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  1. Man I hated reading that crap prior to that season! I don’t know how anybody legitimately thought that was plausible?
  2. Ryno6284

    Fire Steve Aird

    Sickening, what a piece of $hit!
  3. Ryno6284

    NIL and IU

    Is the Transfer Portal here to stay? If that would go away that might slow down some poaching and other BS going on during the off season. Hell, it might be going on during season, who knows?
  4. Ryno6284

    College Bball Thread

    This won't happen! I would rather wish good luck on our team, then ill-will on an opposing team! Just because we f***ed ourselves doesn't mean every other blue blood will!
  5. Ryno6284

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    AJ Moye!
  6. Ryno6284

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Having Woody back in B'town is more than just x's and o's in basketball! LOVE IT!
  7. Ryno6284

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Dude is badass! I knew he wouldn't bounce it! That is something Cal or K would do!
  8. Ryno6284

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Woody ain't bouncing the pitch tonight! Old man can still bring the FIRE! I bet he has been practicing since he knew about it!
  9. Ryno6284

    NIL and IU

    Will there be an EA college basketball game with actual rosters? Will all D1 players get a cut of that game?
  10. Ryno6284

    NIL and IU

    Take 3, the NCAA did this to take heat off of themselves, and make their job easier!
  11. Ryno6284

    NIL and IU

    I have two things to say on this...1. At least it should all be out in the open now. 2. Can they print the poster calendars now since it is okay to make money of a "likeness" of a college athlete?
  12. Ryno6284

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    If we are choosing between the two, give me Dennis 8 days a week. I'm not saying either would be the one we should get, but look how excited we all were to get Kopp last year?! How did that turn out? Most are hoping he doesn't start next season. Give me athleticism and a defensive junkie!
  13. Ryno6284

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    I think that CMW is trying to do that, but he is adding in a little seasoning salt with the portal. I think he is doing the 4 year build, only trying to add a few pieces to make that transition a little faster. He wants his guys (recruits) to be the backbone or long-term answer for this team, with a little flare from portal players here and there. I think 3 or 4 years from now will look differently than they do know, once he has his recruiting in place.
  14. Ryno6284

    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    The problem I see with Davis is that if he is a quantity shooter, that takes away from other offensive opportunities. I would rather have the lock down "D" player that is only a few pct points behind the volume shooter! To me, Davis is a Bracey Wright type of player. Been there done that, NO THANKS! I really feel that CMW is going towards a super athletic team, which I'm fine with, that is where basketball is going. The pct at the rim is the one thing that bothers me about Dennis, but I don't watch them play so I wouldn't know exactly what all the scenarios are for that stat.