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  1. I woke up today and was suddenly more excited to see our next game. I’m happy to go with that for now as my sentiments on our team.
  2. Dhop

    College Bball Thread

    What a great day!
  3. Today should show a lot About where we are as a team. Looking for some desire and effort.…..And the good X to show up. Would love to see MM at least know where he is at.
  4. THAT series could have been BIG, but no..
  5. Agree, acts like he’s totally out of place and intimidated. Hope that changes soon.
  6. Time to add a third person into the Reneau and Ware show for the second half. If X could flip into the “good” X we could make it close.
  7. Then cried for a full five min to anyone that would listen…
  8. Usually avoid negative posts, but man I am getting tired of waiting on X to mature as a leader. There’s a lot of pieces out there to be pretty good if they could get in sync.
  9. Dhop

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    Gunn has a lot of good qualities. Let’s hope he has a great off-season and comes back as a big value add.
  10. Dhop

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    In my day it was denim mini skirts and the advent of spandex. Scarred me for life.