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  1. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    It could have been all prevented. Ego, and stubbornness from the people who embraced an identity rather than embrace change cost all of us something we all love. Let’s hope it’s not too late.
  2. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Welp I think its fair to say that there probably won’t be a upcoming college football or basketball season.
  3. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Starting to think that because not enough people are taking it seriously, we might just miss the upcoming college basketball season.
  4. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    It’s sad how people argue in degrees when it comes to covid. Guys it’s just bad out there. Please wear a mask. Political note, i hate both Trump and Biden and registered as an independent.
  5. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I have asthma and multiple surgeries with my lungs. I wear a mask and I’m fine. You’ll be fine too. Also look at Hong Kong. 97% wear a mask in public , and they’re more worried about mainland china taking over their rights than the Corona virus. I can’t believe this has to be political.
  6. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

  7. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I’m probably not going to live through this. Napelhoosier, please understand that the President needs to do more. I’m not trying to bash him, but we need full scale recovery and UBI. It’s not personal, it’s survival. Good luck all.
  8. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    The defense protection act
  9. Banksyrules

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Please call your senator to ask President Trump to nationalize factories. We’re really going to need a ton of supplies for the next month.
  10. Would u guys say no if they were great players?
  11. I hope Archie doesn’t shake Hoiberg’s hand.
  12. they put up a fight. That’s all I want on the road.
  13. Banksyrules

    Beilein will be available.....

    I promise if I win a 400 million lotto between now and the end of the season , I’ll give Brad Stevens a good chunk.