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  1. craigyv88

    (2022) PF Jalen Washington to UNC

    A CB was put in this morning for UNC with 7/10 confidence.
  2. craigyv88

    (2022) PF Jalen Washington to UNC

    I like how things are coming together with our 2022 class but if Washington is out of the equation I still want to see him anywhere but Purdue. I hope the optimism out of Purdue circles is just from him being a big from northern Indiana and the likelihood those players have to wind up at Purdue. His Fan Future Cast shows Purdue, but every kid they've taken the slightest look at will have a Fan Future Cast for them.
  3. craigyv88

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    I'm pretty sure that's Tayshawn Comer from Cathedral. I think IU has taken a look at him but his current offers are IUPUI, Ball St, Miami (OH), and Kansas State.
  4. I wonder if it was kind of a "We've got a spot for you if you commit now" type of offer from Purdue? I don't know a ton about the inner workings of recruitments or how often that actually happens, but I would have thought the fact Smith finally got the elusive high-major offer would have been confirmation that he was in fact a high-major talent and that more offers of that magnitude would come. Considering that plus the lack of scouting in the last year and his potential for more exposure this summer, I really thought he would let it play out more.
  5. craigyv88

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    The RMK return game was definitely hard to witness, but at that point we had seen enough bad performances that I think it was too typical to be the worst loss of the era. For me it was the 55-70 loss to Purdue at Mackey Arena during the 2018-2019 season. That game was early enough in the 12 out of 13 losing skid from that season that I still felt pretty good about the team as we entered the game at 12-5 (3-3). However aside from a couple spurts in the first half that game had to be an absolute Purdue fan's fantasy. I still have footage etched in my brain of Romeo getting completed bottled up (and probably fouled) by Nojel Eastern, air-balling a corner three, being swatted at the rim at least twice, and getting overrated chants as he stood at the free throw line and missed all four free throws he shot in the game. Final stat line for Romeo was 4 pts, 3 turnovers, 2 fouls, 0-4 FT, 0-3 3PT, and 2-10 FG. Easily his worst game that whole season. The team shot 4-20 from 3 and 7-18 FT, and if IU would have just shot their averages from the foul line and from three, which were bad to begin with, it would have been a 4 point loss instead of 15. Towards the end of the game as it got more out of hand, I remember listing to the "IU Sucks" chants that seemed as loud as ever on that cold and nasty Saturday afternoon and thinking "I'm all in. I'm getting behind this program and making myself a part of this until we get their a**es back." We still haven't, but within a couple months of that game I discovered this board, Assembly Call, Crimson Cast, and other great Hoosier resources and am as dedicated to IU basketball as ever until we do. ***This game took place on 1/19/2019 and was also the last day that IU basketball was ranked.
  6. If Stevens wasn't coming and Beard wasn't being talked to or is heading to Texas, I think this is as good a time as any to try the IU guy route. Oats and Musselman would have been really hard to pry away from their current situations. My guess is it was probably this, Moser, or Beilein. I'm willing to give it a shot.
  7. craigyv88

    Candidate Thread: Mike Woodson

    He would need a fairly specific staff to help him transition to college quickly and he's definitely not young. I just feel that since he had some head coaching success at a level higher than college and could give us more years than Beilein and possibly as many as Matta it may have some merit if we miss on college HC candidates. I also think he would have a really good rapport with players and is a good mid-point from a personality perspective between Crean and Archie.
  8. craigyv88

