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  1. Feathery

    Corruption in College Basketball

    Haven’t read through everything so sorry if already mentioned. I was listening to a sports podcast this morning and they were discussing how Will Wade/LSU keep staying ahead and nothing is happening to them. Evidently, the AD at LSU is the brother-in-law to Mark Emmett the head of the NCAA.
  2. Feathery

    Next Season’s Expectations

    Banner 6
  3. I mentioned it when Thad was hired, but I hope he is bringing the OSU mentality to IU. Teach compliance on how to navigate the rules to help the staff recruit, not try and be a gotcha department. Work together not against each other. Woodson has connections to World Wide Wes and has hired or will hire 2 coaches who were mentioned in the FBI probe. To be honest, I’m perfectly fine with all these moves. Use the NIL to its fullest advantage and let’s get some major talent in here to hang banner 6.
  4. Feathery

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    Doesn’t Hooks play for Birdman? That should put IU in good standing as well.
  5. Feathery

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Is this Alex Bozich’s account on Btown Banners? Lol. He loves him some Nate Reuters.
  6. Feathery

    Player decisions

    Welcome to being too old for being cool. Congrats it’s a milestone.
  7. This IU guy tactic seems to be working out so far.
  8. Feathery

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!
  9. Feathery

    General New Coach News

    I think Massholes retire to Arizona. Only makes sense.
  10. Feathery

    Player decisions

    Nope. Isiah misspells Isaiah
  11. Feathery

    41 offense

    Until both team have comparable Jimmies and Joes, then it’s the execution of the X’s and O’s.
  12. I hope with Woodson’s reputation in NYC, that we get a good recruiter for that hotbed of talent. Pitino used to raid NYC, time for IU to take advantage of that recruiting ground.
  13. The Big Ten Tournament uniforms from maybe Yogi’s senior year were fantastic and should be our standard jersey. Cream home and Crimson away. The crap the players wear right now is terrible.
  14. Scream an abundance of rules by the NCAA to me. That was the big reason Howard has Martelli. Helps navigate the rules. I also hope Matta will oversee a change in compliance oversight to show them what OSU does for basketball.
  15. Feathery

    General New Coach News

    Pull over, your slow lane is over there. FYI, you may still get Lewis or a Fife on staff. Let it play out.