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  1. Ryno6284

    PC Stellar Indiana at Nebraska sim

    We just need to get over this damn road hump! Just think what this season could be if we would've won that damn game at 'Cuse! The fellas just need to get the road W taste and then want more! It's all there, it just needs to come together. I see things that make me hopeful for the future of IU basketball! Having someone at the helm who understands it is just the first part. This wasn't going to fix itself in the first year, I don't care who is coaching this year! After years of shitty culture, this is going to take time. Baby steps my friends!
  2. Ryno6284

    IUBB vs #13/12 Ohio State - 01/06/22 @ 7:00 on FS1

    FS1 last night was showing tip at 6:30. I could be wrong!
  3. Ryno6284

    IUBB vs Northern Kentucky - 12/22/21 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Durr can shoot free throws! I think next to Kopp, I have the most faith in him making them. Random thought of the day!
  4. Is that the 3rd shot-clock violation so far?
  5. Ryno6284

    College Bball Thread

    I'm listening! And I like what I'm hearing!
  6. Ryno6284

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    I don't ever remember being so hyped about a freshmen, (RP), and see them **** the bed half way through their freshmen year and never even come close to what they were.
  7. Ryno6284

    IUBB vs Merrimack - 12/12/21 @ Noon on BTN

    If Lander sticks around, he will be a guy you are glad to have 2-3 years from now!
  8. Ryno6284

    IUBB vs Merrimack - 12/12/21 @ Noon on BTN

    Anybody else think TJD looked soft today? Couldn't finish if he was bodied up. Race was the "MAN" today as far as finishing through contact.
  9. Ryno6284

    IUBB vs Merrimack - 12/12/21 @ Noon on BTN

    He did not travel at Wisky, 2nd half, 8ish minutes to go!
  10. Ryno6284

    College Bball Thread

    Puck Furdue!
  11. Ryno6284

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    Maybe the last 8:30 of the second half, but the whole second half, no way! If anybody thought we would maintain a 20 point lead the entire 2nd half you were lying to yourself! We had a 12 point lead with 8 minutes to go for Christ's sake. That was a better position than I thought we would be in.
  12. Ryno6284

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    Don't know that anything coach would've done, would've changed anything.
  13. Ryno6284

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    Not whining about the refs, just saying that ONE $hitty call completely changed the momentum and the outcome. More talking about the mental stability of this team than anything!
  14. Ryno6284

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    That call was all it took. Once it starts, you can't stop it!