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  1. NashvilleHoosier

    IU Football Off-Season

    I'm hoping we have some evolution of thought here once more conferences settle on how they'll proceed. You're correct, there is no reason for us to get rid of the Ball St. game, or even the Western KY game for that matter. I can see something happening like an agreement between the MAC and Big Ten for at least one non-conference game, maybe more. Hopefully they will end up allowing teams to keep non-conference games that are within their geographical footprint (i.e. Wisconsin/Notre Dame, Iowa/ISU, etc.)
  2. NashvilleHoosier

    IU Football Off-Season

    I thought the same thing. Then I started thinking that the Big Ten is likely the first domino to fall. Playing that out, if every conference is trying to limit travel, and bowl games won't be able to sell tickets, it's really hard to see bowl games being played. I'm not sure how a conference can justify having teams travel across the country for a bowl game if they weren't willing to have teams travel for out of conference games.
  3. Or if we didn't feed the band. Kidding of course. This game still stings, especially living here in Vol country.
  4. NashvilleHoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    There's a full slate of Premier League action all weekend starting today. Bundesliga has been back for several weeks, and MLS kicks off July 8th with a World Cup style tournament. Get on board!
  5. NashvilleHoosier

    Has Archie said anything?

    Alright, I award bonus points for the excellent use of the word pedantic. Fair points. I do agree that too many people are focused on who is or isn't saying something and not focusing on the actual message. But I also think, as with most things, words matter so much on a topic like this. Yes I'm fixating on the use of the word "all" b/c its very dangerous to use that word. It may seem trivial, but it can quickly lead to a dismissal of the entire subject and, like you are saying, the real message is lost. From there, we end up repeating the cycle over and over again. I'll stop there, as I know this thread could easily spin out of control. Also, maybe I'm missing something, but I felt the video the team did, with Archie closing it out at the end, was perfectly fine as a response/comment. I don't see that as him not commenting at all, simply b/c he didn't make his own personal statement. He chose to involve his team in an act of solidarity and togetherness, and likely had much deeper conversations in private. Perfectly fine in my opinion.
  6. NashvilleHoosier

    Has Archie said anything?

    You're conveniently leaving out the part where he said "ALL of these celebrities, coaches, athletes and companies are just doing PR stunts..." which is simply miserable and completely short-sighted. Of course Archie has the right to speak out or choose not to, make a statement, or talk to his players in private. But to suggest that by saying something publicly is just "joining a virtue signaling mob" is also very short-sighted. Some people are virtue signaling, yes. Some are doing PR stunts. But the majority speaking out just have a larger platform and are saying and doing what millions of others who just don't have a similar platform are saying and doing as well. To suggest its ALL PR stunts or just a virtue signaling mob is, putting it nicely, short-sighted.
  7. NashvilleHoosier

    Has Archie said anything?

    What a miserable and ridiculously short-sighted take. It's actually worse than that, it's just the nicest possible way to describe it. I invite you to sit this thread out. Go back to complaining about the lane being clogged somewhere.
  8. NashvilleHoosier

    Daily MLB Banter

    What a massive swing and miss the MLB has taken here. Or maybe you could say they struck out looking? On all sides...owners, players, teams, whatever. They had the opportunity to be the one single sport for 2 months (probably more fair to say one month, but still). Competing against nothing else at all while everyone was home to watch, at a time where they have several young and marketable players. Now the NBA has a plan to restart, soccer is starting back up around the world, and people don't have to be home anymore. Though if I could have predicted a league to self sabotage its way into missing an opportunity like this, it definitely would have been the MLB.
  9. NashvilleHoosier

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    I thought the same thing. Saying pinstripes, misspelling Kelley, and then thanking the university and the basketball program but not specifically the coaches. All of those made me think they were subtle digs. I still wish him the best, but if this was indeed dripping with sarcasm, both sides are better off.
  10. NashvilleHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    In regards to the changes to the NET, I wonder what they'll do about location of game metric if there are no fans. I'm hopeful the season happens, but that seems up in the air. I'll personally be shocked if it happens with anything more than essential personnel in attendance at games. If that's the case, a road game is just not a typical road game. Do they just wipe out how location of game figures in? How is the quad system adjusted? It will be quite interesting to see a season play out when home court advantages are almost completely taken away, and how the NET is adjusted to account for that. Edit: I have no intention whatsoever of starting a debate about COVID with this ^^. I'm sure the thread dedicated to that has it all covered.
  11. NashvilleHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    So the main thing I’m getting from this article is no large gatherings. Concerts don’t make sense without a crowd but I don’t think this eliminates sporting events with no fans in attendance. Which its not at all surprising to think fans attending a sporting event will not happen until 2021.
  12. NashvilleHoosier


    My wife and I joined a cycling studio over the winter. I somehow convinced the place to let me bring one of their bikes home and continue charging our monthly fee when they had to shut down. Peloton offers a 90 day free trial for their digital subscription. It’s worked out pretty well. Of course we also have to keep a 2 year old and 4 year old home with us while both still working full time, so a nice jog outside, away from the house, no matter the weather is always an option.
  13. NashvilleHoosier

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    I just couldn’t resist isolating this statement and reposting it. I have no comment, and nothing to add to this thread topic. It was just too good.
  14. NashvilleHoosier

    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to INDIANA

    By your logic, its equally as likely we have just landed a guy who will average 24 points and 10 rebounds and be a national player of the year candidate by his junior season.
  15. NashvilleHoosier

    A Transfer Coming?

    Ah, didn’t realize the medical redshirt rules were different that a non medical redshirt.