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  1. OSU all day long and it’s not even close.
  2. DChoosier

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    I was at IU a gazillion years ago, and have too many favorite players to mention, but it’s interesting how Alan Henderson falls through the cracks. I realize it’s primarily because he was not on a team that won a natty (we would have beaten Kansas and won it all if he had not been injured) but his career stats are absolutely crazy: 7th all time IU scorer 1st all time IU in rebounds 5th all time in steals (he is the only big man in the top ten in steals) 2nd all time in blocks Quite a career.
  3. DChoosier

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Thanks for the article which also mentions Uwe’s problem catching. I remember when he came to IU and he would post up but couldn’t catch a bounce pass if his life depended on it. He really worked and improved going from 7ppg as a freshman to 16 as a senior and a first round draft pick.
  4. Our offense (OL & Penix) worries me but going with my heart……. IU - 24 Cincy - 21
  5. DChoosier

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    Thanks for the info. I vowed to not get reeled into anymore recruitments, as it is often anyone’s guess as to what a kid is going to do, but here I am again.......hook-line-and sinker. LOL Noah seems to be a perfect fit for Woodys offense and what this recruiting class needs. Fingers crossed.
  6. I’d let Tuttle finish out the 3rd and have McCaulley take over for the 4th. Give them both some snaps and why risk Penix in a game that is seemingly under control
  7. IU - 37 Potato Heads - 10 Win this, then beat Cinci (tall task) and the Iowa game will be but a distant memory. Lose to Idaho and the world as we know it will literally end.
  8. DChoosier

    Yogi Ferrell - LA Clippers

    Huge props to Yogi for working his way into the NBA (and possibly Europe in the future) at 6’0. Who knows what he could have done if he was 6’4”+ but he was still able to prove some naysayers wrong. Is he a “star”….no, but he is 28 and has earned a little over 8 million dollars. If he has been smart with his money he should be set for life. Congrats to him.
  9. Im not sure that we had a “key situation” today.
  10. DChoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    Well, this has gone as badly as possible. If we can get it together the next few weeks, beat Cincinnati and start 3-1, this will just be a bad dream.
  11. DChoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    We are lucky that Iowa has an average, at best, QB.
  12. DChoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    Our punting (so far) is not good. It’s the kids first football game so hopefully this changes or we have a decent backup.
  13. DChoosier

    Game Thread: 9/4 @ Iowa - 3:30 - BTN

    A drive and TD would be rather optimal this series.
  14. Going with my heart…. IU - 27 Iowa - 21 Hope Barta is brought to tears……
  15. DChoosier

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney

    Looking forward to any tidbits that you or anyone else hear. It’s fantastic that things went well but it is too bad that he has three more visits. Would love to read about a cancellation, or two or three :)