    Candidate Thread: Mike Woodson

    After looking again at Woodson’s head coaching body of work I actually think he did pretty well given the circumstances. The overall win percentage looks a bit lackluster, however he took over a really bad Hawks team and took them from a 13-win team to a 53-win team, improving the total every year. And with the Knicks he went 109-79 which makes only Jeff Van Gundy and Pat Riley more successful with that organization in the past 44 years (by win pct.). He does constitute the label as an NBA journeyman having coached for 7 different organizations, but that also tells me that many highly respected coaches including Larry Brown, Doc Rivers, and Tom Thibodeau have all valued what he can do and made him a part of their staffs. And despite not having experience with recruiting, I think anybody that can relate to kids and can sell himself and this program can have the level of recruiting success we expect. Woodson is working with young players every day (average age of Knicks player is 25.4) and he is said to be good with adapting to changes in the game and developing relationships with players. I firmly believe that Woodson could close on some really talented kids with his NBA experience/connections, basketball mind, and enthusiasm for this program. Which brings me to my last point: He really wants to be here! (at least based on what I understand) Maybe my pride as a fan is hurt after the Stevens dealings from last week, but the appeal in a guy who is historically connected to this program and really wants this position versus a guy who is only listening for a mountain of money is starting to carry more weight with me. I want a guy who hates the lack of success for this program as much as we do and is as repulsed by dropping 12 out of 13 to PUke as much as we are and can do something about it. Woody might be that guy.
  9. craigyv88

    Candidate Thread: Mike Woodson

    Looks like someone's had some fun with Wikipedia again.
  10. craigyv88

    General New Coach News

    I agree 100%. The only option I don't want is the mid major guy with one or maybe two tournament runs. The more I think about Woodson I’m actually not opposed to it at all. I just keep thinking about him being able to tell kids “When I coached Carmelo Anthony we did this…” or “When we defended Kevin Durant we would do this…” or “There was that time I had the Knicks in the Conference Semis…”. He may not be used to the college landscape but he is used to coaching young players and I think he would absolutely clean house in recruiting the Indy area and possibly the whole state.
  11. craigyv88

    General New Coach News

    I understand the reasons why Alford isn't a popular option to many of us, but purely from a basketball standpoint he was fired at UCLA for never finishing higher than 2nd in the conference, not getting past the Sweet 16, and missing the tournament one time in five years. I would be over the moon for those results at this point.
  12. craigyv88

    College Bball Thread

    I can’t help but feel that way as well. I’ve tried to get on board with the notion of them being an outstanding team but I just don’t see it. They have a loss to Northwestern, got swept by Purdue, lost four in a row to end the season, and if not for that burst at the beginning of today’s game they would have gotten beat by the 13 seed in our conference tournament. They are also a fairly average shooting team and I don’t know that they have a go-to bucket getter. That doesn’t sound like an NCAA tournament 2 seed to me. And, as I believe it was USPS that pointed out earlier, their resume is heavily boosted by so many of their Q1 wins being on the road in a year where winning on the road isn’t as difficult as it is any other year. The opponent NET cutoff for a quad 1 win on the road remains 2.5 times lower than that for a home game (not that I expected them to adjust it for this one year). Credit to them for getting those wins since none come easy in the conference, but they are kind of gaming the quad system to likely get a NCAA tournament 2 seed. Not to mention they likely won’t benefit from the B1G style of officiating in the NCAA tournament. Having their games officiated by crews from other conferences might result in early foul trouble, and Kyle Young won’t be allowed to be a pro wrestler on the court in the NCAA tournament. Sorry for the rant, I’ve thought the same thing for a few weeks now and thought I was the only one.
  13. craigyv88

    General New Coach News

    I noticed that too, I had to look at it a second time to make sure I was seeing it right but it's true. They were two spots higher than Indiana in adjusted defensive efficiency at 41st nationally and, as we would all expect, they were way better at 3 point fg defense than Indiana.
  14. craigyv88

    General New Coach News

    It is, and I don't see how flipping nearly his whole roster with new transfers every year is any better than recruiting high school kids, but apparently that's his model. However, he actually has a 5-star guard coming in next year as well as a top-150 C, which gives Nebraska the 3rd ranked 2021 class in the Big Ten. The guard is Trey McGowens' brother, but credit to Hoiberg for getting a good class locked up.
  15. craigyv88

    General New Coach News

    Not advocating for Hoiberg as our next coach, but Nebraska's tempo and spacing looks really good and is reflective of what I'd like to see ran by whoever coaches at IU next. Nebraska is 33rd in adjusted tempo and 27th in 3-point attempts and they seem to get a lot of open looks. By comparison Indiana is at 284th in adjusted tempo and 188th in 3-point attempts.