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  1. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    What other options did he have? Xavier Johnson was considered the top available pg in the portal and he landed him. This entire roster is compiled of kids that he didn’t recruit. You can make the argument for Tamar Bates but even so, he had such little time to recruit him. We were lucky to get him at the time. Meanwhile he was immediately charged with keeping the program from complete nuclear meltdown. Dang near every player of significance, in the program, was in the portal. I’m as frustrated as anyone else but he had no shot of making this roster elite in the timeframe and situation he was given. I’m going to do my absolute best to try and judge him on how he finishes this season and goes into the next. Can he go get critical pieces in the portal this off-season? I believe Jalen Hood-Schifino is going to shore up the PG position but we need to find a suitable replacement for TJD. We need guard play desperately. XJ and Rob aren’t going to cut it. I don’t see much of a higher ceiling with those two leading our offense.
  2. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Boggles my mind how our program hasn’t been able to even get respectable guard play since Tom Crean. I thought things would improve when we brought TB and XJ in but TB is a dud at this point and XJ is the pg version of Troy Williams. This roster is constructed so poorly (not this staffs fault) and needs complete retooling, if we are to expect any satisfactory results in the next 2 years. Woody is definitely an upgrade to his predecessors, imho. I think he’s getting the absolute best out of what he has but this feels like we need to tear it to the ground and rebuild from the ground up. That’s both frustrating and demoralizing, considering how long and often we’ve been wallowing in mediocrity.
  3. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    I knew I shouldn’t have watched this. Now I won’t be able to sleep. I won’t watch another road game this season.
  4. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    We are blowing this team out without the insane amount of turnovers. How can we be so damn bad at this. And call a ******* timeout Woody! Ffs. He just sits there with his mouth open catching flies while the crowd goes nuts.
  5. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    This is gonna get away from us.
  6. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Free throws, Turnovers, Awful rebounding. Man…. Not looking good.
  7. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Pretty awful 2-3 possessions by TJD there.
  8. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Race Thompson has gotten much more athletic since coming to campus.
  9. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Nice finish Rob!!!
  10. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Iowa 74 IU 67
  11. HoosierTrav

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    After the start to the season and how they finished, I think it ultimately falls on Frank Reich and the staff. Time for a change. It’s like his teams only rally around him when they get into almost insurmountable holes. He hitched his wagon to Wentz and it’s clear that they guy isn’t capable of getting it done, with one of the best O-lines in the league. I’m not sure what the answer is but a change in HC is necessary, imho.
  12. HoosierTrav


    Depending on what side of town you’re on, I may see you out there tomorrow. I’m coaching my kids team.
  13. HoosierTrav


    apathy.....I skipped watching the 2nd half of tonights game (kids had 1st Upwards practice) to avoid getting upset. I missed out on Trey Galloway balling out and us dominating the #13 team in the country...... annnnnd im upset now.
  14. HoosierTrav

    Prediction League (Game 14 - Ohio State 1/6/22)

    “I’ll have whatever he’s having!” Lol. Hope you’re right.