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  1. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    This. The NCAA has never had a legal leg to stand on to keep people from earning money off of their name. They couldn’t have stopped this if they tried.
  2. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    I guess I don’t view it as another G-League. I view it as IU and others can now compete with Duke and UK on a regular basis because some schools have been doing this for decades, while claiming to do the right thing. The NCAA turned a blind eye or couldn’t do anything about it because of limitations of not having subpoena power. I think the market will eventually level out. It may take a couple of years. If you think basketball is bad, go take a look at football. After listening to a few podcasts it appears at some point most think the NCAA will be separate from the power 5. The NCAA already doesn’t have a say in the college football playoffs. So someone will either have to reform the NCAA or they will get left by the conferences with the most money. The NCAA tournament is a cash cow though. It will be interesting.
  3. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    Yup. IU hasn’t been relevant consistently since Duke and UK really started spending in the 90’s. A year here or there but nothing consistent. MSU paid Dawson and other under the table and have been dominant since the 90’s. This new model is the only way IU can have a shot of being elite again consistently. Glad we have a coach who is used to free agency. If someone gets paid to play basketball is diminishing ones enjoyment of the game, I’m not sure what to say to that. Seems odd that people are disgruntled that young adults are making money from their skills.
  4. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    Which is what was happing before NIL came around. Of course NIL is pay for play. It was always going to be pay for play. And it’s an avenue for schools who follow the rules to close that gap. Not sure why that bothers you? IU people have been on this trying to get up to speed to try and catch up with the cheating schools who already had an infrastructure in place for years. After Fred Glass resigned as AD, he has been working with Cook and others to set up collectives in order to help IU recruiting. The amount of work a kid has to do at IU for their NIL deal is really minimal IMO. Put out some tweets, show up at a few events is what Race and TJD have to do to get their 6 figures. But the Indiana companies that they are representing through Hoosiers for Good have had increased traffic and donations since it was announced. So it’s not all doom and gloom.
  5. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    Probably not long. Tennessee just passed a state law allowing their universities to have direct and public contact with collectives. edit: responding to IU eyedoc above.
  6. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    Except your tax dollars aren’t paying for the scholarships at IU. The athletic department actually helps fund the university through their profits. Which was a major complaint of the previous president, because he was siphoning athletic profits to pay for non-athletic projects.
  7. Feathery

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    You’re probably right. I just think Geronimo came on at the end of the season and that trajectory continues. So it’s a Bates/JHS debate for me. I went with the soph leap, as both were similarly ranked and JHS is a true freshmen and coach liked doing whole line substitutions. Lol
  8. Feathery

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I think TJD comes back because of NIL and not being able to get drafted in a position to make more money. My guess in starting 5 to start the season: XJ, Bates, Geronimo, Race, TJD bench: JHS, Leal, Galloway, Kopp, Reneau I’m interested to see how much weight Duncomb puts on. He likely odd man out but have an eye on his junior year to step in after Race and TJD are gone. I also think Bates makes that sophomore leap. His form looked good on his shot and he is athletic. I just have this feeling he will shoot well and average 12+ppg next year, while playing good defense.
  9. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    They aren’t afraid. They LEGALLY can’t punish a school. They don’t have the ability to subpoena to get the information they need to punish. Schools can just deny and then nothing happens. Unless they have a whistleblower with evidence, then they have no authority to punish. IU self reported and self punished themselves, it wasn’t the NCAA that punished IU post Sampson. To me there should be zero compliance needed with NIL. If Andy Mohr wants to pay a phenom $10 million to advertise his auto dealerships, the young phenom should be able to take that deal if he wants to. Free market capitalism, where the market sets the price sounds wonderful to me. If Pack can get $800k, then that’s the market for the player. Purdue misses out. Nothing wrong or slimy with that. Olympic athletes who aren’t professionals make money off of their NIL all the time. That’s not slimy.
  10. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    It’s why the Big Ten Network is such a goldmine and benefits the conference schools. Bringing in 35 mil plus just from the conference network per school covers any tuition costs for all sports. The athletic department at IU actually helps support the university financially, not the other way around.
  11. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    The NCAA can’t govern their own rules because they don’t have the lawful authority to get the Information they would need to punish if a school decides not to cooperate. The athletic department brings in so much money that no basketball player is using state money for school. If anything it would be a write off. The athletic department is self sustainable. Yes communists don’t pay people what they are worth and the value they bring to an institution. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s slimy. It means the old model of a few making millions off of 18-22 year olds while they got a scholarship and couldn’t even get 3 meals a day is over. In my opinion the old model was archaic and it was definitely time to change. The change actually benefits IU as well. IU was never going to return to the glory days without NIL. IU isn’t going to break the rules, so they need the rules to have as level of a playing field as possible. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Fred Glass has been working behind the scenes to set up NIL money streams? He is no longer employed at the university and has the fundraising connections to help get NIL collectives off the ground and it’s exactly what he has been doing. By having players get paid market value for their talent, IU can be a top 10-15 team annually moving forward.
  12. Feathery

    NIL and IU

    Why is it sleazy to pay someone for the services they provide with their skills and name recognition? Is this communist China? USSR? Would it make you feel better if instead of calling it a scholarship that it was just free tuition for an employee? I remember back in the mid 2000’s the kicker for Colorado was ruled ineligible because he made money off his image and likeness for his Olympic skiing or snowboarding. Had nothing to do with football. That was wrong and Colorado tried to do it above board. Schools like Bama, Kentucky, Duke have all been paying players under the table and benefiting from it. Now the field can be leveled by programs that have passionate bases that have followed the rules.
  13. Feathery

    Amazing stat from last night

    It’s a guards game. When IU gets elite guard play, like last night, they can beat anyone. It’s why recruiting has been encouraging to me and the future looks bright.
  14. Yup. Need good play from the wings. Which isn’t our strength.
  15. Feathery

    Corruption in College Basketball

    Haven’t read through everything so sorry if already mentioned. I was listening to a sports podcast this morning and they were discussing how Will Wade/LSU keep staying ahead and nothing is happening to them. Evidently, the AD at LSU is the brother-in-law to Mark Emmett the head of the NCAA.