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  1. HoosierCoop

    (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?

    I wish that he could have made Ball State work. The MAC would have been a good conference and I think they would have drawn a bigger, local crowd.
  2. HoosierCoop

    2022 - Fletcher Loyer

    They do and that will be the game to watch. I am not sure what support Furst will have this year and it depends on what attitude Homestead brings.
  3. HoosierCoop

    2022 - Fletcher Loyer

    I'll be shocked if Homestead loses a regular season game this year.
  4. HoosierCoop

    College Bball Thread

  5. HoosierCoop

    Forum Change Announcement!

    Salute CC!
  6. HoosierCoop

    (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?

    Thanks for the input Stu! That's what I'm trying to figure out for myself as well. but then I look at a Kyle Hornsby, Todd Leary, Nick Zeisloft, Tom Coverdale, etc. and ask myself would he be any different? I guess what i battle the most of myself is do I get more upset over highly rated recruits that underachieve or recruits overlooked that excel at other programs? **Sorry for the psychiatry today. Been working from home too long!
  7. HoosierCoop

    New Hoosier!

    Congrats man! First one?
  8. HoosierCoop

    (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?

    I have only watched this kid play live once and that was against a lower than average Bluffton team. Stats on paper look extremely impressive. Clouded this one's future is in the next level. To help ease my mind either way can someone help answer the following questions: He will be a top 5 candidate for Indiana Mr. Basketball next year. Is this because he plays against inferior competition? All that I have heard is how great of a scorer he is. Is his defense really that bad against upper level guards? How does he compare to a Jordan Hulls? Or is Matt Roth a better comparison? size and ability? Would he be this good on a different team/region? What is this kid's biggest downfalls? Defense? Strictly being a role player in limited minutes at the next level? Would he be satisfied with that or would he be better off getting mid-major minutes? I know we are recruiting some higher level players, but what is our plan B? We have had guards that had a hard time scoring the last two seasons. How does he compare to that? I am typically a guy that roots for the underdog. I would love to see a local Indiana kid make it (especially for the Hoosiers). These questions are meant for information gathering to help shed light on this recruitment. Just trying to reach a place in my mind to move on from this. Thanks in advance!
  9. HoosierCoop

    (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?

    I hope we are not making a mistake passing on this kid.
  10. HoosierCoop

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    Rutgers just got a huge injection into their program. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/rutgers-gets-commitment-from-four-star-center-cliff-omoruyi-the-programs-highest-rated-commit-since-2008/
  11. HoosierCoop

    College Bball Thread

    Minnesota will be a steaming heap next year.
  12. HoosierCoop

    2002 IU v Oklahoma

    Agree on the offense. You didn't see our guards dribble very much in that tournament. In short and no better way to describe it, it was like a dribble drive offense without the dribbling. You had 4 around the perimeter with a big up high in the lane. Screen to get a shooter open (which our guards were set and ready to shoot before they even got the ball), Big may slip the screen and have a wide lane to work with or dish off to an open shooter. Very basic but effective set. Nobody tried to force it or take an ill advised three point shot with the clock running down. I do like Phin though. However in this league, there is very little room for finesse. B1G eats finesse for breakfast. I think Yogi finally figured that out his Junior year and things started to gel better.
  13. HoosierCoop

    2002 IU v Oklahoma

    It's amazing what mental toughness will get you through. It could make the difference between 4-5 less losses.
  14. HoosierCoop

    2002 IU v Oklahoma

    I have watched as much of that 2002 run this weekend as well. I have a few observations: -talent wise, I think that team matches what we have now -that team had no fear of anyone in that tournament. For some reason despite having 11 losses, you knew that tournament was special. -TJD could be similar to JJ if he gets his shot down. -that offense was extended out to the three point line. This opened up all sorts of possibilities in scoring options and it seemed like it didn’t have to stall. -AJ Moye and that’s all I have to say. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners