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  1. LIHoosier

    NBA Thread

    Please start a Masshole chant for Brad, thanks.
  2. LIHoosier

    How Many IUFB Wins In 2024?

    FIU - W, W Illinois - W, @ UCLA - L, Charlotte - W, Maryland - W, @ NW - W/L, Nebraska - W/L, Washington - L, @ MSU - W, Meat Chicken - L, @ O$U - L, Purdon't - W That makes 7-5 with bowl eligibility going into the Bucket game. I'm on the fence with both NW and Nebraska and I feel one is a loss and one is a win.
  3. LIHoosier

    2024-2025 IUBB Schedule

    320 on KenPom last year. Better swallow that cupcake whole.
  4. LIHoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    It's not 50 cent bad, but still Sent from my SM-S901U using Tapatalk
  5. LIHoosier

    NBA Thread

    OG defending 1 through 5
  6. LIHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Don't know how important the conference tourneys were in 2013 compared to now with the NET and other metrics; if it was important the real issue was crapping the bed in the BTT and letting Uof6 into the Indy regional and having to go east and play Cuse in the Sweet 16 to begin with.
  7. LIHoosier

    NBA Thread

    Probably Siakam, years of literal practice put to use
  8. LIHoosier

    OG Anunoby - New York Knicks

    Young fella don't give it like that...umph!
  9. LIHoosier

    2024-2025 IUBB Schedule

    I thought our court was minimalist.
  10. LIHoosier

    Adidas Contract Extended - 2024

    That's a good footnote for this thread.
  11. LIHoosier

    NBA Thread

    One title and the fans have become as diva as their players.
  12. Signed with the Jaguars
  13. Signed with the Bengals
  14. LIHoosier

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    Tricia Whitaker, look out