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  1. IU - Kaulie

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    I would be good if he plays very little considering the overall roster. He shown zero basketball IQ, been suspended or had to sit out games or whatever that was, and is completely lost on the defensive end. If he improves under the new coaching staff then so be it. But right now with the new guys coming in not to mention the returnees I don’t see him getting much minutes.
  2. IU - Kaulie

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I agree and disagree at the same time. I agree it’s only marginal improvement but if he’s taking over more minutes from Hunter then the marginal improvement widens. I disagree that Galloway isn’t going to play much but we will see.
  3. IU - Kaulie

    2021 Transfer Portal

    So been catching up with this latest news/rumors. Trey is probably the last player I would want to leave. This dude plays with an attitude/edge to his game that we need. You don’t think Dane Fife notices that and is probably working with him on his shot right now? He is also a winner and knows how to play the game with his motor and going hard with constant movement/effort. Don’t think as RMK guys Woodson and Fife doesn’t get this? His play fell off last year post injury as he was restricted but he is a player and fills a void that is needed. Having said all that I think he absolutely gets minutes next year. Not anything like last year and not like he will get as a junior/senior but he will play. He is not the end of the bench that will never play type RIGHT NOW let alone in the coming years. He will play. I’m on board with Brooks coming if it’s Hunter leaving but not Trey.
  4. You might be right. We will see. I have a feeling they are both going to put in the work. Trey will play. Woodson himself said that if your not a shooter but know how to play and do the other things to help the team win then your going to have a chance to play. Trey is going to get minutes. He gets it.
  5. Nah. Swap that with Jerome Hunter. Writing is on the wall.
  6. I was happy with just Woodson. This changes everything.
  7. Not disappointed one bit. Woodson changes the culture from day 1. Eagerly awaiting on who will sit beside him on the bench. Hope it’s Lewis.
  8. It’s not Stevens-Sheehey.
  9. IU - Kaulie

    2021 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Congrats Alaska!
  10. IU - Kaulie

    College Bball Thread

    Still might be right.
  11. IU - Kaulie

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    36th in rebounding margin and 71st in total rebounds (even playing at a slower pace).
  12. IU - Kaulie

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    They are one of the better rebounding teams in the country. +5.
  13. IU - Kaulie

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    I agree with you and feel the same. I didn’t call you out and it wasn’t directed at you. Their has been a lot of talk in this thread and others that just seem unwarranted.
  14. IU - Kaulie

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    I wonder if some people that post on here even watch the games. The Porter Moser hate is absurd and laughable. They didn’t have a good game but could clearly see what they were trying to do on offense/defense. Porter Moser can coach circles around Archie Miller. 2/3 of their best players got in foul trouble midway thru the first half and had to go to the bench and they could not recover. Take the top 2/3 players away from any mid major and they are going to struggle. They just don’t have the kind of depth to recover from that. That said, I have not and do not want him to be our next head coach but all the negative talk about him in this thread and other threads just seems inaccurate. Loyola had a bad game and good for Oregon State.