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  1. moyemayhem

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

  2. moyemayhem

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    This says Schutt was one of the best shooters in the class, but also an above the rim athlete. He was a 4 star recruit, and has good size at 6’5. Sounds intriguing… https://247sports.com/article/duke-guard-jaden-schutt-will-enter-the-transfer-portal-jon-scheyer-2024-basketball-recruiting-230480603/amp/
  3. moyemayhem

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Carlyle is a great get with plenty of upside. Hopefully his shooting improves, but I’m excited to see what he can do for us. Can someone explain why Carlyle is ranked above Rice by On3 (#10 vs #22) and 24/7 (#10 vs #18)? By every measure (stats, awards, team performance) Rice had a better year. I just don’t understand that ranking at all. https://www.on3.com/transfer-portal/industry/basketball/2024/ https://247sports.com/season/2024-basketball/transferportaltop/
  4. moyemayhem

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Here’s some semi-drunk ramblings on this dormant subject… I was on the fire Woody bandwagon at the end of the season. Things just looked bleak. But I’ll be damned, he and the money bags have surprised me and at least salvaged a talented and interesting team for next year. The coaching this last year was beyond frustrating. Woody’s scheme is archaic… and I’m not sure you can teach an old dog new tricks. The one glimmer of hope is his 2012-13 Knicks team that finished 2nd in the East shot and made more 3 pointers than any team in the NBA. His other 2 seasons in NY they were in the top quarter of the league in both categories. We don’t have the roster to do that necessarily, but it shows that he at least must understand the value of the 3 point shot. The other wild thing is he’s probably our best in game coach since Sampson or maybe even Knight, which underscores the kind of brain drain we’ve witnessed the last couple decades. I’m hoping for a contender or a flame out. If we have a marginal tourney team, I’m worried Woody continues to skate by. Let’s just make a hard turn in one direction or the other so we can at least make the decision easy for the admin and save all of us the unwanted anxiety.
  5. moyemayhem

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I really hope they weren’t guarding each other that game.
  6. moyemayhem

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    Anytime you can hire a guy with 2 tourney appearances and 0 wins in 9 seasons, you’ve got to take the plunge.
  7. moyemayhem

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    It's remarkable that one of the pioneers of basketball analytics, Wayne Winston, works less than a mile from assembly hall, and I don't believe any coach at IU has been receptive to his input or help. The egos on college basketball coaches are something else.
  8. moyemayhem

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    Just rename the topic "Fife Coach Woodson" and all bases will be covered.
  9. moyemayhem

    Fire Coach Woodson Thread

    If you want to understand how Todd Leary could speak out of both sides of his mouth, just do a quick google search on Todd Leary.
  10. moyemayhem

    NBA Thread

    Siakam trade is great for the Pacers, and I don’t understand the complaints. His fit is perfect… Pacers needed length, toughness, defense, and a secondary scorer. He checks all those boxes. If Pacers stand pat and wait for a better option, we will be waiting years and spoiling Halliburton’s prime. This team is fun, but not currently a threat, so it’s time to cash in some of our trade chips. Two of the traded first round picks are late 2024’s so their value was going to vanish in a couple months anyway, got to use them while you can. Also talent attracts talent, and we just became a lot more attractive to other players. We will see how it works, but on paper it’s a huge win for the team.
  11. moyemayhem

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - Golden State Warriors

    I happen to be in the Bay Area visiting my wife’s family, and heard TJD speaking on a pregame show last night. When asked about his early success, he immediately gave credit to Woodson. TJD said the concepts Woodson taught as well as running the offense through him and letting him make decisions are why he’s having the success in the NBA he is now. It was a ringing endorsement. Hopefully that message gets to Queen.
  12. moyemayhem

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - Golden State Warriors

    Sounds like Kerr is already rethinking the rotations. TJD gives the Warriors several things they desperately need: athleticism, rim protection, and hustle. He’s the jolt they need to get them out of their current slump. So happy to see him succeeding. https://www.nbcsportsbayarea.com/nba/golden-state-warriors/trayce-jackson-davis-steve-kerr-rotations-celtics/1683318/?amp=1
  13. moyemayhem

    Game Thread: IU vs FGCU - 11/7 @ 6:30 on BTN

    Woody uses a question about Trey to discuss Gunn, Banks, and Mgbako… Q. How much better are you offensively as a team when Trey could have a night like tonight, 7 of 9 shooting, 16 points, and really attacking basket when he had chances? MIKE WOODSON: Well, we’re a lot better, but my concern is CJ and Kaleb and Mackenzie. All three of those guys are capable of scoring too, so when they’re in the game I got to get them comfortable number one, and they got to figure out what the hell we’re doing from a defensive standpoint. A lot of that was missed cues on their part. I got a lot of work to do, put it that way. https://www.insidethehall.com/2023/11/07/video-quotes-mike-woodson-iu-players-react-to-win-against-florida-gulf-coast/
  14. Is there anything more consistent than IU football?
  15. moyemayhem

    (2024) - PG Boogie Fland to Kentucky

    Crean and Archie may have wanted to recruit like the big boys, but even if they received those type of resources, I think it was pretty clear neither of those guys were getting us to the promised land.