to be at the bottom and IU is bound and determined to be in that position.
  4. He’s a cheerleader and that’s about it. Kevin Wilson was probably the most talented coach we’ve had in 25 years. Wilson has another top ranked offense at OSU. Not saying I would want Wilson back just that Allen isn’t really good at anything.
  5. Another Sunday where Illinois wakes up and says how did we lose to IU
  6. Alford Bailey

    Jay Edwards

    I’d take Evans with his shoulder dislocated over any “shooters” we had last year
  7. Gotta give credit for not quitting. Somehow this team is 3-0
  8. Never have been under Allen
  9. Nothing will drain the life out of you like Indiana football
  10. We are back to the days where only a handful on the roster are B1G caliber players
  11. Alford Bailey

    Jay Edwards

    Michigan and Illinois were both final four teams with Michigan winning the national championship.
  12. Alford Bailey

    Jay Edwards

    Wish Edwards could have reached his potential. Definitely a guy unafraid to take the big shot. Him and Lyndon Jones were flat out dominating at Marion. Three straight championships before class ball. Had the privilege to watch Marion play Richmond with Woody Austin. The 1989 team was one of my all time favorites.
  13. Alford Bailey

    Game Thread: Indiana Vs Idaho 8PM BTN

    We showing whose boss now!
  14. Alford Bailey

    College Football Thread

    Not sure there is a coach more hated at his previous schools than Brian Kelly.
  15. I greatly underestimated this team. This is a 3 win team not the 2 win team I predicted! I think we have a decent QB and a couple of receivers. Back to typical IU with not much else.