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  1. Silat Player

    This really sucks...

    Same here. I used to be such a megafan that I planned my schedule around IU games and taped every game. The last couple of years, I tried to catch all the games; but didn't really get upset if I missed one. Let's hope CMW brings back excitement.
  2. Silat Player

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Lander needs to camp out in the weight room this summer, and only leave it to shoot a thousand jumpers a day. He desperately needs some strength.
  3. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    Yep, and that's why IU sucked the last couple of years, because they couldn't hit an open shot. I'm skeptical that they will become much better over a single offseason. IU needs to recruit a couple of shooters. Hopefully Parker is one of those guys, but whether or not Aarman comes back, CMW needs to find another shooter.
  4. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    You mean we have a coach who will tailor his scheme based on the strengths or weaknesses of his team? That's crazy talk at IU!
  5. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    Yep, Race is the kind of junkyard dog player who is necessary to win in the Big Ten.
  6. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    It's good to see some leadership being shown by TJD. That's something that IU has been missing on the court. It would be nice if CMW created a culture where new recruits come in and realize from day 1 the correct way to do things around the program.
  7. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    He absolutely did underachieve. But have any teams underachieved more than Duke and Kentucky this last year? Not to even make the tournament with the myriad of 5-stars. You've really got to coach that type of talent down...
  8. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    Certainly more effective than the giant fatheads...
  9. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    Yep. Nothing like wasting 10-15 seconds on the shot clock slowly bringing the ball upcourt and pounding the ball at the top of the 3-pt line. What was baffling was that IU wasn't a good shooting team. One of the ways to remedy that is to push the ball quickly up court after a made basket and try to get a quick shot before the defense is set.
  10. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    Totally agree. If you really want to talk about recruiting, then be honest about it. To expect CMW to come in and pursuade every one of the holdover players to remain is a bit unrealistic. After all, recruiting is done over a long period of time (usually) and involves creating and fostering a relationship with the player being recruited. CMW has literally spent only 2 weeks on the job, not enough time to truly develop a relationship. Yet, in spite of that, he's kept the majority of our players who entered the portal. That's a tremendous job on his part. Let's see how he does with the 2022 recruiting class, but it's probably not until the 2023 class that will really show how he can recruit, as he will have had a couple of years to cultivate a relationship with players, AAU coaches, high school coaches and parents.The one advantage that he has is having a couple of coaches on staff who were already recruiting players, and of course, Thad Matta, who already has relationships with AAU & high school coaches. People need to calm the f*** down. Rome wasn't built in a day...
  11. Silat Player

    Player decisions

    I personally would be surprised, at this point, if Franklin came back. I think he's deciding between a couple of other schools. It will be nice when CMW convinces another shooter to come to IU from the portal.
  12. It's comments like this that indicate how horrible next year would have been if IU had kept Miller. The program would've been in even worse shape after another year of him coaching.
  13. In all honesty, no one has any idea how Woodson's tenure will be. It's not like he has any college record to look back on. I think his hiring is either going to be a home run or a massive strike out. I would be shocked if it is anywhere in between.
  14. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Keion Sr. wants to get paid whether his son goes pro or not.
  15. Yep, and this is one of the reasons why I could see Race not come back. There's no way that they can play in the same frontcourt together at the same time. I think having 2 guys playing at the same time who couldn't hit a midrange shot consistently didn't work last year, and I don't see any reason why it would work next year. I'm not saying that their outside shots can't get better, but IU needs shooters on the floor. Besides maybe wanting to be closer to home, it makes me think that Race is wondering what his place would be on this team running more of an NBA offense. I would love to see him return, though...