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  1. pumpfake

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    Let's face one fact: barring an absolute miracle, the IU football team will never get a whiff of a Bxx title. It was already a Longshot, but adding two (or more) historically good programs pretty much puts a fork in that fantasy.
  2. Honestly, if Skyy Clark were ours instead of IL, I'd expect we'd be predicting/expecting great things from him.
  3. I believe you are spot on about CAM's recruiting focus. Race is really the only OOS player that's been a significant contributor (Geronimo has great potential but needs to deliver). I've come to think J Hunter was a bust - since being healthy and playing for 3 years he's shown very little here or his current school. I realize recruiting isn't an exact science but it's probably the most important part of being a college HC. It does seem Woodson has a much different (better?) approach.
  4. "Just win, baby" is where I'm at. Tired of not seeing the off season hype pay off. I do feel optimistic but cautiously so.
  5. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    wow. Several years ago CBS was trying in vain to make some female college BB player a star and aired an interview where she was asked "What is something most people don't know about you?". Her response was " That I'm a very humble person". lol The old saying: "Humility is the oddest gift of all - once you realize you have it, it's gone."
  6. Yep, probably be an NCAA investigation!
  7. pumpfake

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    Short but interesting read, getting the "restaurant story" from the horses mouth. Also neat to find out Woody was on a working vacation in Florida right after our season concluded. I must say it appears Coach Woodson will be a very successful recruiter if early returns are an indication.
  8. pumpfake

    Early 2022-2023 Top 25

    While I feel there should be optimism for next season and beyond, there are still question marks. Especially in regards to shooting. We absolutely need some returning players to come back improved. I always maintain that freshmen are rarely a sure thing.
  9. That's not the question or point. We were a ninth place B10 team with glaring weaknesses. Unless a single player is dominant on the floor, you can only realistically expect moderate improvement. Right now we're relying on incoming freshmen and off-season skills work to make us better. We should be better as things stand today (IMO). At this point it looks like we're on track for a 2-3 year rebuild - and that's fine, but we have a long way to go to be contenders. Unless we find a difference maker in the portal, my expectations will be tempered.
  10. Your post didn't mention anything about an undisclosed portal player, nor Gunn or Banks - it was our returning players + JHS. I hope the kid turns out to be a freshman impact player (and he may be). Freshmen, even 5 stars can be a roll of the dice. Will we see multiplw players make huge improvements? Again, I hope so, maybe this will be the year it happens.
  11. So you're saying replacing Stewart with Hood-Schifino would make us appreciably better? I can't get on board with that strategy.
  12. pumpfake

    Xavier Arrested...

    I wonder how much influence Dolson & the university administration will have on any punishment. Curfew violation punishment would likely be solely a coaches decision, but when it involves bad publicity like this, it may bring more "input" than just what Mike Woodson decides.
  13. If it's "first come, first served" on the NCAA violations list, they're safe until about 2038 or so (unless they stupidly self-penalize).
  14. That might well be where I read it. It seemed like a viable idea to me last summer and, in retrospect, probably was.
  15. pumpfake

    Next assistant coach

    Are you saying Walsh has been promoted to full assistant coach? Lot's of "buzz" that he's a real "up & comer".