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  1. HoosierTrav

    Positive Thread only

    I’m going to try my best to make a daily post here. Someone hold me accountable!! Haha. Things are starting to pick up at as far as work goes. The dopamine I received from hearing the Bruce Pearl rumors was enough to have me moving with a little pep in my step today. oh….. almost forgot….. it was refreshing seeing the Hall rock tonight. The women put on a show and it’s pretty incredible what Moren has done with this program. It’s only a matter of time before a whole generation of elite girls from the state dream of playing for IU. Also, it serves as a good lesson for anyone who thinks our fanbase is toxic and one of the primary reasons for our MBB struggles. We know ball. Thats not coming from a place of arrogance either. We won’t be convinced that bad basketball is good basketball. They aren’t going to beat us into submission and get us to pretend that we are enjoying it. We know the game too darn well. We grow up with access to SO MANY great coaches at a very young age. Basketball is cheap and accessible here. I coach my son’s 3rd grade basketball team and we have installed a couple variations of a motion offense, run numerous SLOBS, BLOBS. 8 year olds. And if I don’t coach my @$$ off on the sideline we will get beat by any of the other coaches (all of us played for very good high school teams and some played in college). I’m not saying any of this to brag. It’s just staggering to me when I sit back and think about it. Canada is this way with hockey and Indiana is this way with basketball. Give us a guy on that sideline that can win and you’ll have the best home court advantage in college basketball. That will travel to neutral sites too.
  2. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Not a bad coach but how about Shaka Smart at Texas?
  3. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Pearl would win here and likely big. Oats does the same but for much longer. Oats style of play is a match made in heaven for Indiana and its fans.
  4. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    You’ve been saying that name for awhile here and honestly, I blew it off. I’ve been digging more and more and I think you’re onto something here. The UNLV stint is scary but everything else says he’s a star.
  5. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I agree. Nate Oats would be an absolute mega star at Indiana. He checks every single box. He wouldn’t even need to switch his suit jackets.
  6. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Mailchimp auto responder go brrrrr
  7. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Go off King!
  8. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Oh boy. Guess I got duped. A ton of verified accounts posted that. I think the point still stands, as far as the buyout and his age. Doesn’t make sense. nevermind. I’ve changed my mind. Get him.
  9. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Agree. Doesn’t make any sense. Also, after what Pearl said in his post game presser after the UK loss, I’m not sure we want him at all.
  10. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    They do when you are asked every 3-5 years to break out your checkbook. At some point I want to have a little say in the matter and who we are planning to hire. I don’t care if I’m worth 200 billion. I’m not just stroking a check for $10m-$20m to the same buffoons who asked me not long ago for more money, for the same mistakes.
  11. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Absolute garbage coach. Ego bigger than Woody’s by a country mile. Truly believes in his head that he was capable of leading Indiana back to past greatness. Like Fran said, “if he was a coach, he’d be coaching.” He refuses to take blame for Bowling Green. Still to this day he says the reason he wasn’t successful was that they had to deal with too many injuries. You don’t stink at BG & WVU and then come to the incinerator that is IU and win. Sorry Danny. We need a dude and you…..ain’t….it. cannot ******* stand that clown human.
  12. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    The problem is that he’s neutered.
  13. HoosierTrav

    College Bball Thread

    What a finish!
  14. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Both really. The fans who remember Mike Woodson as a player are slowly being replaced by a younger contingent that sees Woody and a Buckner as coach and BOT chair. The basketball program is having one of its worst seasons in the last 12 years. I’m sick of supporting the program. I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollars just in the last 2 years. I’m no longer going to spend money or support the program at any level. There are a lot like me and frankly I hope they start to feel it soon. They aren’t serious about winning. The Mike Woodson hire was proof of this. No serious program makes that hire. The vast majority of the Indiana fanbase going forward will remember Mike Woodson for what he did on the sidelines. Not his efforts as a player. Is that fair? Probably not. But it is certainly going to be the case.
  15. HoosierTrav

    Fire Coach Woodson

    There’s a positivity thread. Feel free to go spread your love and positivity. This thread is about firing Mike Woodson. Sorry I hurt you.