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  1. Turning game off. Goodnight everyone. I refuse to watch the tedious end of another Hoosiers lazy timid loss.
  2. When jumpers are your best shot….you are in trouble. Wtf kind of coaching is that?
  3. We can still win but I highly doubt it. Miami knows they can get a shot and that they are quicker. We are whiny and slow and timid. I highly doubt we will actually pull this out.
  4. You know damn well he told JHS to go get shots. Which is poor coaching.
  5. Coach is 100% responsible for this loss. We had the personnel to win this.
  6. Great move coach…replace race with a slower bigger guy.
  7. Imagine how much better this team would be if the substitutions were made via poll results from this board on a rolling 5min basis.
  8. Race out Banks in. please coach..lol.
  9. Nice start but guess Woodson didn’t learn to use Banks. that’s gonna be why we lose.
  10. We can win if our coach plays the right players.
  11. Play Banks and we have a good shot. Play Race and TJD at the same time and we lose.
  12. Woodson about 15 min late with Banks.
  13. I was unaware that Miami guards committed fouls…good to know.