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Indiana muskie

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  1. Indiana muskie


    Little Jimmy Flat tops need only apply.
  2. Indiana muskie

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Kitchell spent many hours in the barn . Putting up kitchell jumpers.
  3. Indiana muskie

    Recreational Sports/Coaching

    Right side of infield had a noodle for an arm. Finished up catching where old guys go to die lol. Had lot of great times . My last three yrs broken wrist twice and a lost tooth figured it was time to hang them up
  4. Indiana muskie

    Recreational Sports/Coaching

    After many injuries had to give up slow pitch played for years. The last coaching I did was at Ivy Tech Terre Haute campus. Was a blast played the other Techs travel bball teams, Rose Hulman and a team from Chicago. Really miss doing that
  5. Indiana muskie

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Muskie muskie muskie lake of the woods . I still bass and catfish but very little anymore.
  6. Indiana muskie

    IU MVP vs North Alabama

    One day they will get lil jimmy flat top out of Shooterville In. Then the process will be complete. Then all will be well.
  7. Indiana muskie

    TV Series Thread

    GOT ,Sopranos, Peaky blinders, Westworld. Number one The Wire!
  8. Indiana muskie

    IUBB @ Florida State in ACC - Big 10 Challenge - 12/9/20

    What about that Brown kid . From Blackford. He would of been the ticket.