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  1. Using his platform to punch down at a high school kid? Stay classy, Dan.
  2. No more than inexplicably beating Michigan St in East Lansing changed my mind about losing 12 of 13.
  3. Maedhros

    2020 April Evaluation Period

    Thanks so much!
  4. Maedhros

    2020 April Evaluation Period

    Got a source? I'm trying and failing to find confirmation online. I've been to Westfield the last two years, it'll be neat if that falls during an evaluation period again.
  5. Maedhros

    Negativity Thread

    Zach McRoberts was a DI scholarship caliber player, holding down 20 minutes per game as a freshman for a Vermont team that finished 123 on KenPom that year. Archie's first team opened that season getting run at home by the team ranked 199, got run at home again a month later by the team ranked 153, and closed the season with a loss to the team ranked 135. They were never going to be world beaters, but it's okay to think Archie's first team had enough talent to be better than they were.
  6. This is getting silly. De'Ron isn't the reason we're struggling this season. I don't care what his attitude might be, he's played the fewest minutes of anyone with a scholarship. It's the players on the court who aren't producing. De'Ron played just three minutes against Northwestern. He only played one minute in that Notre Dame game where we gave up a big lead. He only played two minutes in our loss to Arkansas. Against Maryland he played a season high 17 minutes and not the minutes when we completely fell apart. He actually finished +3 on the night, one of only three players to have a positive +/-. This amateur detective work taking place in several places across the internet is just looking for a scapegoat.
  7. Maedhros

    Negativity Thread

    Tom Crean dealt with the same Indiana administration for nine years. I don't believe he was allowed to operate in ways that are now forbidden to Archie. Nothing would surprise me in college recruiting anymore, but I don't believe Tom was out there offering impermissible benefits. If he were, Tremont Waters is almost certainly a member of the 2017 class. If anything, Archie is in a better spot with the benefit of the many facility upgrades completed by the Glass administration. Yet we're not seeing Tom Crean results from Archie, either on the court or on the recruiting trail. Claims that the administration is what's holding Archie back ring false to me, when just making the tournament has become our goal three years in, and looks to be the stretch goal next season as well. We brought in five straight McDonald's All-Americans under Crean. We immediately started recruiting the state again under Archie. I need something specific before I believe it's the administration keeping any coach from accomplishing both.
  8. Maedhros

    Forum tipoff classic

    FWIW, Jalen Washington is out for the season with a knee injury. I was thinking of getting there for all of the last four games, but now think I'll catch the last three.
  9. Maedhros

    Hoosier Hysteria

    From context, you appear to be thinking of recruits ranked top 25 in their class. I believe what Honkyman had in mind, based on the previous discussion, was top 25 players in the conference. A different measure to be sure, one entirely compatible with the mantra of "get old, stay old". There's project Alex Bozich and Dylan Burkhardt do every year, ranking the top 25 players for the upcoming season of the Big Ten. If we reach our goal of reloading instead of rebuilding, this is the type of list we should be able to populate with multiple guys every season. This year, Indiana had only one player listed: Trayce Jackson-Davis squeaked in at 24.
  10. Maedhros

    Hoosier Hysteria

    With only four scholarship guards on the roster, Armaan is going to have a role, whether ready for it or not. Last season Romeo, Al, Rob and Devonte were all over 25 minutes per game. Those numbers may come down some depending on what happens on the wing - if Jerome can hold up for heavy minutes, if Justin has developed a perimeter game, if Damezi has made a significant jump - but regardless I think we're going to need far more minutes from Armaan than we ever asked of Damezi.
  11. Maedhros

    (2020) PG - Caleb Love

    Dropped the Adidas schools. Smart.
  12. Maedhros

    Fred Glass Retiring

    I'm completely on board with this timeline. It's weird to hear the Glass era referred to as an embarrassing time for the basketball program. I think we saw Crean's ceiling and it was time for him to go, but we experienced a lot of exciting successes and recruiting wins that provided hope for the future during his time here as well. Outside of Davis's outlier run to the Final Four, Crean provided the only Big Ten titles and Sweet Sixteens I've experienced in my memory as a fan. It takes a narrow sort of hindsight to believe Glass should have fired Crean any earlier than he did.
  13. Maedhros

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Obviously that's improvement from point A to point B. But if those seasons are your points B and C, then it's hard to see improvement from point A. Speaking personally, Archie built up a deficit of trust from me in that first season, and last year's collapse wasn't enough to yet dig him out of it. I need to see more in the seasons to come to buy Old Friend's claim that we're on a dramatic upswing. As for the preceding discussion of the basketball team missing the tournament in 7 of the past 11 seasons (EDIT: not your discussion USPS, just using this post for my response), that's a silly use of arbitrary end points. It encompasses the seasons directly after the basketball program was burned to the ground, a process completed before Fred Glass was ever hired. It also includes the two seasons directly after Fred Glass already decided the performance of the program wasn't good enough and took action to make a change. Setting those seasons aside, making the tournament four out of six years (or seven, depending on how you feel about Crean's third season) and three times advancing to the Sweet Sixteen doesn't sound so bad. The Archie era hasn't yet worked out the way we'd all hoped, but if it continues that way I don't doubt Glass will fairly receive his share of the blame.
  14. Damn, this sounds word for word like something I would write. I've shared similar sentiments on other sites. I'm sure he'll be a fine player, but Cross was never a prospect that excited me.
  15. It's easy to win a point when you tailor the rules narrowly to suit your purpose. I asked for examples of difference makers that fit your criteria so we could continue the discussion on the same page, but if you're not interested supporting the claim right there in your post, then I'll consider the point ceded and we can move on. As you note, Indiana had Dakich on staff in 2008. By all accounts arguably the worst year for the culture of this program in a generation. What exactly did having a Knight guy on staff accomplish? What did Dan do as an assistant to build the culture or the brand? I'm not talking about who he booted after he was named interim, but while he was still an assistant, the position we're trying to fill. I want to hear what you think our new assistant will do for us that Bruiser Flint isn't, that you think requires a Knight guy.