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  1. HoosierTrav

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Agreed. Really need the top of the rotation to stay healthy through the season. X’s health is imperative. We have to have a top guard to go anywhere. When he’s healthy and locked in, he’s as good as any PG out there. Excited for the season. The front court has a chance to be elite.
  2. HoosierTrav

    Hoosier Hysteria - Friday, October 20, 2023

    Fun fact: A friend of mine was working as a club bouncer in Detroit during college. Gucci Mane was performing there and he had him call my phone late (around 2-3 AM). I had a job that I had to be up around 5:00 AM and thought it was a prank. So I went off on the ol East Atlanta Santa and told him that I didn’t have time for BS. my buddy called me the next day and asked me what I said to him. lol.
  3. Man…. We really need that one domino to fall. Once that happens, it feels like the floodgates will open.
  4. This is the biggest recruiting weekend I can remember as an IU fan. One big name to pop and we could generate massive momentum.
  5. HoosierTrav

    The Golf Thread

    I go to Eastlake each year for the FedEx Cup Tour Championship… ram into some cool guys from Indiana this year. Lots of fun.
  6. I’m super happy and impressed with Woody and the staff’s recruiting chops but I feel like IU has always been able to get visits from the elite players. It was just landing a respectable percentage of them that was the problem.
  7. HoosierTrav

    Who would you choose to have a GREAT season?

    Calbert Cheaney seems to be high on CJ Gunn. I’d love to see him reach his ceiling. I think it’s pretty high.
  8. Man… I was wrong on this. Everything that I had read or seen, seemed to add up to a KU commitment. What a huge pickup for Woody and IU. He’s exactly the type of player that has eluded not only IU but the B1G lately. An NBA level wing. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but MM joining IU not only helps IU but the entire league as a whole, when you consider the tournament. Often times when B1G teams face dynamic scoring wings in the tourney, they aren’t prepared for them. Now they’ll have had MM bust their ***** a few times prior to the tournament and maybe they can make it outta the 1st weekend.
  9. Whatever they are…. I’m goin!
  10. It’s Kansas. All the smoke is pointing in that direction. I made the mistake of trolling Twitter. What I’ve gathered: -Hunter Dickinson radar post is obvious that they are close to landing him. He knows. -Kansas insiders say that he wanted to commit to Kansas on the spot during his visit but his people and the agency wanted to push for more visits. They still pushed for the Louisville visit (which lines up with what our insiders said). He still wants Kansas according to their insiders. -Playing time is not an issue for him bc Kansas sold him that he would replace Jalen Wilson. -Apparently Mgbake’s mom gave their hand away on an Instagram post which she quickly deleted but not before many seen it. oh and they think it’s going to be announced by Thursday. don’t jump off the ledge folks. It would be amazing for this all to be wrong and for him to choose our Hoosiers.
  11. Nothing wrong with keeping an eye on things. I’m guilty of it too. Just not allowing myself to get my hopes up. That huge dopamine rush is great until the bad news inevitably hits and makes the feelings of disappointment exponentially worse. Better to have no expectations one way or the other. That way you’re happy with all commitments and your days aren’t ruined from hearing kids choose to play elsewhere.
  12. This recruitment is one of the many examples as to why I’ve detached from recruiting. I check in from time to time but I refuse to get overly invested. A vast majority of the time, it’s going to end in disappointment.
  13. Kansas gonna mess around and get Dickenson and Mgbako, aren’t they?