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  1. Personally, I've just been a bit off-put because of a certain poster who pimped this kid relentlessly on two different IU message boards. I mean, he nevr got interest frim IU much less an offer so why hundreds (it seems) of combined posts about him?
  2. pumpfake

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Going from memory here but I recall channel 4 broadcasting an intersquad game, possibly in Alford's freshman season. Anyway Uwe was open under the bucket and Steve rifled a no-look pass to him - smacked him right in the puss (face, lol). On one of the old forums somewhere there was a poster with the user name: "Hands of Blab". I may have responded previously in this thread, but a guy that rarely gets mentioned who was a solid contributor was Jim Thomas.
  3. pumpfake

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    Take a look at their free rivals board. They have a thread about how many days it has been since we beat them in basketball. While it burns my butt that it HAS been so long, it's a bit telling that they update the thing very regularly.
  4. pumpfake

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    That's the thing that cracks me up. Yes, no one will argue that pu hasn't had more success recently, but it's not like they've been dominating the B10 or going on deep tourney runs. IMO, it's a contrast in expectations and standards.
  5. pumpfake

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    I see what you did there. Bravo!
  6. pumpfake

    College Football Thread

    WTH? Apparently EVERYTHING is made in China now....
  7. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    Thanks. I've used YT TV for the past 2 seasons (all I use it for is IU BB). Unfortunately they're in a spat with roku and it's not possible to install & use the channel. I've been looking at sling - their pricing and channel lineups are strange, but it would likely be the least expensive option. There's also something called Sterling TV that has tons of channels for less thn $30/mo but there's questions as to how "legit" it is.
  8. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    Related to that, I'm looking for the cheapest way to stream games this upcoming season. I only need ESPN & BTN, but notice it looks like all of the services I've used in the past (Hulu live, YT TV) and others have increased their price to $65/month. Anyone using a more affordable service? I hate the idea of having to pay that much for just 2 channels.
  9. pumpfake

    Candidate Thread: Mike Woodson

    Beard would have been, perhaps, the only home-run hire of available coaches. That said, nothing is ever guaranteed - a coach who's excelled at one school may not duplicate his success at another. I like the Woodson hire and the obligatory comparisons to Howard kind of irk me. Howard was known for being an outstanding player, but no real background in coaching. Woody, on the other hand, had a nice career as a player but spent most of his NBA time as an assistant and head coach. The fact that he is from Indiana & IU is icing on the cake. The big questions are: will he adapt to the recruiting aspect (doing well this far) & can he tranfer his NBA style to coolege? (TBA). The second question could be a source of failure or great success.
  10. pumpfake

    2021 IUBB Bahamas Trip

    "Archie Miller's lethargic offense" - truer words were never spoken.
  11. pumpfake

    (2018) PG Robert Phinisee to INDIANA

    Thank you. I was a bit depressed thinking he'd get only 1 more season/opportunity to reach his potential. Like others, I'm pulling for Rob and hoping Woody will be the guy to bring out his best.
  12. pumpfake

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to INDIANA

    Seems like a solid, if not hidden gem level, pickup. I have to say that I occasionally look at a couple of rival B10 basketball free boards (pu & ill) and neither has even a fraction of the information on recruiting as we get here and hsn - I think I usually find out more about their recruits here than I do on their boards. Bravo to all the members that scour the internet and share it with the rest of us!
  13. pumpfake

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Personally, I hate this new "free agency" transfer/portal/BS, even though we probably benefited greatly from it this off-season. Especially in the case where a player throws their name in the NBA draft, puts his college team in limbo for a month or more, then withdraws and decides to enter the portal. I fear CBB will become like the NBA - players dog-piling to form super teams. Jerry Seinfeld's line about "rooting for laundry" then becomes applicable to college ball.
  14. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    There's a certain irony in the second sentence of that quote - "student-athletes" & "goes into affect"
  15. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    Kind of funny. The past ten years have been our darkest in a half century, and yet our record is almost the same as our rival who collectively crow about their recent dominance over us. Now we need to get back to the top in the next 10 years.