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  1. LockdownD

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    This made me think of Pete Stoyanovich. He played both soccer and football at IU.
  2. LockdownD

    IUWBB - News and Notes

  3. LockdownD

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    FYI We went to the Wisconsin game last Sunday. It was about 40 minutes before tipoff. I have women’s season tickets so we went right in and sat row 13. I did notice the line of fans purchasing tickets. They were lined up out the doors. I would suggest you purchase your ticket on line.
  4. I highly recommend reading this article. Coach Moren spoke as a representative for all the teams that committed to play in this tournament and it is not “ok” to renig on promises made to participants. She understands how important it is to promote women’s basketball. Unfortunately, this tournament was did nothing to advance the game.
  5. LockdownD

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Mackenzie’s return is awesome. Her impact on elevating IUWBB to national prominence will be seen through Lily’s development as well as future low post Hoosiers.
  6. LockdownD

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    I’m disappointed that Branch McCracken court won’t display the name of this Hoosier legend. Other blue blood programs like to showcase their rich tradition and pay respect to coaches who helped elevate the school’s program to national prominence. If Kentucky would play us, we’d go to Rupp and we will be traveling to play Kansas in December. They named their field house after a man that was very successful and is credited with building the winning tradition that the Jayhawks expect. Branch’s 1940 NCAA championship was against Phog Allen’s Kansas team. He was 31 and the youngest coach to win a national championship. Branch’s 1953 NCAA championship team beat Phog’s Kansas team. Branch McCracken is a name every Hoosier fan should know.
  7. LockdownD

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    Her dad played basketball at Owen Valley HS in Spencer. After winning a sectional, he went to Vincennes and then to Ball State.
  8. LockdownD

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    I’m thrilled. She’s a great addition to next year’s team. Let’s hope she see success on the court and helps IU land future top Indy players. Welcome home, Sydney.
  9. LockdownD

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    I really wanted Parrish to initially commit to Indiana coming out of high school. I was aware of a family connection in the Bloomington area since her dad starred at Owen Valley. In conversation with someone close to the family, coming to IU was very much an option that would allow family to come and watch her games. Two years later and obviously things have changed. I don’t know what has prompted this need to transfer.but I would be thrilled to have her playing on the wing. There is never going to be another Ali Patberg but a Syndey Parrish with her own talents and skill set could be a tremendous boost to the core group. Go get her, Terri.
  10. I wish him nothing but the best of luck. I hope he can stay healthy. It’s got to be frustrating to have that interruption every season.
  11. We’ve got to sustain this.
  12. X has got to stay out of foul trouble today. He could be our key to winning.
  13. We’ve shot 2 FT and Illinois has shot 12. I hope Mike starts complaining. Illinois fouls with their lower body much like Wisconsin. It’s still a foul,