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  1. craigyv88

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    The buzz around Ohio State is that Jim Knowles is likely headed to Duke. He coached there under Cutcliffe for 7 or 8 years so I wouldn't be surprised by that.
  2. craigyv88

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    Fair question, but even if so those two would be searching in rarified air for their next guy, similar to A&M. I doubt we would have any candidate overlap with them.
  3. craigyv88

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    If they can do a good job selling those two things I don't see why we can't make a solid hire. Being one of the only B1G/SEC openings represents an advantage to the degree we've probably never had previously and certainly didn't have the last time we went outside our own building to make a hire. It's still early in the carousel but currently the only B1G and SEC openings are IU, Miss St, and Texas A&M, and Miss St seems to have their guy and A&M is shopping in an entirely different district.
  4. craigyv88

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    I would love that. Plus I think Sorsby would be a pretty ideal QB for that spread midline option scheme.
  5. craigyv88

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    The only possible name I can think of would be Jake Dickert from Wash St. His current base salary is about $2.8 mil so IU could potentially offer a nice raise plus significant conference stability and TV revenue to invest in the program, compared to the zero conference stability his program currently has.
  6. craigyv88

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    Glad to hear a plan is in place and also that they're willing to pay that level of salary. For comparison Ryan Walters is getting $4 million at PU and only Ferentz, Fickell, Harbaugh, Franklin, and Day are in or above the $7-9 million category (Tucker was as well). Justin Frye is currently getting around $800k in his position at OSU so that would be a massive raise for him if that's the direction they go. Initially hearing $7-9 million makes me think more of Dan Mullen territory or another similar coach, however I doubt a guy like that is a plausible candidate for us.
  7. Tom Allen's Last Stand - 33 Poodoo - 30
  8. I felt the same. I used to not be a fan of his but he has definitely grown on me a bit. Also, not really related to his commentary, but I just realized a couple days ago his older brother was on our '81 title team. Played quite sparingly but he was there. Thought that was interesting.