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  1. Hutch89

    Assistant Coach Thread

    With how quickly things are evolving with IUBB and the (just about) daily announcements, that final game feels like 12 months ago haha
  2. Hutch89

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Always! Would be fun to get a BTB meet-up/"tailgate" for a basketball or football game this coming season with anyone here. Mark your calendars for this fall, friends! Capt Crimson and Hutch89 will be sinking some glasses at nicks.
  3. Hutch89

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Vaxxxed and waxxxed baby! lets party in Btown this Summer.
  4. Hutch89

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I'd say there's a good chance of a positive announcement incoming with that. He's been awesome during this process in building hype and positivity
  5. Hutch89

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Yeah, I'm pretty over reading about Cali not being desirable on this thread haha. 38million Americans or so made the wrong choice to live there I guess.
  6. Fife would have loved Troy William's mother then. haha
  7. IDK, that should cover all the expenses related to moving or close to it IMO
  8. Hutch89

    Assistant Coach Thread

    1, and 2... now you know what to do HEY
  9. From Dane's 247, looks like he did at least one in-home visit with Brooks back in 2018. Would assume he would be involved this time around.
  10. Hutch89

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Not yet! haha
  11. @ZachOsterman · 1m "We left coach Woodson’s office. We went into a little meeting room. He said, you’re staying." #iubb
  12. Tyler Tachman @Tyler_T15 Trayce Jackson-Davis said he and his father had a two hour meeting with Mike Woodson yesterday. "He told us he doesn't want to rebuild. He wants to win right away." #iubb
  13. Hutch89

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He "liked" TJD's (re)commitment post too
  14. Hutch89

    Player decisions

    Ouch! haha