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  1. IU - Kaulie

    NBA Thread

    I tend to agree with you on a lot of topics but not this. Just take the Pacers and who they have played. Edey can’t hold up against Hali/Myles Turner in the pnr game. He can’t go out and guard Brook Lopez on the perimeter. The Knicks playmaking big man would pick him apart on the top of the key with his passing ability. I don’t like Edey one bit, and I will say he has come a long way but this isn’t college. These NBA bigs are on another level. I will enjoy seeing someone like Myles Turner or TJD driving and dunking on his head. In my opinion, Edey is a backup big that you can throw it into that can get buckets, but will be made to look silly by NBA point guards and big men on the defensive end. There are a number of teams I bet that won’t even be interested at all in drafting him.
  2. IU - Kaulie

    NBA Thread

    I have a hard time seeing Edey as anything more than a backup big. He will be able to get buckets but these NBA point guards will make him look silly trying to cover on the other end.
  3. IU - Kaulie

    NBA Thread

    I have a question for you guys. So I haven’t really watched a lot of NBA basketball. Not over the last couple of years anyway. I saw some of the Bucks series and caught the game last night. I was really interested in watching Haliburton because that’s who gets talked about obviously. Is that who he is? I see that he plays with good pace and can pass the ball but all his shots look to be step back 3’s that he doesn’t hit at a high percentage. The game winner against the Bucks was nice but all the other times I have seen him penetrate he always seems to be looking to throw it to someone else even when he seems to have a step and could take a good shot. His backup has looked like the better player to me. For someone that really hasn’t seen him play what am I missing?
  4. IU - Kaulie

    Adidas Contract Extended - 2024

    You’re one to talk!
  5. IU - Kaulie

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers up LCS!
  6. IU - Kaulie

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I like getting Goode but really wanted Humrichous.
  7. IU - Kaulie

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Again, I agree Ballo is not that type of player. He gets his points on dunks and offensive rebounds. However, Woodson is still going to run his offense through the post. Most of that’s going to be MR, but Ballo will get some touches. I don’t see us putting up 25 threes a game you suggest. I would love it if we did, but Woodson’s track record does not support that. It’s not just the studs like TJD/Ware. We would throw it into Race. Heck, every time Michael Durr was in the game in his one year here we would throw it into him. This is not a personnel thing this is a system thing. When the man himself has repeatedly said that he believes the college game is still run through the post and there has been no evidence to suggest that he doesn’t believe that then I don’t know what else to say.
  8. IU - Kaulie

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Gallo had no problem creating for himself and others when he was operating at point guard. I agree with you on Ballo. I have seen him play, and no you don’t force feed him every time down. Where I probably disagree with you is that is exactly what CMW will try to do. Not every time down, but Ballo will get touches that he shouldn’t get. That’s plain and simple the three year track record of CMW. He wants to play through the post, and as recently as this offseason has still said as much. I’m hoping, no I’m begging that changes, but until we see otherwise …..
  9. IU - Kaulie

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to Tulane

    I wish things could have worked out differently at IU. I hope he kills it.
  10. IU - Kaulie

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Newton was very highly regarded before he got injured. He hasn’t played in two years. He needs minutes in live game action. I agree with your top 7 and Cupps is going to play. Leal idk we will see. I’m not saying Newton is going to play a lot of minutes. Who knows what he will look like, but I do think he needs to see the court imo. If he can get back to where he was he will most certainly get minutes, probably a lot of them.
  11. IU - Kaulie

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I think he is very good. I would put him 4th best in the conference.
  12. IU - Kaulie

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Anybody left at Hillsdale College? We need that 3 point specialist.
  13. IU - Kaulie

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I’m so excited we got Ballo! I’m not too concerned about lineups and who gets the last starting spot. Those things usually work themselves out. If we do have Carlyle the top 6 are going to play big minutes. Cupps is going to play and Newton needs to play. I think we probably leave one scholarship open, so assuming Carlyle is in the fold that’s three more spots to fill. I hope one of them is Humrichous. We obviously need a backup big and a sniper to round things out. What is the date the portal closes to enter? There will most likely be some late additions and you never know who might enter.
  14. IU - Kaulie

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    If we are trying to win a game right now I’m going with Conwell over Carlyle. I think this team has potential next year with some of our other pieces/possibilities and I want Conwell. Like @Stuhoosaid though we might not be in a position to just choose. Carlyle has seemed to show legitimate interest and maybe not so much from Conwell I don’t know. We will find out.