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  1. So, I took her to my crib and everything went well as planned But when she got undressed, it was a big old mess, Sheena was a man So, I threw him out, I don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener You must be sure that the girl is pure for the Funky Cold Medina
  2. kottke

    Assistant Coach Thread

    You might be right. I don’t know why wouldn’t just have announced it already though if that were the case.
  3. Awesome news! Who’s ready for the season to start?! Going to be a long 6 months or so.
  4. kottke

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Awesome! Happy to have Dane!
  5. kottke

    Assistant Coach Thread

    So the new assistants are Mark Few, Scott Drew, and Brad Stevens?
  6. I’ve always pronounced your first name as “Load-did.”
  7. kottke

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Or perhaps...
  8. I have no idea, but it wouldn't surprise me because I think they coincided with Archie's arrival.
  9. Agreed. The current version looks so weird to me with piping on the shorts but not on the jersey. I'd prefer the piping on both, but at least make them match.
  10. kottke

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Only two pages? I guess you weren't here for the coaching search threads.
  11. I'm still wearing bootcut jeans so this isn't really surprising to hear haha.
  12. Are HATERSSSSS and HATERZ the same thing? Sorry I'm not up to speed on these things.
  13. kottke

    Assistant Coach Thread

  14. I don’t believe it’s a four year athletic scholarship commitment.