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  1. Feathery

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    I’m assuming this was aimed at me. The context was I hadn’t been on the site to read your comments. See context matters. edit: if my assumption was wrong and it wasn’t aimed at me, then it also proves that context matters. :)
  2. Feathery

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    What about them? They were atrocious for 2 years and a 5* kid has decided to stay longer than anyone anticipated. Kudos to them for having preseason hype. Illinois still hasn’t made a NCAA tournament with Brad Underwood, though they would have last year. Just as Indians hasn’t made it, but would have last year. If TJD decides to stay for a 3rd year, IU will be absolutely loaded his junoir season and I’d expect a top 10 team preseason. That’s what Illinois just had happen with their 5* guard staying for a 3rd year.
  3. Feathery

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    You want to compare a leftover John Beilien roster to a Tom Crean one? Context my man. Always look at the context.
  4. Feathery

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    I couldn’t care less about the experts. Archie wasn’t my first pick but I had the same expectations no matter who was hired. Year 1 start rebuild. Year 2 keep building and improve record. Year 3 make NCAA’s. So far Archie has done that, or was on pace before COVID. If no COVID, then we are looking at a weaker Big Ten this year and the experts would have IU higher. Year 4 I want to make the NCAA’s and start a trend of that being the minimum expectation on a yearly basis. Once we are in the dance, then we have a punchers chance vs anyone in the country. We have two 5* players, a upperclassmen PG, and finally a balanced roster that will allow for more shooters on the court. 8th place and a NCAA birth seems to be the floor to me.
  5. I personally think we are better than 8th this year. Archie had us poised for a tournament bid in year 3, which was what I was wanting when he was hired. The Big Ten is loaded this year and I think we can be a good team in conference. Have a solid season and make the tournament and recruiting will be fine. The NCAA’s is always a crapshoot. We could be a one and done or we can make a run. It’s all about matchups, health, and who can get hot.
  6. Kinda my thinking as well. Make the tournament this year and I think the recruiting will pick up again. I can see Al and Brunk staying another year as this season doesn’t count against eligibility. So not a huge need to have a big class this year. But in 2 seasons the class will be larger and will need a couple of transfers in to balance out the classes.
  7. Not holding my breath on this one. Honestly expecting a class of Duncomb and then a couple of transfers r the season for this class.
  8. Hopeful it’s IU. If not, good luck to him at Purdue. I’m actually enjoying the perception that this is a IU/PU battle. That’s the way it should be for in-state too talent.
  9. Feathery

    College Bball Thread

    I wanted Marshall too. But Archie was on the list. I’m not ready to jump ship on Arch. This is a big year for sure. Need to make that jump.
  10. Feathery

    Justin Smith Declares

    Good luck to Justin and congrats on the degree. On the court he could be a top notch defender if he wanted. Overall, I trusted Race more, and he played better paired with TJD.
  11. Feathery

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Don’t let the NCAA find out that you have food to a player.
  12. Feathery

    Cody Zeller and the Crean Era

    The letter was sent to Mike Conley, but was written for Sharron Collins. Both players were top 5 PG’s in the class. Collins ended up at Kansas and IU had no shot at Conley after that. So both Conley and Oden went to OSU. edit: Could you imagine the team of Conley, Vaden, DJ White, Oden, Ratliff, Wilmont, Allen, Etc. even with Davis as a coach, this is a final four caliber team.
  13. You do realize that the model is changing in college sports in the next 2 years. The McD 1 and dones will be going straight to the NBA, not college. So you need guys who can develop over years. LD could average 15-8 his senior year, all depends on development. Think the Wisconsin model for big men, that’s what we are going to. Then sprinkle in a TJD and KL a yea. Then you have yourself a final four caliber team. But when those guys leave after 2 years, you need guys like LD ready to step in and produce. That’s how you sustain success and not have the highs and lows where you miss the NCAA’s. I highly doubt we are done recruiting big. Be happy we got a guy who could be a very solid piece down the road. Hell maybe he blows up over the next year and becomes a top 50 recruit. Who knows. Also, you expect LD to be a bench player but his actual rating score is higher than Leal who you have as a starter. Leal is a .9522 on 24/7, LD is a .9556 on 24/7. I think both will be starts by their junior years but not expecting it as freshmen.
  14. Duncomb will probably be a 10 to 12 pts and 8 rebounds a game player by his senior season. Leal is not good enough to be a starter as a freshman. You are underselling DL and overselling Leal. Leal will be lucky to average 5 pts a game a freshman.
  15. Yes and No. fall sports is a no. Spring sports that were just starting, yes.