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  1. mark1981

    Assistant Coach Thread

    SMH, check in to see if we have finished out the coaching roster and we're talking about crapping on the sidewalk. We need some news to break.
  2. mark1981

    College Bball Thread

    76 Hoosiers are marked safe
  3. Awesome. Great freaking hire. Probably our next coach
  4. It's like getting a new toy and not being able to touch it for 7 months
  5. Dan, just said that Quinn Buckner has issue with Alford. Reason he never gets considered for job.
  6. Dan's conversation with CMW was pretty much a duplicate of the press conference.
  7. It's damn near impossible to replace a legend/hall of famer and get the same results. Unc and Duke are going to find out soon enough.
  8. Idk man. You almost need binoculars up there
  9. I agree. We had the roster to get at least that done this year.
  10. I know this is way too early but assuming key guys stay and we score a decent transfer. What are the expectations for next year?
  11. How the hell did you get threw the last 4 years?