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  1. LockdownD

    IUWBB @ Ohio State - 2/27/21 @ 3:00 on BTN

    Thanks for the info. I had not seen any statement about her status. I hope she recovers from her injury. She was able to come in off the bench providing size and skill down low. Depth of the bench is very important. She was a late addition and she reclassified to come to Indiana. I would like to see her rejoin the team next year healthy and ready to play.
  2. LockdownD

    IUWBB @ Ohio State - 2/27/21 @ 3:00 on BTN

    Great win today. Nicole C-H is really starting to assert herself. She’s an asset in the backcourt. When she left the game having fouled out, our bench depth is troubling. I was wondering about Browne. The last game had her listed as unavailable. Do we know her status?
  3. LockdownD

    IU Softball

    Hey, thanks for the updates.
  4. LockdownD

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    I have no problem with Jerome’s expression of frustration at the end of the Rutgers game. Frankly, I wish he had showed his displeasure during the first half when we let a double digit lead slip away.
  5. LockdownD

    Game Thread: Iowa at IU 2/7/21 Noon FOX

    Good things happen when to attack the basket.
  6. LockdownD

    IUBB @ Nebraska - 1/10/21 @ 6:00 ET on BTN

    I swear, I’ll never get used to this,
  7. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Wisconsin - 1/10/21 @ 4:00 on BTN+

    I think we’re shooting 28% from the floor! We must be playing down to Wisconsin’s level.
  8. LockdownD

    IUWBB at Maryland - 01/04/21 @ 7:00 on ESPN2

    I’d really like to see the girls attack that press. Takes too long to get into our offense.
  9. Campbell will be our mvp the way this is going.
  10. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Nebraska 12/20 4 pm BTN

    38 - 19 at the half.
  11. LockdownD

    College Bball Thread

    I'm enjoying watching Jalen Moore playing against Michigan. We saw him play in high school. The pride of Cloverdale.
  12. LockdownD

    An Underrated Absolute Classic

    Love that Jay Edwards spin move. Thanks for sharing the game.
  13. LockdownD

    College Bball Thread

    I stumbled on a headline from SBNation about questioning if UK basketball should be adding Haarms to their roster since they need bigs. Wow, if true this is amazing.
  14. LockdownD

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Like you, I enjoy watching in-state talent. I'm disappointed with Jorie's decision to leave, but I wish her well and hope I don't see her at Purdue. I do look forward to seeing how Grace Waggoner will be utilized next year. Her athletic ability was underrated and her work ethic and hustle was rewarded with playing time. That girl worked to see the court. That's the way it should be.
  15. LockdownD

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    My son just sent me an announcement that Jorie Allen is going to transfer. That's disappointing.