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  1. cbp4iu

    Who fills the last scholarship?

    Who is available to challenge Galloway for the starting gig?
  2. Old style is the beer of choice tonight. I didn’t even realize Indiana had it until like today.
  3. I’ve lost 10 bets in a row. So I put 5$ on Kansas winning it all.
  4. I think this is a true 50/50 and leaks will come out around 4:45
  5. If we don’t get MM……. I don’t even want to predict what will happen next. If we don’t get him what’s next bank the scholarships? Get 5th year senior role players? This is the one we need. Get him and draws a little more excitement and maybe land 1 more solid portal player.
  6. cbp4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    That leads to my next question of what if IU lands those 3 players and another top level transfer guard wants to join the party. It could push them. Also saying this because I think we need Banks to find minutes this year. I think he truly could blossom but needs some minutes to develop.
  7. cbp4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Here is my question. Are we worried about anyone else potentially leaving with this potential wave of players coming in. Guys like Gunn and Banks may be limited in minutes again.
  8. cbp4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    And started following a lot of Hoosiers
  9. cbp4iu


    Maybe this UConn team is that Florida Gators like team who could go back to back. I’m guessing they are the favorites to win it all. 4 seed to 1 seed next year. This team is tough and I don’t think they will anyone substantial next year. Andre Jackson is a purified leader and does the dirty work.
  10. cbp4iu


    I love that we don’t have a team that’s a sure fire final 4 team. Outside that Baylor vS Gonzaga final… The field talent gap is narrowing.
  11. cbp4iu

    Indiana Players Now In The Portal

    I think 2 more at this point.
  12. Also he is going to conserve a lot more energy not having to guard the best player on the other person team. End of the season it looked like he was gassed after the @ Purdue game and just didn’t have it on offense outside of last night.
  13. Why is Bates in? He has done nothing.
  14. I think JHS has checked out and started collecting his pay.