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  1. moyemayhem

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - Golden State Warriors

    Trayce alluded to this in his interview, but it appears he and his agents told teams not to draft him unless they would give him a guaranteed contract. That is not typical for a second round pick, and limited the teams interested which is probably why he fell to late in the second round. Many teams probably thought he might go undrafted and they could just bid on him like a regular free agent. it was a calculated gamble, but ensured TJD went to a team that was committed to him and it got him a bigger contract. It obviously paid off, as he is in a great situation now. For comparison, the Pacers picked Isaiah Wong two spots before TJD, and he signed a non-guaranteed 2-way contract.
  2. moyemayhem

    NBA Draft Thread

    Golden State is a perfect spot for him! They let their bigs be facilitators (see Draymond and Looney). They just added Chris Paul, so TJD will be able to catch lobs from two of the best playmakers in the league. They need a rim protector. Obviously this team has a winning culture. If Draymond leaves in free agency there will be minutes available immediately. Can’t ask for a better situation. But first things first, he needs to make the roster.
  3. moyemayhem

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - Golden State Warriors

    I think TJD’s finishing ability and rim protection will be useful to any team. The best landing spots are teams that already have an offense in place that utilizes a big man to initiate and emphasizes off ball movement to create passing opportunities and showcase his abilities as a facilitator. I’m also guessing those are the teams that will have the most interest in him. Denver, Golden State, Sacramento, and Miami would all be great landing spots.
  4. moyemayhem

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - Golden State Warriors

    Funny you say that… I’m a lefty and yet I’ve shot the ball right handed for as long as I can remember. I obviously went all out in replicating a right handed stroke, albeit with mixed results.
  5. moyemayhem

    Trayce Jackson-Davis - Golden State Warriors

    I'm not sure Edey fits in today's NBA. He can't guard anyone and he can't shoot. Even if he's dominant inside, those guys struggle to see the floor. With that said, there is one guy who is basically his carbon copy and has built a career riding the bench while being an impact player in very short spurts... I hope he has a good commercial agent.
  6. Romeo. That was a monster get when it happened, regardless of the results.
  7. It's just like that first Christmas after you learned Santa wasn't real... it's always worked this way, it's just out in the open now.
  8. At least you don't need a hit of crack every 20 seconds.
  9. You're on a message board, not a journalist. Either you have information or you don't, but there is no need to send out these vague posts with no backup and get everyone all wound up.
  10. Mavs roster is in flux, and will likely need a rebuild with or without Luka. In the meantime, maybe he will divert a small amount of his basketball attention (and re$ources) elsewhere??? One can hope...
  11. moyemayhem

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    We are also losing Kopp, JHS, and Bates who were far and away our highest volume 3 point shooters last year (and all shot at least 33% from behind the arc). Getting Knecht would be a big help, but if we don't get another shooter beyond him we will still be relying on unproven shooters to become actual threats (Ledlum, Ware, Banks, etc.). If they can't shoot 30% from deep, no one will guard them and we will run into spacing issues. Ideally, we get two knockdown 3-point shooters in the portal.
  12. He looks like a more polished (and taller) AJ Moye to me. Not a great athlete, but very strong. Has a real nose for the basket. Appears to have good handles. Shot looks nice, but I wish it went in more. On a good team he's your third or fourth option. As others have said, I like him a more as a small 4 than a big 3. At the end of the day, definitely a guy you want on your team.
  13. moyemayhem

    IUBB @ Iowa - Thursday, 1/5/23 @ 9:00 on FS1

    The box score doesn't show points given up on defense. Whoever Geronimo was guarding was getting an easy bucket. He was guarding Murray to start the second half, and 6 minutes into the period Murray was outscoring our entire team. He made a couple nice plays, and you see those in the box score, but he was a disaster virtually every possession on the defensive end.