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  1. yogisballin

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    They just got their ***** handed to em at home to creighton. They’ve played nobody
  2. yogisballin

    Maryland vs Indiana - Game Thread, Fri., 12/1 @ 7 BTN

    Well DAMN! I've been excited about this kid since his commitment. Not saying that I personally have seen something in his game because all I have seen is on TV. Our guards suck out loud and I've never been an XJ fan. Too many peaks and valleys for me but I know someone is gonna reply with something like. Fans want to blame him for bad games and praise him for the good. No worries for me, not a fan. Never been big on him as he likes to call out teammates to the next level out on the floor. It's ok to do this but not the way he goes about it, which seems extreme at times. I still have hopes for Cupps however, he seems afraid to shoot right now and of course he needs to get stronger/bigger. I mean, he's a coaches kid that's won state championships
  3. yogisballin

    Maryland vs Indiana - Game Thread, Fri., 12/1 @ 7 BTN

    Anyone hearing anything about Jakai? I feel like we would need him. Lastly, has woody given up on CJ? I feel as he went with leal in 2nd half last night and not Cj says something
  4. yogisballin

    Maryland vs Indiana - Game Thread, Fri., 12/1 @ 7 BTN

    We’re not much better. Like 24-25%
  5. yogisballin

    Game Thread: IU vs FGCU - 11/7 @ 6:30 on BTN

    I realize it is 1 game. And I will gladly eat crow but I disagree with you about scorer portion. Just never been an XJ guy. I mean look at last year sir
  6. yogisballin

    Game Thread: IU vs FGCU - 11/7 @ 6:30 on BTN

    Let’s just say. He had a bad game tonight. Has a lot to learn on the defensive end
  7. yogisballin

    Game Thread: IU vs FGCU - 11/7 @ 6:30 on BTN

    I’m going to go ahead and say a few things that will probably not be liked by most here. He’s probably our most “skilled” player at a position than any we have but MR may be best coming off of bench. He hurt us on perimeter d and rebounding. And Cupps over XJ? XJ is so frustrating to me. He would make a great backup option. Just my opinion
  8. yogisballin

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    Hope like hell that I’m wrong but they could be sitting down there saying. DQ “hey Liam, if I sent out this post, make sure your mom likes it and reposts it.” LM “yeah man, that’d be funny af. Let’s mess with everybody”
  9. yogisballin

    2024 PG Daquan Davis

    Most ridiculous I’ve ever heard. Since when do 17-18 year olds worry about stealing someone else’s thunder? At that age most only worry about themselves
  10. Banks is the one I’m most excited for this season for some reason.
  11. yogisballin

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Sometimes less is better people. 20 games is already ridiculous
  12. And now we’re at how many pages in this thread?
  13. yogisballin

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    See I’m having a hard time with this statement. If true, we would do a lot better on the recruiting trail if so. Now, I’m not saying it’s terrible but there are schools seeing much stronger results. Now part of this is, we haven’t been relevant for 10+ years (I know it’s been longer but ****, this statement is hard to say.)
  14. I’m not throwing stones at MM, because everyone has their version of the story. But it could be as simple as he is just like any other kid in todays world and that is a sense of entitlement (including my own kids with this statement). When he was told no by Taco Bell employees maybe that was one of the few times he’s heard that since arriving to Bloomington? Not saying it is true! Just simply a thought. Nothing to see here, let’s move on. Hope he learns from this as the young man has a bright future.