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  1. IU - Kaulie

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    What? Galloway is much more than that.
  2. IU - Kaulie

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    How big of an upgrade is it? Leal has 3 more years here and keeps getting better. I thought he should have been playing a lot more this season at the expense of Parker. I thought his play earned it and I think he finds a role going forward. I know I keep saying it but I like someone that doesn’t see himself as a cheerleader and wants to play and is going to put in the work to keep getting better and contribute. I’m not in favor of ‘pushing’ anyone out. If that were to happen though I don’t want that to be Leal (or Kopp).
  3. IU - Kaulie

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I don’t like it either. Leal is a good kid and he doesn’t see himself as a 12-13th man. He sees 3 more years here and wants to contribute and is going to put the time and work in and is committed to getting better. I don’t want to see Leal go anywhere or Kopp either for that matter.
  4. IU - Kaulie

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    100% agree with str8. JG gets absolutely lost too many times defending on the perimeter. I said as much earlier in the season on here when he wasn’t playing much and got roasted for it and pretty much called a JG hater. Their was a reason he wasn’t playing much. Kopp is by far a better team defender. He gets a lot of deflections and knows where he is supposed to be and if you have been to a game he is always talking. He will get beat some by superior athletes but I can live with that. We were a very good defensive team last year with Kopp playing a lot of minutes. JG has the potential to lock his man up one on one but off the ball he struggles. I don’t want to see JG at the 3. Offensively he doesn’t have the handle and on the defensive end is where the problem really is especially off ball and as a help defender. He needs to stay at the 4 where he is better suited. I loved how he played at the end of the season but he is not a starter on this team. For me it’s pretty clear cut and really no question. 1 - X 2 - JHS 3 - Kopp 4 - Race 5 - TJD
  5. IU - Kaulie

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I disagree. Leal showed a lot of improvement on the defensive end last year. He also sees himself as more than a cheerleader. Is he happy to be here? Absolutely. He’s a player though. He is going to keep working on his game and he will contribute. I think he finds a way to get on the court.
  6. IU - Kaulie

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    100%. This is my starting 5. Kopp is starting and he might not play as many minutes as last year but he will still get a lot of minutes. Jordan is not a 3 and he is not a starter on this team. JHS is starting. I will admit I haven’t seen him play so just what I have picked up on here but he seems like a leader and is definitely a winner. We have needed both for quite some time. I love our bench. Galloway, Geronimo, Bates, Reaneau, and Leal. I think Leal will get sporadic minutes here and there. He is a hard worker and does all the right things. He’s probably on the court working on his game as I’m typing this.
  7. I guess we will just disagree and that’s ok. I don’t see anyone on the wing beating out Miller Kopp. We all hope and want Bates/Jordan to be those guys but beating out an experienced senior in Kopp I don’t see happening. I love the improvement that Jordan showed as the season progressed but under Woodson playing time is earned on the defensive end first and while Bates/Jordan are good individual defenders they also sometimes get lost or get out of position. Kopp might get beat in some matchups but he will know where he is supposed to be and is a very good help defender and gets his hands on a lot of balls. He also will not turn the ball over and make bad decisions as much as the younger guys. Kopp is still also our best shooter. It’s been said that he really puts on a show and lights it up at practice. Sure it hasn’t translated to games and he hasn’t scored as much as we like but I still think he is our best option on the wing. Bates/Jordan would have to have a really great summer to beat him out in my opinion.
  8. I didn’t say finishing. As of right now on 4/8 Miller Kopp is the one starting spot I feel 100% sure about starting game #1.
  9. I agree but I think regardless of who comes back Kopp is starting. Some are saying they would be shocked if he is starting next year. I would be more shocked if he is not.
  10. IU - Kaulie

    Xavier Arrested...

    I know the location and have drove past it several times but by no means visit the area lol. I 100% believe their would be people in that area and walking around though.
  11. IU - Kaulie

    Xavier Arrested...

    My mistake. He disregarded the stop sign while continuing at a high rate of speed. Does that make it better for you?
  12. IU - Kaulie

    Xavier Arrested...

    Less dramatic? Dude was going 90 in a 40 with other vehicles and pedestrians present. Then the real fun starts when the flashing lights came coming and he drove erratically to find an escape route to change seats and took out a stop sign in the process. This is a big deal and he was lucky no one was injured. It could have turned out a lot different. Whatever penalty he receives will not be enough.
  13. IU - Kaulie

    Xavier Arrested...

    Huh? I never said just because JHS is coming in that X should be suspended. I just suggested that X should be suspended and it puts his starting position in question. I would love to see JHS take advantage and run with it.
  14. IU - Kaulie

    Thad Matta to Butler

    The biggest question I still have is where were we last year with Matta and how was his health last year compared to this year?
  15. IU - Kaulie

    Xavier Arrested...

    So this is my take. I think that at the very least some kind of suspension will be coming. JHS is coming and he is ready to play the moment he sets foot on campus. Woodson has talked all season about point guard being the most important position and how he needs a point guard he can trust to run the team and be a leader. JHS is going to get a lot of time running with the starters as point guard in practice as next season approaches. He will spend a lot of time with the coaching staff going over game plans, matchups, scouting reports, what we are trying to do on offense, defense, etc. I would not be surprised if this bad judgement from X results in him losing a lot on the court.