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  1. raorIU

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Anyone have info on how or when purchasing Crossroads Classic Tickets is possible?
  2. raorIU

    College Bball Thread

    Oh no. Anyway.
  3. Yeah, I caught that too and almost mentioned it in my post. I'm really glad it was said that way and not "we expect 3 passes before any shot" or whatever the Knight cliche was.
  4. Just listened to, and then read the transcript, of CMW's conference. I noted he made a huge overture to the inarguably redeemable aspects of Knight's program: player development, player (not coach - hah!) accountability, and continuity across classes. That last aspect being what I think many here wanted to say when they shouted for hiring an "IU Guy". After all, it is was comparatively difficult for Crean, Miller to work with former IU players. I also found it interesting and positive CMW did not claim Knight's on-court schemes were part of IU's future product. Avoiding that nonsense was a fear I had about hiring an "IU Guy" - happy it seems a modern bball product is in our future. All that being said, it did not appear CMW has all the answers when it comes to recruiting strategy, navigating the B10 / NCAA. He was fairly transparent on that - kudos - but still worrying. I'm really glad Matta is part of this as he could be a major boon in these aspects.
  5. How does Goodman low-key trash IU here without crapping all over his OSU connections?
  6. Feels like a risk of too many cooks in the kitchen. Let's get Chesney or Lewis as a splashy asst. coach hire.
  7. I know diddly about the role of associate AD (focusing on MBB). Will Matta be able to interact with players regularly? Like during practice or during the off-season? Will Matta be watching film and help to develop / offload the scouting challenge against other teams? If so, I'm hugely excited.
  8. I've heard it's all about how your staff is used
  9. Heh, on the plus side, tickets should be measurably easier to get going forward
  10. And like a loud, wet fart the dream died around 3:30 March 28th
  11. Seems like a missed opportunity to further troll the IU fanbase with stuff like: "hearing a current NBA coach to be next IU MBB head coach"
  12. raorIU

    General New Coach News

    A product that was great in the 80s, but tired these days
  13. This is a solid diversion from the otherwise bleak reality that is IU men's basketball fandom.
  14. Not sure a story about "Woj bombs" and toilets goes together