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  1. HoosierTrav

    College Football Thread

    “Indiana was the toughest team we played all year.” -Ryan Day (throwing a return jab at Dabo) hopefully
  2. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Northwestern - 12/23/20 @ 8:30 ET on BTN

    I will probably get killed for this but here goes.... Al Durham has no business getting the amount of minutes he does. He’s a great kid but simply not good enough to help us compete at a top level in the B1G. Every year he plays well against the mid/low majors, then looks outclassed once B1G starts. He has his occasional solid game but it’s glaringly obvious that he shouldn’t be getting the minutes he does. Same with Phinisee, as well. He’s regressed every season. Lander is young and has a lot to learn but when I see him on the floor I see a very high ceiling. The fact Archie is letting him wither away on the bench infuriates me. I’m willing to live with his mistakes much more than the constant boneheaded mistakes from upper classmen. At least he will be brought up to speed much quicker. Al and Rob just barely keep us treading water and prolong us from getting to where we need to be. Archie is getting his @$$ handed to him in Bloomington. It’s hard to watch. Nearly everyone pegged this guy as one of the next big time head coaches. He’s not awful, he’s certainly not great. He’s just meh.
  3. LEO doesn’t apply to the B1G brass or CFP Committee. The AD needs to speak up.
  4. HoosierTrav

    College Bball Thread

    Northwestern is going to beat us if we play even remotely close to how we did on Saturday. Hopefully the men are ready for a fight. NW is dominating Sparty right now.
  5. That’s the thing. We did everything we could have to earn the respect. Winning this game won’t earn us anymore, with those on the committee, imho. Historical results have no business being weighted into the current seasons merits. It’s fraudulent to do so. I’m really happy Fred Glass said what he said, publicly. I hope Dolson follows suit. Coach Allen needs to see that his boss is going to fight for him and not tuck his tail.
  6. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Florida State in ACC - Big 10 Challenge - 12/9/20

    What in the hell are they doing at the monitor. What’s to see?
  7. HoosierTrav

    IUBB @ Florida State in ACC - Big 10 Challenge - 12/9/20

    Late to the party. I was wrong about this game. I thought we’d struggle with their length. Giving it a heck of an effort on the road against a quality team.
  8. Not feeling very optimistic about this one. FSU has the length and athleticism in the front court to neutralize our best players (Trayce and Race). I’m not confident in our guards. Our guards are average, at best. FSU: 78 IU: 62
  9. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Texas - 12/1/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    I don’t think this is an indictment of Indiana HS basketball, as it’s an indictment of the Indiana University MBB staff.
  10. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Texas - 12/1/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    When did Trayce become so soft?
  11. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Texas - 12/1/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    This ISN’T the worst offense half in the Archie era? Yikes. Starts with guard play. Archie hasn’t been able to get good enough scoring guards. The defense is great but ultimately you have to put the ball in the hole.
  12. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Texas - 12/1/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    The level of competition significantly went up. Also, we still don’t have perimeter shooting. Doesn’t take long before teams figure out that we are 1 dimensional.
  13. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Texas - 12/1/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    Smart and Miller = 2 of the lesser offensive minds in the game. It’s showing.
  14. HoosierTrav

    IUBB vs Texas - 12/1/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    When I see Hunter, I see a guy oozing with ability while at the same time, having zero confidence in himself.