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  1. Adillac

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    I think Franklin is gonna be a boss...big, physical, strong, solid D, nice first step. He seems like an Archie type of guy.
  2. Adillac

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Lander off the bench until February, then Phin off the bench. Al at the 2. Franklin at the 3. Race and TJD 4-5. Hunter, Leal and Brunk off the bench. Galloway/Geronimo for emergencies.
  3. Adillac

    Indiana MBB 20-21 Rotation Discussion

    My guess might be... Lander Durham Franklin Thompson TJD subs: (in order of minutes) 1. Rob 2. Brunk 3. Hunter 4. Leal 5. Geronimo 6. Galloway A little thin up front now...
  4. I know I went to games prior to 1992-93, but one of my earliest memories was probably watching IU vs Fab5 on tv. @IU and there was an over and back call that wasn't called and Knight went crazy.
  5. We don’t deserve to dance.
  6. Race is not skilled, offensively. He’s a rebounding role player. Why is he taking shots?? Surely the staff knows this if we can see this from our couch..?
  7. He sure did. Refs have just given up calling traveling and carry/palming in basketball. It’s quite sad, the degeneration of the integrity of the freakin basic rules. lol.
  8. Adillac

    Negativity Thread

    Might be off topic..didn’t know where else to comment- anyone else seen the clip of Archie punching a clipboard during the Penn St game? Search: Archie Miller hits a clipboard on YouTube. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time...but then I have a peculiar sense of humor I guess. Also, he casually dropped “s***” in today’s post game comments. Seems like this team is starting to get to him too lol. I don’t mind seeing a coach lose his cool, to a point. It’s kind of reassuring in a way. Im still rooting for Archie obviously. So, this isn’t really a negative comment. Oh well.
  9. Adillac

    Negativity Thread

    First of all...no, Terri they weren’t spectacular.... as for the basketball discussion, I concur with those who concur with me: Rob doesn’t seem like a good primary option for this team this year or going forward. I’ve had hopes that the performance last year @Illinois would be close to what we would get week to week from him but that hasn’t proven to be true. Kid can be rock solid at times, but he isn’t a particularly good shooter and he isn’t great at getting his own shot, and he hasn’t shown himself much as a leader from what I can tell. Franklin, Leal, Galloway, Lander is where my unrealistic expectations will now reside lol.
  10. Anybody have a take on the Archie/Bruiser clip? I swear at the beginning Archie says “Our offense f***** sucks!” The whole thing is kinda funny imo especially the coach on Archie’s right staring off into space while mindlessly stuffing a piece of paper in a folder for like 10 seconds lol.
  11. I know this may sound like some participation-trophy type of thinking but...what if many of our players don’t really enjoy playing basketball and they’re just doing it because they think they should or have to. One can try hard but also not want to try hard which can surreptitiously affect the nature of the effort and results from said effort. im reaching here...but when Archie says we had good effort etc...I just don’t believe that in any way that actually matters. I can do a workout and put in plenty of effort, but if I’m just doing it to get it over with, the workout isn’t as effective as when I’m focusing on each rep and when I’m enjoying the process. Just seems to me that we might have several players that are there but don’t want to be there. They are jumping high and running down the court and breaking a sweat and getting tired but....I could be totally wrong.
  12. God, I just want Archie to explode in a postgame presser one time after his team plays like chit. Just once....don’t know why, would just make me feel better lol. “Gotta give Purdue a lot of credit...” come on, Archie...
  13. So many comments I’ve written and not posted the last two years lol.