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  1. cbp4iu

    2021 Transfer Portal

    The only thing is.... Why hasn’t anyone in the Brooks family (Especially Keion)with all these rumors coming out just tweet he’s staying or say the rumors are false. That’s why I believe they actually may be true. Multiple tweets and verified accounts are constantly posting he leaving so why just come out and say he it’s not true or he’s committed to their program.
  2. cbp4iu

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I say let’s get someone tomorrow and all booze. One transfer= 6 beers. Who is in?
  3. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    One door closes another door opens. Franklin can be replaced. Get a Ziesloft type player instead.
  4. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    Considering Trayce just said we are not done yet again... My guess is you might want to hold off on the lineups.
  5. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    Trayce just retweeted his... We aren’t done yet tweet
  6. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    Or Franklin
  7. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    Trayce on Twitter... Doing it again
  8. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    Bring back Race and Franklin. Get one more shooter or stretch 4... Then kick the feet up
  9. Wait Woodson can’t recruit
  10. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    If you bring back Race, Armaan, and bring in Johnson/Brooks.. Then the freshmen make a solid jump for the Sophomore season. That’s a top 15 team.
  11. cbp4iu

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I’m guessing Lewis won’t come to IU now. But if he did... 8 years down the road the battle of Fife vs Lewis HC job.
  12. cbp4iu

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I saw that Illinois got a transfer from Florida. Omar Payne
  13. IU press conferences are always great. Either the zoom reporters are off and not correctly using zoom or something at IU malfunctions... Fire alarm. Classic
  14. cbp4iu

    Player decisions

    Lander had the praising emoji to Parker’s decision so I’m assuming he’s staying too
  15. cbp4iu

    General New Coach News

    I’m guessing now, that IU won’t announce anything until Tuesday at the earliest? Guessing Dolson won’t do anything until Elite 8 is over.