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  1. B10 officials call that one a foul on you
  2. raorIU

    Mike Woodson

    So who is showing up to Assembly tomorrow with a "Please go to Texas" sign?
  3. raorIU

    Xavier Arrested...

    Just in case anyone is thinking otherwise, I can't see this happening on the "city" part of N Walnut. At least per Google Maps, North Walnut is still named that all the way out to I-69. Once you get beyond the last gas station, heading North out of town, that road becomes quite rural quite fast. So, I don't see this being _as_ alarming as doing 90 in front of Sports or something. Disclaimer : I was a passenger in a Mitsubishi 3000gt that was doing around 120ph on that same stretch in 1999. We were headed North, merging onto 37.
  4. Baylor, a 1 seed, is playing North Carolina in the NCAA tourney on a Saturday in a venue a relatively short drive from Waco. And there's like a dozen fans there. What a joke.
  5. raorIU

    College Bball Thread

    Wow, unbelievable level of home cooking against Nebraska - egregious even but Wisconsin standards
  6. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    I wish I had been cataloging the number of highlights-going-to-break where Parker Stewart has been on the wrong end
  7. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    Wow, unbelievable pass by X there
  8. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    I think a squad of five gerbils would put rebound this IU team
  9. raorIU

    IU at Purdue - 03/05/22 @ 2:00 on ESPN

    Not since Hollowell will I be as happy to say adios to a "player" as I will be for Parker Stewart
  10. raorIU

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Anyone have info on how or when purchasing Crossroads Classic Tickets is possible?
  11. raorIU

    College Bball Thread

    Oh no. Anyway.
  12. Yeah, I caught that too and almost mentioned it in my post. I'm really glad it was said that way and not "we expect 3 passes before any shot" or whatever the Knight cliche was.
  13. Just listened to, and then read the transcript, of CMW's conference. I noted he made a huge overture to the inarguably redeemable aspects of Knight's program: player development, player (not coach - hah!) accountability, and continuity across classes. That last aspect being what I think many here wanted to say when they shouted for hiring an "IU Guy". After all, it is was comparatively difficult for Crean, Miller to work with former IU players. I also found it interesting and positive CMW did not claim Knight's on-court schemes were part of IU's future product. Avoiding that nonsense was a fear I had about hiring an "IU Guy" - happy it seems a modern bball product is in our future. All that being said, it did not appear CMW has all the answers when it comes to recruiting strategy, navigating the B10 / NCAA. He was fairly transparent on that - kudos - but still worrying. I'm really glad Matta is part of this as he could be a major boon in these aspects.
  14. How does Goodman low-key trash IU here without crapping all over his OSU connections?