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  1. I walked my dogs around, lifted, and fixed up my house. It was a very productive day for me.......sad times.
  2. Banksyrules

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    I turned to tasks after the first half of the Rutgers game. It’s sad but I’m at the point were I don’t want to put myself through this mess. I always ask myself, am I maturing or is that I recognize that the program is moving itself to irrelevance. Sad.
  3. Banksyrules

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    I wanted him here and now I’m at the point were I’m this close to leave from Durham, rent a pitch fork (can they be rented?), and making camp at the Hall. I’m 42 years old, I shouldn’t be this angry but here I am.
  4. Banksyrules

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    The year where the entire NCAA tourney will be held in Indiana and IU is not in. With this embarrassment alone he needs to be fired.
  5. Banksyrules

    IUBB at Rutger 8:00 on BTN

    Why didn’t he call a time out earlier. Fire his &%&%&
  6. Banksyrules

    IU vs Michigan St Game Thread - 12:00PM ET on ESPN

    He’s a kid defending his brother. Let’s be adults about this and give him a break.
  7. Banksyrules

    (2021) - Kaitlin Peterson to IUWBB

    Have we ever had a woman McDonald’s All-American in our team?
  8. Banksyrules

    BBall Non-Coaching Program Improvements

    You know I don’t think we necessarily need to worry about a new stadium. Cameron indoor stadium ( tech and amenities wise)is really not that special when you take the crowd out of it. I walk around it (inside and out) from time to time. The reality of it is that we don’t cheat or we really have an over the top compliance office. If that’s a line we need to break thats should be up for discussion but from working with both UNC, DUKE, and experiencing IU for undergrad and a graduate degree........ I can definitely see a difference on how each administration thinks about “bending the rules”.
  9. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Oops . Yeah I goofed on that one. For some reason I was thinking Zion Williamson and subconsciously typed Stephenson.
  10. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Are we ignoring the fact that since we haven’t won since 87 that maybe we need to redo our administration? At least the people who oversee basketball?
  11. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Ahhh I see you don’t watch the games. I would argue that everyone else in that team (smart, and Brown) are put in a position to excel through coach Stevens. Look at the motions that they run, those are Stevens motions and switches that implements in his system. I wish Oladipo was in Stevens care, that would have been a sight to see. Anyway thats what makes him the most desired coach in basketball. Who do you think think taught them to be the best defenders in the NBA? I’m talking natural talent that supersedes those players come playoff time (and it’s been proven true thus far).But at this point I think you can’t be convinced otherwise so will just have to leave it at that. Sorry for the late reply, busy with work.
  12. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Maybe because he’s the only good player on his team? One on one, I’ll take my chances.
  13. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    In no particular order. Right now I’d take all of these players over Tat. 1. Lebron. 12. James Harden. 2. Anthony Davis 13. Kyrie( if Durant can control him. 3. Kevin durant 14.Luka doncic 4. Stephon curry 15. The Greek freak . 5. Morant 16. Devin booker 6. Stephenson 7. Joel embiid 8. Ben Simmons 9.rudy gobert 10. Donovan Mitchell 11.Kahi Leonard
  14. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    Ehhhhh from all accounts Irving was a complete head case and at that time I would have taken 15 other players ahead of Kyrie. Tatum can be I agree but right now, he’s not. Just my opinion
  15. Banksyrules

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I’m not arguing that Stevens will come to IU, but I think he should (coach college). The guy is a brilliant coach and he’s so brilliant that he’s actually hurting his own chances to win a NBA championship. He does so much without a 10-15 NBA player roster that they always make the playoffs and play competitively in the playoffs. Unfortunately that means they lose out on lottery picks to actually choose elite players. The best of the best don’t want to go to Boston because of racism right now and in the NBA you need at least one supper star right now to win it all. Thoughts?