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  1. ziggyiu

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    Not interested.
  2. I like Rob. Seems like a good kid. However, he has a small frame, he doesn't go strong to the goal and his layups are not infrequently blocked. He has no mid-range game. He is a mediocre passer. He shoots it poorly from outside. For people saying if his shots improves, etc., etc. Sure, but the same can be said of any player. I hope the coaching change does him wonders because I want him to succeed. It's just a stretch as of now to imagine him as a starting 2 guard.
  3. ziggyiu

    Player decisions

    I don't want to lose AF, and I don't know what he'll decide; but with him in the portal for a little while now, I would like to see IU connected with a few shooting guards in the portal. The biggest issue is that IU won't get a replacement of equal or greater talent. Getting XJ is a great help at the point, but IU needs another high level shooting guard if AF leaves. Has anyone seen IU connected to other guards?
  4. I'm not saying IU should or should not have taken him, but Scott Drew could win the championship this year and he still would have walked from Waco to take the job. He wanted this.
  5. So, WWW will start funneling top talent to Woodson. Or is there going to be a problem with Woodson coaching at an ADIDAS school? ; ~ )
  6. ziggyiu

    General New Coach News

    Yikes, my original post was based on an outdated tweet. Deleted it to alleviate further confusion. Sorry.
  7. ziggyiu

    General New Coach News

    What I don't understand about any interest in Enfield is two-fold: 1. He hasn't done much at USC. He's never gotten out of the second round of the tournament in eight years at USC. No conference titles of any variety at USC either. 2. His USC program was one of the handful of programs most prominently noted for buying players during the FBI investigation.
  8. ziggyiu

    Candidate Thread: Thad Matta

    If you trust Dolson to do the right thing, then you should trust that he's done his research (or is doing his research) on Matta. None of us know how Matta's back feels, but you can assume that if talks go forward Matta must really want the job and he has proven his back is ready for the grind. (It has been noted that Matta grew up an IU fan. He once said IU was his dream job.) His last two years weren't up to his standards or the standards that OSU had set for him, but everything before those two years -- his accomplishments at Butler, Xavier and OSU are exactly what we want. He has proven his system works from program to program to program. He has proven he can recruit at a very high level. He has won multiple conference and conference tournament championships. He has made multiple deep NCAA tournament runs. He knows the state of Indiana high school hoops. He knows the B1G. He has a better resume than just about any coach IU could consider. He has now taken the opportunity to get his health in order. If he is healthy and IU has reassurances that it is, and he presents a plan to restore IU to greatness it's prudent to examine it before making a decision.
  9. ziggyiu

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I imagine the same. I'm just curious about their mind set and the next move. I thought Stevens was a reach, but they apparently still put in the effort.
  10. ziggyiu

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    For @Chris007 and @ISP and @IUwins0708 and all of the other insiders, I'm curious to learn if Dolson and the bag men are still fighting for Brad, or, if they've moved on, who they've moved on to. Are the decision makers bound and determined to make IU great and spend the same money on another coach? For example, are they willing to approach Billy D. and throw all the money at him -- despite his new gig with the Bulls -- to exhaust every option?
  11. What have your sources said regarding Brad's statement yesterday?
  12. So was Brad's denial today not part of the further denials plan? Too many pages. Hard to keep up. Thanks for the insights.
  13. ziggyiu

    General New Coach News

    Baylor is bringing a 5 star, a top 40 player and another that's top 100. I don't know they'll be as good next year as this year and the previous year, but Baylor will continue to be good.
  14. ziggyiu

    General New Coach News

    That's not the reason for my question. I'm curious to learn if this comes from Sam to evaluate if the press conference rumor should be given more or less credibility.
  15. ziggyiu

    General New Coach News

    So, is the Reddit poster who predicted a press conference tomorrow Sam Story? That would not be optimal.