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  1. yogisballin

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    Makes sense. Giving that is how it is worded then yes, definitely going to be questionable. Appreciate you doing the research for the rest of us (including myself) that were too lazy to look it up.
  2. yogisballin

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    But it’s still under the 9-10 game window. Right?
  3. yogisballin

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    Man, I love Galloway. However, I love your thinking on the shooter. Galloway as the 6th man, we would be absolute gas. Saying that got me excited again about IU Basketball! 32 yr fan here, been a little bit for me. Stay with it woody! Slide us a solid 2 in there from the portal or Gunn/Banks (I really want to see more of these kids playing) someone send us a video of them working out/playing pickup/ something
  4. yogisballin

    B10 Basketball Recruiting Thread

    And then he goes Georgia Tech…makes no sense
  5. yogisballin

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    and not just because we got him but prior to his injury, I really thought Newton was under valued and I hope he still is. If he’s the same player, I think we’ve got a good one here guys and gals.
  6. yogisballin

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    We don’t have anything to worry about. Our combo guard is Galloway, in the event something happens to XJ and Cupps can’t handle 30 mpg.
  7. Our next pickup will be 6’6 guard from auburn…A. Flanigan
  8. We’ve got some length. Imagine if Banks really improves over summer and starts at the 2. What a lineup of some length. It won’t happen but just imagine
  9. I hope we are doing this. If we don’t, we just fall behind guys. We needed to get with the times but I do agree with you
  10. This means that they know that the selection is a B1G school…….so, IUBB IT IS! just kidding!
  11. Maybe this recruit will be cruising down I-95 in NJ and see a IU license plate and think. “It’s meant to be! Yep, I’m going to IU!” Sorry Tamar, I had too
  12. Just trying to be funny man. That’s all! I don’t post near as much on here anymore. Most of ya take **** too serious.
  13. yogisballin

    NIL and IU

    Wow! Big mistake