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  1. DChoosier

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Take a look at the EU vs USA Covid curve. We are doing abysmally compared to virtually every “first world” country.
  2. DChoosier

    IU Football Off-Season

    I’m in the “let’s be cautious camp”, and doubt games, if they take place, will be played in front of a meaningful number of fans but......if we do proceed with conference games why not allow non-conference games that involve a bus trip and do not require a hotel stay? Why is it theoretically “safe” to play Ohio State but unwise to play nearby Ball State? I understand not wanting a team to pile on a plane for a 5 hour flight to the West Coast, with maybe 2 nights of hotels, but a short drive to Muncie? In any case I think there is at best a 50-50 chance that games will be played at all.
  3. DChoosier

    Justin Smith Declares

    Brumdog is accurate.. Initially 75% of the posters were commenting Archie would at least make the tourney his first year while most of the rest said it would take the second. On the day he was hired you would have been ridiculed if you predicted “three years from now Archie will get us to 9-11, and tied for 10th, in the Big Ten”. Since year one the goal posts have been moved. Things have progressed more slowly than many hoped/predicted but fortunately that is now past history and the state of the program (and the roster) definitely seems to be on the upswing and I think this upcoming year will be very good.
  4. DChoosier

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    I’ll bet there will never be another player that gets both 70+ pages of posts and an offer from Purdue Fort Wayne :)
  5. DChoosier

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    Archie is better than Crean. That being said, your initial roster cherry picking is almost funny as you do not mention seniors Robert Johnson and Hartman (not to mention non-senior Morgan, Davis, Smith, Al). Did Archie inherit a “contender”, no....but he clearly inherited more than Crean did at Georgia.
  6. DChoosier

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Who needs Dr Quick when we have the secret weapon.......KUSHNER!!!!
  7. DChoosier

    A Transfer Coming?

    Nope. Bohanon’s situation was different because he was deciding if he was going to take a medical redshirt due to missing time due to an injury. Joey Baker lost his redshirt (non-medical) possibility when he played one second and I believe the same applied to Damezi. EDIT: when it happened Coach K caught some flack for burning the kids redshirt by playing him in the 27th game of the season after sitting on the bench the first 26 games.
  8. DChoosier

    A Transfer Coming?

    Good luck this weekend. Just a warning....as the kids arrive and grow so does your wife’s winning percentage. I was right 50-60% of the time before kids but am currently down to zero.
  9. DChoosier

    A Transfer Coming?

    I’m not sure if the rule changed this year but, in the years previous to this, in men’s b-ball you could no longer redshirt if you played even a few minutes (ie the basketball rule did not change when football did, where you are allowed to play 4 games (a third of the season). When Zion got hurt Coach K played Joey Baker for five minutes, in the 27th game, and Baker lost his eligibility for a non-medical redshirt. Baker did not play one second in the first 26 games but gave up a year for 5 minutes in the 27th game. In the subsequent games he only played 13 minutes for a grand total of 18 for the season.
  10. DChoosier

    Scott Dolson New AD

    Actually we agree on pretty much every point. I agree the record does not tell the whole story and, although it was not clear, my reference of the 9-11 conf record was not how I meant to define the season. What I meant by mentioning 9-11 was after three years I can see why there is some restlessness and think we are getting beyond saying people have “right now” attitudes because he is going into his fourth (not first or second) season. I’m looking forward to next year, especially if we can consistently play (ie show up) the way we did the last 4 regular season games. Although we went 1-3 it was a four game stretch of playing hard, with less TO’s, better defense, the offense getting a lot of good shots (but missing a ton of bunnies), fewer 30 foot hedges by our big men, seeing that Race and Hunter “belong”, etc. ie...it was encouraging in spite of the record. I think the “changing of the guard” from a player leadership perspective will be a big positive but am still a bit concerned about our offense on the perimeter. Would sure like to see a couple of consistent outside threats to help open up TJD underneath.
  11. DChoosier

    Scott Dolson New AD

    I’m curious as to when the “win now” card expires. Having big expectations in year one, which many posters did, yea that’s a “right now” attitude. Year two, ok, that’s pretty quick. Year three at IU? Does not being satisfied going 9-11, and tied for 10th in the conference, constitute having a “right now” mentality? I agree we are seeing improvement on defense, and perhaps recruiting, and it will be very interesting to see how (or if) the team attitude/chemistry/locker room changes with the graduation of the seniors.. We will see what happens with one particular senior leaving as things could possibly radically transform for the better since one alpha personality can definitely influence a team for better or worse. Looking forward to next year and really hoping Archie makes this work.
  12. No. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors all lost the same amount of time/opportunity as the seniors. Should we also give all of them another year? Students on merit/academic scholarships are also losing out on things. Should we give them their scholarships for another year? This sucks but sometimes life is not fair and people have to climb over hurdles and move on.
  13. It was stupid for him to go to the game. I read somewhere (and have no idea if it is true) that he had food poisoning. If that’s correct at least he is not infectious (cvirus, strep or flu).
  14. The NBA game was cancelled a minute before tip-off. My guess is that they are meeting now and the cancellation will happen before noon tomorrow (if not late tonight).