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  1. The subbing in this game is atrocious
  2. cbp4iu

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    We need Stanford to lose badly tonight
  3. cbp4iu

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    If only Cincy Utah State and Oklahoma would have lost.... Would have been a great day for IU with the loss.
  4. cbp4iu

    College Bball Thread

    IU needs to win 2 games to feel good
  5. cbp4iu

    College Bball Thread

    All the sudden SDSU looks like they forgot how to play basketball
  6. IU has to get 2 grad transfers for next year that can shoot or else TJD will face even more double and Triple teams.
  7. Gotta win Wednesday and Thursday
  8. cbp4iu

    IUBB vs Penn State - 2/23/20 @ Noon

    Race Thompson will be better than Juwan was I’m starting to think.
  9. cbp4iu

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    Is Smith in pilot mode? I don’t think he’s speed wise over 5mph yet
  10. Archie needs to hit the transfer portal for 3 shooters next year. 1 of those guys need to be able to dribble
  11. cbp4iu

    Negativity Thread

    Either or... short term or long term.
  12. cbp4iu

    Negativity Thread

    How would you attack the roster makeup then going forward?
  13. cbp4iu

    Negativity Thread

    At this point I’m just running out of ideas. I don’t care that they lose. I just hate how this team just looks uninterested. It makes me so mad. Just want the players to take pride for their school.
  14. cbp4iu

    Negativity Thread

    I personally would be fine with being bad next year if it meant we had a core of Phinsee Franklin Brunk Jackson-Davis Hunter Thompson and our incoming freshmen. Honestly I would play those 6 significant minutes. Let’s work on giving guys who want to be apart of the program the bulk of minutes instead of Green... Instead of Smith... Instead of Durham. If they don’t like it either they fight for playing time or go. Sad that these 3 have been here 3 years and all seem to be on their own agenda.