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  1. realTomCrean

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Best feeder school gets first crack at interview when Coach Woodson hangs it up?
  2. realTomCrean

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Michael Lewis did his part feeding his best player to IU, now your turn Dusty May. Come home Johnell
  3. Someone go ahead and link the Kansas forum for me. Would love to see the melt down
  4. This is my biggest get since D Wade
  5. Calling cap without providing a source
  6. This thread puts Romeo Langford’s thread to shame
  7. Obviously getting MM is huge but the KU trolls will make it sweeter than JBJ choosing IU with a UK hat on the podium. Hoping for the best and popping open a Diet Coke
  8. It’s amazing that you, or others, are able to catch a new follow. Great work, regardless of outcome.
  9. X- Best PG (and oldest) in B1G Gallo - 45% 3P% MM - 5* Reneau- 5* Ware- 5* Good bench talent. Would say, with my extremely limited knowledge base, IU is a proven SG away from having most talented team this century
  10. Great depth player. Would assume Indiana just secured the best front court, as far as depth goes, in the B1G. Also have the clear cut best PG. As has been said above, Indiana is currently a high volume scorer/shooter away from being very good. Add Mgbako and the ceiling may be higher next year than the last. Go Hoosiers
  11. **George Bush has entered the chat
  12. realTomCrean

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Looks like Tamar Bates highlight reel