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  1. I was in attendance at last Saturday’s game and was asked to complete an online survey about my fan experience and what would impact my future attendance. In my opinion, the survey didn’t address this problem. I didn’t experience any inappropriate or obnoxious behavior from Ohio State fans. I was very disappointed in a Hoosier fan screaming at OSU fans climbing the stairs to their seats. I would have liked to seen stadium security moving up and down the stairs. They could have helped the lady that fell on the seated fans. It was a very uncomfortable experience and not just because of the rain.
  2. LockdownD

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I agree with the argument of the possibility of losing a recruit. That’s not what anyone wants to see happen. I was thinking about the honest conversation between Woodson and Duncomb about the skills Logan would need to develop to play at this level at Indiana. As I recall, Logan was appreciative of the constructive evaluation and looked forward to working on his game. Maybe those skills could be addressed at a prep school. Whatever happens, I totally support Coach Woodson.
  3. LockdownD

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I was thinking about a prep school year for an incoming recruit. Wouldn’t that open up a spot for Brooks? I think this was done by Tom Coverdale. I hadn’t seen this idea brought up and I realize the rules maybe have changed. Just a thought.
  4. LockdownD

    (2024) PG - Aaliyah Guyton

    Loved her “killer” crossover and the floater was sweet. I hope she is on Coach Moren’s radar.
  5. LockdownD

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    Mr Video guy, Loved watching the shooting drills. Up-tempo and game like will payoff next year. Please include free throw shooting in the next video. I could sleep better at night knowing that our free throw percentage will improve. Go Hoosiers Sweet, midwestern lady
  6. LockdownD

    IU Baseball vs Illinois - 4/9 - 4/12/21 - BTN+

    Thanks for the updates.
  7. LockdownD

    Player decisions

    I think the initial response would be brutal. However, I think Coach Woodson would intervene much like Coach K stopping the overrated chant that the Duke students were giving to Romeo. I don’t expect him to be the second coming of Bob Knight, but Coach Knight had control of Assembly Hall. I’ve seen him take the microphone at the scorers bench and tell the crowd to stop chanting. I sure hope Armaan decides return.
  8. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    Oh how bad did we need a three point sniper!
  9. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    I hate to lose, but I love this team. I’m excited for the program and I’m really looking forward to watching the team play in AH next year.
  10. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    I think the top officials are all in Indianapolis, because this crew was weak.
  11. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    Every time Nicole goes behind the screen to pick up McDonald, they move. Haven’t called moving screen yet.
  12. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    Great look, Ali
  13. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs N. C. State - NCAA - 3/27/21 @ 6:00 on ESPN2

    I think your analysis is spot on. I just want to focus on one game at a time and I see Arizona as winnable. Play hard and play smart. Survive and advance. Go Hoosiers.
  14. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Belmont - NCAA on 3/24/21 @ 5:00 on ESPNU

    Sweet 16. So proud of this team.
  15. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Belmont - NCAA on 3/24/21 @ 5:00 on ESPNU

    Holmes has 3 fouls. Probably won’t see her until the 4 quarter.