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  1. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    What do you get when you add a mustache with a goatee and pork chop sideburns? That’s right….. the next generation coach Knight! Get him here!
  2. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    That is kind of a big thing!
  3. LMFAO, Is anybody watching the Ole Miss game? Read what the baseline says under the basket at Mississippi State arena! Maybe that is the one Woody is talking about?
  4. If I don't laugh, I may start to cry!
  5. Bris Cheard We need you in B'Town!
  6. Only if the whistle blows first and the shot doesn't count!
  7. To see how good we can make the other team look!
  8. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    WOW! Is all I can say.
  9. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    What I thought too. Don't they have 9-10 transfers?
  10. Ryno6284

    College Bball Thread

  11. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Don't F*** on Dolson Yet! He has one chance to hire a BB coach to fix this mess! I think the admin did a good job on the FB coach hire. Let's let Dolson get his own BB hire in place and see where we go?!
  12. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Just to **** up the next hire?
  13. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    He also called TJD, Tracy Jackson Davis! Old guy move!
  14. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I say if Pearl is interested, you get him. Even if it is only for 6 or so years. I’m not the biggest Pearl fan, but he could definitely have us rolling sooner than later! Get a solid foundation built again to turn over to the next coach. Hell, might even get a championship along the way! A win, win for both!
  15. Ryno6284

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I think purgatory would be better! We are in basketball hell!