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  1. I wasn't sure where to put it, but I have to say this: There seems to be a huge difference (improvement) in the collective enthusiasm about this hire that there was last time. I don't know if it's because of the prospect, and reality, of getting an ex-player for assistant coach, or because of the transfer portal shenanigans, but 4 years ago it seemed like Archie was hired, had an introduction, and basically disappeared. There was some excitement of one of the assistants, but everything seemed to go flat within a week. I hope and see a good possibility that the on-court results will be better this time too. Unfortunately we have to wait many moons to find out.
  2. pumpfake

    Player decisions

    In regards to your first point, it seemed like Archie was never very convincing/pursuasive with recruits. How many times was a commitment believed to be imminent, but seemed to drag on and on, with both players who did and didn't end up committing?
  3. pumpfake

    Player decisions

    That sounds perfectly reasonable. They've heard what Woodson has to say and from potential destinations. Ample tme to make a decision has been given.
  4. What a bunch of delusional idiots!
  5. pumpfake

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    Another pretty old-school dunker was David Thompson. He had a "cradle the baby" dunk that was revolutionary at the time where he put the ball in the crook of his arm and got above the rim then dunked it out of his bend arm with the other hand.
  6. pumpfake

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    I generally don't care about uniforms, clothing suppliers, or anything like that at all. The only thing I would like to see is that everybody on the team wear the same color shoes (and ditch the pink ones).
  7. pumpfake

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Might just be me, but I think the whole "Ivan Renko" schtick needs to be retired.
  8. pumpfake

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Todd Jadlow did some taunting too....
  9. I agree. I don't think there is really going to be a coaching search. Maybe they will talk to the guys they already identified, but I suspect that decision has already been made and they will announce as soon as tomorrow to let Roy have "his day" today.
  10. pumpfake

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    I think so too. One thing some younger fans might no know is that dunking was prohibited in college/HS for a while (from 1967-1976 in CBB). I remember occasions when HS teams got technical fouls before a game even tipped off because a player dunked in warm-ups.
  11. Thanks! That was a really good article. Something that stood out is this line: "but those 10 lost years boiled off the emperor pressure at the heart of the identity crisis..." I believe this is very true. Nobody was going to succeed RMK immediately following his dismissal. By the Sampson Crean tenures we could have gotten back on the track with the right coach, but they weren't. Archie was just not a good fit. Hopefully Mike Woodson is the right guy. I'm optimistic that is the case.
  12. pumpfake

    2021 Transfer Portal

    IMO, this can be mutually beneficial for both IU and Parker Stewart. In fact, I think it's almost a certainty.
  13. Could it be like Andrew Luck's contract with the Colts? No, you can't prevent an employee from leaving for a job outside the league, but you can "own" their rights in that league. Luck can't decide to come back and play for a team of his choice - he would still be under the terms of his previous contract. Maybe Stevens' contract is set up so that if he left for a college job, he would effectively be unable to return to the NBA.
  14. You might be able to find his show(audio) from Monday on the 107.5 "The Fan" website. His interview with Coach Woodson was in the first 20 minutes or so.
  15. Everytime someone asked him or brought it up he just flippantly said "I don't care" and down played it almost mockingly. Same attitude and comments about Leal's tweet and his mom's. Just typical Dakitch behavior, unfortunately.