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  1. Anyone hear anything on if Yasir is bringing Jabari with him or no?
  2. FritzIam4IU

    2021 Transfer Portal

    One of these things is definitely not like the others.
  3. Maybe keeping Roberts on as Director of Basketball Operations.
  4. I didn't see that. Thanks for the replies and info!
  5. If Lewis doesn't come to IU for whatever reason, is Turner still a possibility? I thought some were discussing his possibly coming here last week. He strikes me as a solid hire and would seemingly help recruit the south. Anybody hear anything lately regarding him?
  6. Yeah, I doubt that Dolson and Fife have a "deal" that he will take over once Woodson leaves. My guess would be more along the lines of he was promised he would be in the inner circle and would be guaranteed a serious interview for the position once it opened up...but no guarantees he will get the job.
  7. Hoping for a press conference, especially if it is Fife and/or Lewis.
  8. FritzIam4IU

    Player decisions

    TJD said in his presser that Parker was a "hooper" and can shoot. He spoke highly of his abilities.
  9. Classic win-win situation. TJD can work with the new staff to improve his game and improve his draft status for the following year with coaching staff with NBA experience and TJD can help resurrect IU basketball.
  10. Has there been any more news on Larry Brown or did I miss it? Is he still coming to IU?
  11. FritzIam4IU

    Player decisions

    Chris, are you hearing anything about Woody giving the players in the portal a deadline to commit back to IU?
  12. I don't follow the NBA but this is what I thought too. Is it possible Boston put something in his contract restricting him from leaving for college since he came from Butler? I'm not a lawyer so I have no idea.
  13. FritzIam4IU

    Player decisions

    Really hoping Lander comes back into the fold soon...
  14. I believe once they enter the school controls the scholarship and can refuse to allow them to return.