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  1. It's not so much the death rate. event though high, it's about overloading the hospital system. There's only a finite number of beds, healthcare workers and supplies needed for an outbreak like this. This is less panic and hysteria and more being diligent and trying to prevent something worse. The exponential growth of the number of cases can skyrocket quickly.
  2. I hate charges but I like having a charge guy lol
  3. sirhoosierlot

    Evan Fitzner to IU

    Here's all I could find from his senior year of HS. He's got good footwork on defense! Edit: Wow I forgot to post the link lmao
  4. How is Thomas Jefferson still putting up these kinds of numbers?
  5. sirhoosierlot

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I mean I'm frankly I try to be an honest person and my parents were amazing, but at 18 if somebody put that kind of money in front of me... it'd be very very tempting.
  6. sirhoosierlot

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Just let them get apparel deals, shoe deals etc. and let other athletes in other sports that don't garner the attention and athletes that simply don't have the pull as the big names be able to have jobs and earn some money. To me this whole thing is very simple. My conspiracy theory is that the NCAA knows that these kids can get paid legally if they want to change the rules, and it would be very easy, but someone in the organization is involved with the deals that are currently going on and are making a lot more cream than they would if they split the cut.
  7. sirhoosierlot

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    This was the best thing to ever happen to Crean
  8. sirhoosierlot

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    We've all done it lol
  9. sirhoosierlot

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    looks like a fake account
  10. sirhoosierlot

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    So there's nothing about Indiana in any of this is there? no indications or rumors?
  11. Does anyone happen to have a parking pass for lot 12? I'm the idiot that forgot to get parking when getting season tickets.
  12. sirhoosierlot

    Thad Matta OUT @ OSU

    Time for Urban to do some politicin'. That's right. Dan Dakitch to OSU. You heard it hear first, folks.