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  1. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    Yep. Many years ago I saw a very similar thing happen - right lane backed up and a driver waved a school bus out into the path of a pickup driving in the left lane. It's one reason I won't wave another car out unless I know it is safe. BTW the guy driving the pickup (no kids onboard) was a co-worker. He was not at fault but did get ticketed because his license had expired a few days before.
  2. Heck, during the Mgbako recruitment they were convinced they had him because he was seen on campus - nevermind he wasn't there, it was actually Bidunga. lol.
  3. pumpfake

    Barrel Rick Joining IUMBB Staff..

    #rubbage LOL
  4. Maybe he can end up at KU and hear the fans chant his name: M-Ba-ko, M-Ba-ko, M-Ba-ko
  5. pumpfake

    (2024) - G Rakease Passmore

    Wow, what a detailed evaluation! Has only played for 4 years - seems like a potential home-run recruit.
  6. pumpfake

    (2024) - G Rakease Passmore

    Indiana, what is your relationship like with them and Coach Woodson? “I think they have a great program and they were my first visit. I really love the experience out there and it’s a great program. Coach Woodson is my guy.”
  7. pumpfake

    IUBB Recruit Rankings

    Perhaps I'm deluded, but when is the last time it looked highly likely we would sign at least one player in the top 10 ranking and quite possibly more than one? Nothing is ever guranteed in recruiting but it's difficult for me to not be very optimistic about the 2024 class.
  8. pumpfake

    Basketball Announcers Besides Fisch

    I do recall he was from the FW area. When I saw him doing IU games he was pretty old and seemed to make a lot of mistakes.
  9. pumpfake

    Basketball Announcers Besides Fisch

    Chuck was "one of ours". I have admit I never really cared for Hilliard Gates though.
  10. pumpfake

    (2018) PF Race Thompson to IU

    Yeah, I was going to say his 3-pt and FT woes don't appear to have improved, but his 2-pt % and rebounding continue to be strong.
  11. Purely from a betting perspective, Dingle would be more likely to produce than any freshman (IMO).
  12. Tom Crean was a man before his time - the O.G. of "Creaning".
  13. pumpfake

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Seeing current players show enthusiasm for additions is encouraging.
  14. pumpfake

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    It seems the new staff at MD has/will reel in some really talented players. Not so sure JG isn't jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Maybe he can flourish in different surroundings and system. IDK
  15. pumpfake

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Somebody get that tweet to McNeeley. STAT!