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  1. craigyv88

    College Football Thread

    Purdue WR Milton Wright ruled academically ineligible for 2022 as Boilermakers lose key playmaker, per report - CBSSports.com Big blow for the Toiletmakers. Wright would have been their best returning WR.
  2. craigyv88

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Sounds like Pack to Miami per some posts on HSN.
  3. craigyv88

    College Bball Thread

    I'm pretty sure he got a Porsche through NIL while being at UK too. I'd say that's a 0% rate of return on that investment.
  4. craigyv88

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers to you and your family.
  5. craigyv88

    (2022) - PG Avery Brown

    Good for him, he's definitely someone I'd like to keep tabs on. In fact I think at one point IU had a CB pick for him prior to Archie being let go.
  6. As a lifelong WWE fan and Hoosier I gotta say that is pretty cool.
  7. craigyv88

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    With that list of suitors I would sure hope at least someone could keep Pack out of Stinktown. I think it will depend on how much he really wants to be back in Indiana versus what is really best for his professional stock. Declaring for the draft before entering the portal and specifically wanting to play his natural position speaks pretty loudly to NBA aspirations and potential, and Purdue is about to have their first lottery pick in 28 years. Not exactly a strong NBA pedigree up there. Plus with Brandon Newman and Ethan Morton being the only returning guards to share the backcourt with and one of your primary jobs as PG being to basically toss volleyball sets to Edey, that doesn't sound like the most conducive system for NBA development when you can play off of and beside 5-star athletic freaks at Duke, Tennessee, etc.
  8. craigyv88

    College Bball Thread

    Absolutely, credit to Wisconsin for at least having the self awareness to realize how much every non-Wisconsin fan not named Tyra Buss is sick as crap of this guy, and to use it to crack a joke.
  9. craigyv88

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    I'd like to see that as well and there would certainly be ways to work in a kid that shoots like that. The guard situation in general seems to be a lot more open at Purdue next year though, and with Morton and Newman being their only returning scholarship guards I'm afraid the fit would be more apparent. But as USPS said the competition on this one will expand way beyond just the Toiletmakers, who didn't offer him the first time around.
  10. craigyv88

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    I fear PUke will be a player in this one, unfortunately. If Hunter doesn't come back then the only PG they will have going into next year would be a true freshman Braden Smith.
  11. IU - 59 St Mary's - 57
  12. Maxpreps shows him as class of 2024 and it doesn't look like he has 247, Rivals, etc. yet. Can anyone confirm if the thread title is correct or is he actually a 2024 kid? I think he just came to Indiana at the beginning of the season so I wondered if potentially there was movement with his classification or something.
  13. craigyv88

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    I believe he was originally a Drexel commit, but it looks like that was his only D1 offer unless he very recently got more.
  14. IU - 70 Wyoming - 62