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  1. Let's all give coach Woody a chance. The fact that so many people hate this hire and are making for fun of us makes me think maybe this if finally the right choice. I think he can clearly coach and he's loves indiana and want to give it his all. And if he can recruit he can get us back. Woody has to know all this trash and negativity he's getting. I hope he uses that as his fire to prove them all wrong.
  2. HoosierMatty

    General New Coach News

    Uk would have burned Lexington to the ground if they were in our spot. The problem has been the administration never getting it right or taking this hire seriously enough. Let's be honest even before Knight was fired we were going down hill. For any intense fan base this is like Chinese water torture to a normal person. Yes our fans can be bad and yes it may scare away some coaches, but the only thing that makes us any different than others is we have been allowed to be this restless for so long. Because the people in charge don't care and can't get it right.
  3. Could it be after 20 plus years of ineptitude in our administration we finally have an AD playing three dimensional chess ?
  4. Probably after. But for all we know something was already negotiated with Boston or he might be coming later. Maybe next weekend :)
  5. If it's Stevens and it's happening tomorrow you would think we might hear something by tonight from the Boston side of things. There is no way he leaves without telling them and working out how to end his contract.
  6. Hey Chris is tomorrow's announcement something you have heard from your sources or an educated guess ? Do you think Brad is maybe still waiting to figure out when he wants to leave ?
  7. HoosierMatty

    General New Coach News

    Doesn't matter the coaches resume. If he's a former IU player some of our fans will do the mental gymnastics necessary to justify it. Does it bring added value to be a former player ? Sure it definitely is a plus but you got to have the coaching chops and record to back it up. If I could get anyone else who has a much better resume why would I settle for the guy with a dumpster fire record just because he played here.
  8. HoosierMatty

    General New Coach News

    I feel like last coaching hire we had Bennett chatter then we swung back to Donovan again then we had our wtf moment when Archie was announced. Honestly it's hard to take any rumors seriously at this point. For the record I would definitely take Bennett. I would be shocked if it happened.
  9. Yeah and Cal's is like a lifetime contract. He needs to lower that to a 20 million I would say. Especially for just a 7 year.
  10. At this point I don't want to feel too strongly one way or the other. If they can negotiate something great. If not I would be fine with Beard and I believe he would take it. Hell I would take Beilein with Fife on his staff. I just want a good coach and someone who truly wants to be here.
  11. I would have preferred he told us to F off when we first put out feelers. Assuming all this was true. I much prefer that to being jerked around. If you set demands and we meet them and had donors put up big time money and you say no and get a raise from the Celtics there is a word for Brad. Its not Masshole but it ryhmes with it.
  12. Is it confirmed he had the players meeting and resigned?
  13. I don't really understand why everyone acts like this is over because no announcement today. No one but one less reliable source said it would. In fact the Ohio State guy said look for April 2nd. This isn't over until it's over or at least not in until we start hearing reliable intel that it is.
  14. The fact there is so much specific detail compared to the Donovan situation makes me feel this is the real deal.
  15. Exactly . I am cautiously optimistic. I now the two posters Chris and 0708 to be reliable and are not people who would purposely mislead. Anything can happen but I feel good that both parties have communicated and there is interest.