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    IU sports, Cincinnati Reds, Colts. Camping, cooking, and spoiling my granddaughters.

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  1. LockdownD

    An Underrated Absolute Classic

    Love that Jay Edwards spin move. Thanks for sharing the game.
  2. LockdownD

    College Bball Thread

    I stumbled on a headline from SBNation about questioning if UK basketball should be adding Haarms to their roster since they need bigs. Wow, if true this is amazing.
  3. LockdownD

    IUWBB - Off Season News and Notes

    Like you, I enjoy watching in-state talent. I'm disappointed with Jorie's decision to leave, but I wish her well and hope I don't see her at Purdue. I do look forward to seeing how Grace Waggoner will be utilized next year. Her athletic ability was underrated and her work ethic and hustle was rewarded with playing time. That girl worked to see the court. That's the way it should be.
  4. LockdownD

    IUWBB - Off Season News and Notes

    My son just sent me an announcement that Jorie Allen is going to transfer. That's disappointing.
  5. LockdownD

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    Channel 4 did a great job showcasing IU basketball. The games were must see events. But, did you race home after church just so you wouldn't miss Chuck Marlow hosting The Bob Knight Show on channel 4? You didn't dare miss Coach Knight's critique of the previous game or how he would call out a coach or program for cheating. The best was when he brought a donkey wearing a Purdue hat on set.
  6. LockdownD

    IU Baseball

    Colson Montgomery
  7. LockdownD

    IU/Kentucky 2011 currently on ESPNU

    Omg . Awesome game experience
  8. Yep. Flat out soft. They don't cut hard, get one shot atempt, and the free throws. Theses guys drive me nuts. Wish I didn't care so much.
  9. LockdownD

    Peyton Ramsey to Northwestern

    Saw the announcement of Ramsey transfer to Northwestern. I'm a little surprised he stayed in the league.
  10. LockdownD

    IU Baseball @ LSU - Feb. 14-16

    Thanks for the info on the schedule change. I was particularly interested in Braydon Tucker's outing as he's a local guy. Let's hope the Hoosiers get off to a good start to having a great season.
  11. LockdownD

    2022 General Recruiting Thread

    The announcers on the Sliver Creek game tonight were talking about a player leaving the Jeffersonville team with the intention to move and play for Clarksville next year. They thought it strange to leave before the end of the season. Sounds like this was about Loving-Watts.
  12. LockdownD

    Women's College Basketball General Thread

    I was hoping to see the Hoosiers in the top 16. I'm under the impression that the top 16 teams have the opportunity to host the first weekend of the tournament. The Hoosiers bringing the NCAA tourney to AH could be amazing.
  13. LockdownD

    Women's College Basketball General Thread

    The weather for Thursday looks "messy" and us old folks that make up a large part of the seating in AH could be a problem. Seriously, I do hope more students will attend the Maryland game. It will be tough to get a win over this Maryland team, but not impossible. Go Hoosiers!
  14. LockdownD

    IUWBB vs Purdue 2/3 6 pm BTN

    Hoosiers look careless. Time to wake up or get beat.
  15. LockdownD

    IUBB vs Penn St 1/29 8:30 pm BTN

    I miss James Blackmon. I don't care if he could'nt guard a piece of paper.