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  1. CrossboneIU22

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I don't really know why everyone expects Xavier Johnson to leave?
  2. CrossboneIU22

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    According to this, posted on another IU board, we are 3 players over the limit as it stands right now based on current eligibility. So we have to lose 3 regardless unless something about COVID years not counting against the scholarship count.
  3. CrossboneIU22

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    I would doubt it, I would think Football would be driving all of this (more money) and basketball is along for the ride.
  4. CrossboneIU22

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    So lets expand on that, and kick Rutgers, Maryland, and Penn State (Let them go to the ACC along the East Cost) and just get out of the East all together, so that leaves 5 spots to fill to get to 16, all which can be done from the Big12. Let the Texas Teams (Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech) go where they go, and Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC as proposed in the beginning. That leaves Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas St, Oklahoma State, and West Virginia. Pod A: Michigan, Ohio St., Michigan St., West Virginia Pod B: Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern Pod C: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa State Pod D: Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Kansas State Winners from each division play in a 2 round playoff for the Big Ten Championship, seeding 1-4 determined by overall record and conference records.
  5. CrossboneIU22

    College Conference/Football Expansion

    Geographically I could see: Pod A: Rutgers, Maryland, Penn St., Team 1 (East) Pod B: Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern Pod C: Michigan, Michigan St., Ohio St., Team 2 (Central) Pod D: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska With potential teams for Pod A being Villanova, U-Conn, Boston College Pod C being Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Louisville
  6. I saw this on twitter and got to thinking about the B1G conference. What teams and alignment would make sense? D1 Colleges by Map
  7. CrossboneIU22

    General New Coach News

    Since the Brad Steven thread is locked, I'm going to leave this here. I think we may now have a better understanding of what may have led to Steven's apparent "decision change" during the negotiations when he supposedly when back to the Celtics to "tell them he was leaving". https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/31552637/boston-celtics-president-danny-ainge-step-brad-stevens-moving-front-office EDIT: Sorry, I didn't think to look in the College basketball thread for this.
  8. CrossboneIU22

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

  9. CrossboneIU22

    Big Ten Arena Poll

    I knew retweeting it and tagging all the popular IU Twitter accounts would change the tide!!
  10. CrossboneIU22

    Big Ten Arena Poll

    Currently Purdue is leading at 50%
  11. CrossboneIU22

    BTown Banners Fantasy Baseball

    Since we started late, we have to wait until week 2 officially starts which will be Monday
  12. CrossboneIU22

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I have gotten sick from the flu shot as well in the past and I've had no issues after the Covid Vaccine Shot #1 (Pfiser) and I'm in a high risk category for Covid due to Diabetes if that helps at all.
  13. CrossboneIU22

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Same here except got mine on Monday
  14. If I were Dolson, I would do everything in my power to make sure this douchebag was never cleared credentials to enter Assembly Hall or cover an IU game in person as a credentialed member of the press or whatever he is unless he had to buy a ticket to sit in the stands.