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  1. 100% We can’t revert to “we are ahead victory shots”. That being said……Our D is going to win a lot of games for us this year.
  2. Loving this. Now…….we have a chance to step on their neck. During the years of the coach of Rhode Island I don’t want to mention, we would come down and jack up a three that we would miss. Let’s extend this lead..!!!!!
  3. Already very clear that at halftime Woody told the guys to get the ball to TJD
  4. Are you saying they are shooting a T to start the half or joking? EDIT: I retract my question. The half is over and there is no f’ng way they would start a second half with a T. I blame it on bourbon.
  5. Bacot should have fouled out by now. I love that TJD waved off Woody but Woody still benched him with 2. Woody is the boss. Thrilled we landed Malik, and he is GREAT, but he got a little taste of making moves and shots vs UNC as opposed to making moves vs the Little Sisters of the Poor. Lets wear them down and win by 10+.
  6. I know it was posted earlier but it has gotten so old that the ESPN dumbasses schedule games 2 hours apart. Will they ever fricking learn?
  7. Am I the only one that thinks ESPN should stop broadcasting the Duke game and just show the Halls pre-game atmosphere? It would be much more compelling TV.
  8. DChoosier

    College Bball Thread

    I agree. I’ve watched about half of their game tonight and he has made some good plays/drives/passes.
  9. DChoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Wow…… the FSU fans were really jacked up for a visit by Purdue. There must be at least 2,500-3,000 fans in the stands.
  10. Hearing Bacot is available, and watching TJD run like a 50 year old in the video, might have driven some betting $$$$ to UNC.
  11. I hope you are right that he is healthy but, respectfully, nothing in that video convinced me he is good to go as none of those moves were particularly explosive or athletic.
  12. HOOSIERSSSSSSSSSSS- 83 University of No Classes - 72
  13. DChoosier

    Basketball ticket info.....

    To me row 23 is MUCH better than row 40. Glad they took care of you. Have fun.
  14. DChoosier

    Basketball ticket info.....

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use Stubhub. Not sure how many times you have used stubhub but I’ve used them many times and think their performance s is great (yes, the fees are outrageous). Enjoy the game.
  15. I’m looking forward to seeing how our “depth” plays against UNC. We are all excited about how deep we are but on the flip side IU has only played one decent team, Xavier, and in that game TJD and X carried the load. TJD played 37 minutes and he and X accounted for 53 of our points. Malik came off the bench to score 12 while the rest of the bench scored a total of 1 point. Not saying we don’t have depth but am hoping to see some verification Weds night.