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  1. craigyv88

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    Celtics are gonna lose again tonight!
  2. IU - 71 Rutgers - 76
  3. craigyv88

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    The situation is getting depressing and I don't see a lot of good and realistic options to get the program on an upward trajectory right now. I looked back to my top 5 list in this thread from just January 15th and I don't know if any of those guys are viable at this point. Oats just got a big extension with a big buyout, Collins is on a big losing streak for the second year in a row, not sure if Woodson makes sense, who knows how long Donovan will be with the Bulls, and Beilein would be 69 assuming we wait until after Archie's buyout drops. I love the idea of Matta provided he is healthy and willing to do the Big Ten coaching grind again. At minimum it sounds like he has turned down opportunities with Georgia and Wichita St but I think he would give a lot of consideration if IU called. That's the only option giving me hope at this point.
  4. craigyv88

    (2022) - PF Tarris Reed Jr.

    That's a bummer, I feel like we really need a PF in the 2022 class after the recent misses at that position. I thought Reed would be a good fit to backfill that need and that we would have pursued him harder. Per 247 our only other PF offers in the 2022 class are AJ Casey and Jalen Washington, both 5-stars. Not sure where we stand on those or how realistic those options are.
  5. IU - 79 Minn - 72
  6. I was an advocate for Collins both in 2017 and in late December and am certainly eating crow for it at this point. I still believe the idea made sense at both times as he is the only coach to ever take NW to the tournament and nearly beat eventual runner-up Gonzaga in the second round in 2017 and also has the highest win percentage at NW since a guy named Dutch Lonborg who started coaching there in the 1920’s. Plus six weeks ago he had his team in the top 20 and seemed to be building his roster back up after a couple of down seasons with multiple guys ranked in the top 80-150. However, it appears things have gone downhill quickly there and they consistently falter in close games. Barring a massive turnaround I would no longer put him on any coaching lists of mine.
  7. craigyv88

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I could probably be the unofficial chairman of the Chris Collins Fan Club (which doesn't look great at this point) and have long felt he was better than his record and was worth a look for IU, but I would have to admit Archie had some nice plays and coached a good game last night. It's hard for me to say anybody thoroughly outcoached anybody else in a game that took 2OT's to decide, but my basketball brain is not that great and I think had IU not gotten down 21-7 to start the game the coaching effort would have been more apparent.
  8. craigyv88

    (2022) - PF Tyler Nickel

    I like Gunn and am happy to have him but I understand the sentiment when looking at these stat lines. I just keep reminding myself that Gunn plays on a really good and balanced team that plays at a slow pace and that he clearly brings something to the table or he wouldn't be ranked anywhere near 4-star territory. I think the answer is that we really need to get a kid like Nickel or Alex Karaban to go along with Gunn in this class. A 6’7” – 6’9” wing that can flat out score would complement him and a PG prospect in this class nicely.
  9. Absolutely cannot lose to NW twice. Hopefully Assembly Hall won't be a slumpbuster for them. IU - 77 NW - 70
  10. craigyv88

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Winning close games was something I felt to be a strength of Archie early in his tenure, but the downward trend can actually be traced back to the start of the infamous 12 out of 13 game losing skid from the 2018-19 season. During Archie's first season and the first 14 games of the 2018-19 season IU was 9-4 in games decided by 5 points or less, but since that time IU is 10-11 in those games. Maintaining that same win percentage in close games from what was essentially Archie's first year and a half would have given us basically 5 more total wins since and might have been enough to change our current perception at least to an extent.
  11. craigyv88

    Prediction League (Game 18 - Iowa 2/7/21)

    IU - 69 February Fran - 77
  12. craigyv88

    (2020) PF Matt Cross to Miami

    I'm in the same boat regarding whether or not IU should reach out. It all depends on what ultimately prompted the dismissal. From what I recall Archie really liked Cross and I at one point thought he would be a member of our 2020 class before it was clear that Miami and South Carolina were the leaders to get him. Cross was shooting 40% from 3 on 50 attempts at Miami and got nine starts. 7 PPG and 3.5 RPG. I've seen him listed at 6'8" and if he has truly reached that height it would be hard to not be interested in a kid that size that can shoot and stretch the floor. But, as OF pointed out switching schools every year is a cause for concern and we don't know what went wrong at Miami.
  13. craigyv88

    Prediction League (Game 17 - Illinois 2/2/21)

    I see the home woes continuing: Hoosiers: 65 The Fighting Brad Underwoods: 71