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  1. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    I'll tell them.
  2. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    I'm not declaring next year's team is going to be a disaster nor am I declaring anything other than having a 4 with ball handling and shooting skills is better than having a 4 who can't dribble or shoot well. The fact that you're taking that and saying it is a stupid narrative is....stupid.
  3. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    I never said it was a recipe for a ton of losses. In today's game, having two players on the floor who can't shoot or dribble in space confidently is not ideal. How is that anything other than logical? If you scroll up and read I said that a team could still win a lot of games with two bigs on the floor but that my point is it isn't ideal. Having two bigs on the floor but one of them can shoot and slash, well that's different now isn't it? My point isn't that tall players are bad. My point is having 2 players on the floor who aren't quick and also can't shoot or dribble to create is not ideal.
  4. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    I just don't think 2 bigs who aren't shooters or playmakers off the dribble is ideal playing together. You are arguing that my position is totally without reason.
  5. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    No, the difference was they had a 7'4" generational behemoth in the post. Put any other post player in the country on that team and they are no longer a top 10 team. Lots of teams shot better than us from 3pt land and none of them had a 7'4" monster on their team and none of them made the finals, except Uconn.
  6. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    Oh are we talking about Rice and Carlyle now? I thought we were talking about this: "This idea that two "big" men, aka non-40% 3pt shooters, can't co-exist on the floor together is the single worst argument on this forum. Just so mind-numbingly dumb any and every time I hear somebody say it. " I'm super glad we got an upgrade in guards. I think it will help.
  7. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    It's hyperbolic to say that wanting a quicker, more versatile roster is mind numbingly dumb.
  8. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    Maybe improved guard options this year will make the difference.
  9. Adillac

    Woodson and the HT on his new roster

    It will be painful to watch 2 bigs on the floor when you know we have 3 guys (Mgbako, Tucker, Goode) who can legitimately spread the floor at the 4 spot and who are big enough to hang on defense. I'm hopeful for the upcoming season- we have a really nice roster....we shall see but like most on here, I really hope Woody can be flexible when it becomes apparent that 2 true bigs on the floor will get you beat by most top 25 teams.
  10. Adillac

    How Many IUFB Wins In 2024?

    I think 6 wins is a reasonable expectation.
  11. Adillac

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    I hope Cupps stays.
  12. Adillac

    Expectations for the 24-25 Season

    we will have arguably one of the most solid backcourts in the country imo- Rice, Carlyle, Galloway one of the best frontcourt combos too- Malik, Ballo. on top of that we have some other nice pieces- Tucker, Mgbako, (Goode?) On paper this is a top 25 team easily. What JHS was able to do here I think Rice and Carlyle can produce something similar and with more depth and athleticism than that team...I would think a S16 appearance or E8 shouldn't be a surprise here if things break our way as they always need to to some degree for tourney success. Top 3 finish in B1G would be my expectation certainly with this roster talent.
  13. Adillac

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    family ties to IU + couple hundred thousand dollars + chance to play on a team that wins big..? its plausible that he'd consider IU. He might not have any delusions of grandeur about having starters minutes and being a star somewhere.
  14. Adillac

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I don't see why a 6'7 guy couldn't play some spot minutes at the 4 spot and also some at the 3 spot.