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  1. Wasn't that also the infamous "shorts" photo trip? Yeah, Tom Crean is something else ...
  2. Just in case others might be in the same situation as myself, not knowing about this podcast, I wanted to reference it here. It's the Beyond the Big Ten podcast, most episodes are IU focused (Ball from Assembly Hall) and are hosted by Christian Watford and Derek Elston. You can find it via this: Linktree The most recent episode was a post-season interview with Miller Kopp. It was very interesting, especially because it was a player to player conversation - which is a bit lacking in most IU coverage. It was also pretty funny hearing confirmation about Crean literally never shooting once during Christian and Derek's time at IU.
  3. raorIU


    Hard disagree - dude looks like a brontosaurus from some 80s cartoon. Those things are like millions of years old.
  4. raorIU

    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to Xavier

    My senior year at IU I had a persistent (like sick the majority of 3 months) sinus infection. I had my tonsils taken out 2nd semester, and haven't been sick more than 5 times since - twenty plus years later. Minor surgery, but still surgery, to remove tonsils.
  5. raorIU

    College Bball Thread

    I'm sure you saw the kid rushing the court with his MacBook right?
  6. B10 officials call that one a foul on you
  7. raorIU

    Xavier Arrested...

    Just in case anyone is thinking otherwise, I can't see this happening on the "city" part of N Walnut. At least per Google Maps, North Walnut is still named that all the way out to I-69. Once you get beyond the last gas station, heading North out of town, that road becomes quite rural quite fast. So, I don't see this being _as_ alarming as doing 90 in front of Sports or something. Disclaimer : I was a passenger in a Mitsubishi 3000gt that was doing around 120ph on that same stretch in 1999. We were headed North, merging onto 37.
  8. Baylor, a 1 seed, is playing North Carolina in the NCAA tourney on a Saturday in a venue a relatively short drive from Waco. And there's like a dozen fans there. What a joke.
  9. raorIU

    College Bball Thread

    Wow, unbelievable level of home cooking against Nebraska - egregious even but Wisconsin standards
  10. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    I wish I had been cataloging the number of highlights-going-to-break where Parker Stewart has been on the wrong end
  11. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    Wow, unbelievable pass by X there
  12. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    I think a squad of five gerbils would put rebound this IU team
  13. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    Not since Hollowell will I be as happy to say adios to a "player" as I will be for Parker Stewart
  14. raorIU

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Anyone have info on how or when purchasing Crossroads Classic Tickets is possible?