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  1. BGVille Hoosierfan

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    You’ve gotta think this means we’re making a final push or are trying to convince him to change his mind. One would think his mind is already made up with his commitment just over a week away.
  2. Everything says we should get absolutely rolled in this game……but I’m not falling for it. I think this game is MUCH closer than everyone thinks and it’ll again come down to turnovers. If we can play a clean game and win the turnover battle, then I see IU coming away with a massive upset. We’re -2 in the turnover battle this year and it’s time for the water to find it’s level. IU forces 3 turnovers AND gets a pick 6 of their own finally and comes away smiling from Happy Valley: IU - 24 PSU - 21
  3. BGVille Hoosierfan

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    I think the key to victory is simple: don’t shoot yourself in the foot! If we limit mistakes I think we win. It’s crazy to say but I truly believe we are the better/more talented team but we are also our own worst enemy. Time to shut up the naysayers who say last year was a fluke and prove we belong at the top of the B1G!
  4. Gary Barta Revenge Game: IU - 27 Iowa - 21 Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!!!
  5. BGVille Hoosierfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Ironically Manley from Pickerington and graduated from Jerome Hunters rival Pickerington Central a year prior to Hunter.
  6. BGVille Hoosierfan

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    A lot to like about this kid, including his nickname, “Scoop!” Big pickup!
  7. BGVille Hoosierfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    With a floor of Nick Zeisloft, how you could you only be kinda happy?! That’s the type of player that Archie failed to consider over the past 4 years that could’ve done wonders for IU.
  8. BGVille Hoosierfan

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Can’t wait to see how Goodman twists this pickup as a “swing and a miss” in the transfer portal for IU
  9. BGVille Hoosierfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Gotta imagine he’s announcing his commitment. He posted over the weekend that his decision would be made shortly.
  10. I tend to agree here. I’m sure he’s a fantastic guy but I think he’s more fit for training football players than basketball. I can’t convince myself that he didn’t play a part in our shooting woes for all these years. I was completely out on this guy the moment I saw him running around in the tunnel before a game wearing a football helmet trying to get the team fired up.
  11. BGVille Hoosierfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Exactly. The days of being passive and “classy” are over. At this point, I just want guys with fire who want to actually win and the way I see it, this kid is nowhere near a Bill Laimbeer type of punk so I’m completely fine here!
  12. BGVille Hoosierfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Just saw this. Wheeler saw the writing on the wall. He was touted as being the future of Purdue but never progressed the way they hoped.
  13. Hearing chatter that Phil Jackson will be named strength and conditioning coach in the coming days.
  14. BGVille Hoosierfan

    Candidate Thread: Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

    I’ve watched him play several times and I definitely think the Jordy comparison is fair. He’s not as lethal from 3 as Jordy was but hits a at a high clip but definitely has the competitiveness and leadership that Jordy had. Very high IQ kid and I think we’ll be kicking ourselves if we miss out on him. This is the type of kid that Archie seemed to never be able to lock down or even make an offer to, that probably could’ve cooled his seat a little.
  15. BGVille Hoosierfan

    General New Coach News

    I think if we don’t hear news by this week, I take that as a good sign. I think that means that Dolson is at least reaching out to those in the tourney still AND/OR Stevens still (wishful thinking). I’m not at the point of panic and don’t think anyone should be unless we haven’t heard anything after 2 more weeks.