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  1. raorIU

    IUBB vs Tennessee Tech - 11/25/20 @ 8:00 ET on BTN

    Really enjoy Hummel on the TV broadcast - hopefully more of that through the season.
  2. raorIU

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    So this 6'5" kid has grown into his 6'8" freshman role, playing as a 6'9" center that has drawn interest from IU towards the 6'11" young talent?
  3. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    That is, uhh, how science works.
  4. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Or, just perhaps, masking and quarantine are sufficient and we've failed at that in comparison
  5. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    If the narrative was legit, response to my post would have been research and excitement about Ivermectin as a plausible treatment. Instead, sole response is more politically motivated garbage.
  6. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Why was HCQ even considered so important in the first place?
  7. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I'm not in a spot where URL-curation is easy, so apologies. My main point was that the "HCQ is legit and malicious actors are suppressing it" narrative is just politically motivated garbage. If someone wants to stand behind it's value, they could justifiably also promote Ivermectin - how many times in this thread has Ivermectin been discussed versus HCQ? But, ranting aside, it's incredibly cheap, widely available, easily produced, and FDA approved for safe human use. You likely know someone who has used it. Per Wikipedia - "is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.[9] The wholesale cost in the developing world for the tablets is about US$0.12 for a course of treatment.[10] In the United States, the costs is less than US$50.[" I have no idea if it's actually effective against COVID19 - some poor-ish studies and limited use claim great results.
  8. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    So why aren't the HCQ proponents here equally exited about Ivermectin as a treatment? Where is the clamor to study it more, or the conspiracy accusations about media failing to promote it? There is similar (very limited) testing/evidence of it's value when comparing to HCQ. The major difference appears to be a the lack of hype from a particular sector of US governance.
  9. raorIU

    So I am need of Science Fiction Fans

    Check out the movie Europa Report - it has many similarities to your premise.
  10. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Washington Post interviewed the partner of the first woman to die in Indiana. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/03/28/voices-from-the-pandemic-indiana-man-recounts-partners-death-from-coronavirus/?arc404 It's paywalled, but available through Internet Archive here: http://archive.is/tGWzM
  11. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Yeah, that's not even remotely close to what is happening. Hospitals did see that occur initially, and that definitely had a negative impact on supplies. But this week, in NYC and other locations, hospitals are being overrun with critical patients - people that must be treated in the hospital. The capacity / resource from here out is not fear-driven, minor cases, it's the spike in severely symptomatic patients. Here's an example from Georgia, near Atlanta I think: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/489374-atlanta-mayor-explains-decision-to-impose-stricter-restrictions-than
  12. raorIU

    Dakich under investigation

    I think the post you're responding to was sarcasm.
  13. raorIU

    Dakich under investigation

    This has nothing to do with being offended, or at least I've never been offended by him. It's that he's been obviously a trash-human. When public figures benefit from their position insulating the repercussions of their behavior, it's nice to see them finally have to deal with reality (just a bit at least).
  14. raorIU

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Influenza (A? B? can't recall) was very prevalent here in Indianapolis for two weeks or so in mid-January. Enough of the symptoms are similar that I could see mistaking that.
  15. raorIU

    Dakich under investigation

    Came here to say the same