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  1. Happy birthday guys!!!!
  2. So now what do we do? just kidding What stud shooter can MM bring in now? Go Hoosiers!!!
  3. HoosierCoop

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I couldn't resist...
  4. HoosierCoop

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Haven't been on in a couple days. Did we have visitors this weekend for Little 500 and if so who were they?
  5. Keep the good news rolling!!! Finish out a great week with two more recruits!
  6. HoosierCoop

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    "Love or money? I'll take money. I can always rent love." -Bud Bundy (Married With Children)
  7. HoosierCoop

    College Bball Thread

    Here is an updated early entrant list. 2023 NBA Draft Early Entrant Tracker - Rookie Scale
  8. HoosierCoop

    General New Coach News

    Haven't heard about that yet. Where to?
  9. I’m sorry, but I’ve watched a few basketball games in my life and if you are a highly recruited D1 player, you don’t miss too many shots. Bates SMH. Watch other teams inthis tournament and they simply do not miss.
  10. I know historically we have done this to ourselves. Gone are the days of "Bring it on Kent St." to "God, I hope they don't screw this up." Hopefully a Sweet 16 trip will restore some confidence.
  11. HoosierCoop

    College Bball Thread

    I respect Matt Painter. UK program is the slime of humanity.
  12. HoosierCoop

    IUBB 2023 B1G Tournament March 8-12, 2023

    JHS can’t lay an egg next week.