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  1. kottke

    New Hoosier!

  2. If you are watching on a computer using Chrome and have a Chromecast on your TV then you should be able to.
  3. http://www.odusports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31100&ATCLID=210229506
  4. kottke

    Exhibition Game Thread: Marian University

    For anyone who has BTN plus, is it possible to watch a replay of the game on demand? I wasn't able to watch last night so I didn't buy BTN plus yet, but I was thinking of getting it today so I can go ahead and watch a replay of the game if that's something that is possible.
  5. kottke

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    If Crean was clean, then I don't think the timing of this could be better for IU. If there was any chance Archie was going to play the shady recruiting game, he surely won't be now. And I don't think anyone that's committed for '18 thus far would have been someone who required those tactics. Romeo? I guess it's possible, but he hasn't committed yet, so he hasn't taken any payment I would assume.
  6. kottke

    (2019) C James Wiseman

    Apologies, I accidentally flagged your post. Stupid phone!
  7. kottke

    Last names on jerseys?

    Send that to CAM and Fred right away. Those would be awesome.
  8. Speaking of TB complaining, if he does come back, do we think CAM will allow him to keep throwing tantrums the way he does?
  9. I'm glad you posted this. It's not like CAM is going to boot the guys out of the gym if they don't announce they are sticking around. It's in everybody's best interest for him to coach them and help them improve. Hopefully, that means they will stick around, but it's not a sure thing.
  10. Well, what the h*ll is CAM doing today? He doesn't take a day off, so he must be visiting someone today.
  11. kottke

    (2017) PG McKinley Wright to Colorado

    I would be shocked if we took him, unless there is a reason we don't know about yet involving the current guys.
  12. I think it's all a juggling act until he knows for certain what OG, TB, and JB are doing. If he loses all 3, then he takes the three recruits if he can. If all or some come back then he'll have to decide whether he wants the recruits(assuming they all want to still come) or if a few current guys need to "transfer." Until he knows for sure, he will try to keep all options on the table.
  13. Yeah, I tried that with my last girlfriend. That didn't work out to well.
  14. It's really hard to say what the emoji's mean. If I'm being optimistic, then the eye's say "you've got my attention" and the rocket says "we are about to blast/take off as a team because of this coach." If I'm being pessimistic, then the eye's say "Oh, sh*t, this guy's crazy if he thinks I'm going to work hard" and the rocket says "I'm about to blast off as far away from this situation as possible." I'm thinking it's the optimistic option, but who knows.
  15. I guess the question for me with JBJ is would he do what Archie wants him to do? If it's true he had tuned Crean out, it seems he could easily do the same with another coach. Especially one that JBJ didn't choose to play for on his own. I'm kinda hoping JBJ will move on myself because if it's true he is a "bad apple" I don't want him interfering with what Archie will be trying to do. It's possible he may actually click with Archie and do what is asked of him, but what I do know is that the 15-16 team seemed to play much better without him in the lineup.
  16. kottke


    0708 said he said he was hearing the same thing as hickoyhoosier I believe, but at this point who the heck knows.
  17. kottke


    Also, doesn't the NCAA frown upon universities making big announcements during the tournament as it draws attention away from the tournament itself?
  18. kottke


    Margot laying next to me would be alright. However....Margot doing some other things with me....now we're talking!
  19. kottke


    I can see it both ways. If Fred gives him his "vote of confidence" tomorrow or Tuesday, then it might make sense to shield him from any negative backlash of the announcement. On the other hand, if he is indeed gone, then not having to have him coach anymore at home would also shield him from anymore booing for his last games as Hoosier coach. It's hard telling IMO.
  20. kottke


    You know, this makes a lot of sense. I'm just grasping for anything to bring me hope, but maybe Fred's just waiting for it to be official that we are out of the NCAA tourney.
  21. kottke


    He better be gone from IU either way.
  22. kottke


    Weird. It does sound like the IU/Michigan thing. What beef does a Maryland fan have with Crean?
  23. kottke


    Just go back and read the last 200 pages. That should catch you up ;-).