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  1. U-G-L-Y Mikey has no alibi! Thanks for one last blow out loss to end the year. Let’s get a coach!
  2. Exactly! IU was nearly blown out by every good team they played this year and certainly barely beat anyone of quality.
  3. Get this baby cranked up again! Wanker ball has returned. Glad the coach walked out on the team in the last game.
  4. Woody is back and it’s time to build back better!
  5. I call that a trifecta!
  6. Anyone else feel like there could be a mass exodus.
  7. What if they announced Woodson is staying just to have him announce he’s stepping down. Could make “health issues” seem more legit. Just a thought.
  8. This is crazy… if this team has a bunch of players hit the portal it’s gonna be like 2008-09 all over again. I see the team being something close to what Michigan was this year unfortunately.
  9. Had some sunshine pumper tell me yesterday to go be a Purdue fan and trust the process. Wonder how that stooge is feeling right about now.
  10. Can we get this man another raise and extension please! Good lord!
  11. Closing in on 500 pages! The Bruce rumors are heating up.
  12. Sorry to bother but could you tell us what it said. I couldn’t open the article.
  13. I think it’s. A lot of things like this and the eye opening comments to the media that will help do him in.