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    2021 Transfer Portal

    XJ committed to IU! Woody Wagon rolls on!

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I definitely do not believe there is any kind of coach in waiting stuff going on, IMO we have seen a culture shift where former players WANT to come back. I am sure the subject of "being in the running" after Woody was broached, but I see the addition of Fife and possibly Lewis more as an indictment of Crean and Archie, and to a lesser extent Brand and Glass. Embracing the past and looking forward, as apposed to trying to ignore the past or the RMK shadow. I just get this general feeling that there has not been a feeling of welcome or openness around the program to players/coaches under the previous regimes. It is making a huge impact, the media wants to downplay IU as a program, but when you look at the Umbrella of IU people in basketball it is vast, and has been an untapped resource since Davis. I think Crean tried, but ultimately was simply not that likeable, and Archie appeared to have zero interest in reaching out and using the resources of IU's past. Just my thoughts.

    Player decisions

    Let's also remember that squad was predicted to finish upper half of B1G by most major outlets, easily in the tournament, and started the season ranked 26 in Kenpom. Coaching matters. Not saying its a FF team, but expectations can and should be high with this amount of returning talent. Potential inbound transfers notwithstanding.

    Player decisions

    Khristian is staying. What a day lol. WOODYWAGON

    Player decisions

    Late to the party on this one, but I had a discussion along those lines with my brother about this. Basically, our theory is CMW probably heard the rumblings and new there was a high probability of Archie being bought out. Knowing this, and knowing this would probably be his last shot at ever HCing IU, I believe he probably sat down, built a staff, watched film on the players and had a full set of visions for SD. After being hired, my guess is he already had a deep dive done on each player and their strengths and weaknesses so the one on one meetings were directed heavily towards showing said player what they meant to the program, and his overall basketball acumen. Just a hunch. Sampson once talked about the preparation in the NBA being far beyond anything he had experienced in the college game, no way Woody didn't have a full dossier on the team, coaches etc. the moment it became a possibility.
  6. It is all running together but I said something similar in a different thread last week when "Masshole Watch" was still on going. Aside from BS I was pretty skeptical about the non IU names being thrown around as possibilities. I thought we needed someone who really really wanted to be here, because recent history says-- you take this job, you end up fired-- if I was the hot new up and comer I would think long and hard before taking this job. With BS, he gets fired from IU-- Duke, UNC aren't coming calling, and the NBA bridge would probably be burned, at least at the HC level.

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    Easy. The first game against Arkansas in Fayetteville. I was there, surrounded by UA friends. A Hoosier in Hogville. I knew better than to talk too much trash, but the shine was still fresh on the Romeo-Juwan tandem and I fully expected to blow their doors off. Most of the game, it was obvious we were the better team. Despite this, due to turnovers (18 if I recall correctly) and a complete inability to guard Gafford inside (he torched us for 30 something), and some poor free throw shooting (they were bad too as I recall) we lose by 1. It really marked the beginning of the underachievement under Archie. I look back at that roster and think how in all that is good did he not manage to coach them into the heckin' tournament. If we were Kentucky or Duke or UNC, he probably would not have survived 18-19 without blasting through the NIT, even then, probably canned.
  8. Looks like he just told them some bad news lol. "You guys have not lived up to the standard, that changes today. BASELINE GO." For real though, they look defeated. Hoping Coach Woody can bring the confidence back that has sorely been missing.
  9. I will tell you why I am excited and happy with the change in direction. I WAS NOT, a hire an IU guy guy (apologies). Brad was as close to an "IU guy" as I was interested in, until I really started digging into MW and the staffing possibilities. The MAJOR thing that sticks out here, is the general disdain for the hire among the brilliant all knowing media types. Some of the vitriol is almost laughable when talking about a guy who coached 30 years in the NBA. Second major thing to me, is the massive out pouring of support from NBA PLAYERS and the IU basketball alumni base. Not even being tepid, or staying silent, basically every Hoosier of note who either had major impact in college and in the NBA has had nothing but glowing sentiment towards the hire. I remember Archie being a "slam dunk" wunderkind hire according to the all knowing media types. I remember TC being the guy who "made D-Wade" and generally loved by the media. What I don't remember was this level of support from IU alumni or players. I have to believe that if a bunch of former players now feel they can be part of the program, and expect success, they probably know better than I do. Soo, swinging back to my original statement about not wanting an IU guy. The reason I have changed my stance is 1. Not IU guy hasn't worked, 2. Maybe all this time, instead of actively ignoring or running away from the shadow of RMK, we should have been embracing it. Maybe this experiment doesn't work, but I can say I haven't been this excited about a hire at IU ever. Bring the family back together, run this ship like an NBA team and lets see what happens. I said before the shine needs to be brought back to this job before we can seriously consider it "elite" and attract the non IU type uber successful coach. Sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to share my thoughts as a convert.

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Parker Stewart withdrawing from portal, and staying with IU. Coach is doing work.

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I have to think with this transfer market player's are feeling the heat. The coach has leverage this year that usually doesn't exist, and my guess is CMW has probably put a pretty definitive deadline for transfer portal guys outside of TJD (to test draft waters). I believe with the rumored contacts already the message is gonna be get on board, or be recruited over, and someone mentioned it earlier (apologies for not giving credit) but it appears that the NBA length and shooting ability will be a focus. Which I am really excited for. The last few seasons of archieball and crean, we really lacked the length compared to the B1G. It became super glaring under the pseudo pack line defense with Archie, and led to us being the 3PT slump killer for a lot of foes. As much as I would like to keep guys, I much prefer fit in a system, and if that means some guys need to kick rocks, so be it.
  12. Guys keep bringing up his winning percentage in the NBA, and maybe it is because people don't understand or watch the NBA, but .463 is far from terrible. In fact it it about average all time, including the ABA. People love this one around here, so if you throw out his first two seasons a la crean, in Atlanta where the team he inherited was hot trash, even though the win total improved, his coaching record becomes .557 and right on about the top 50 NBA coaches of all time. Also, it takes him .002, 2 thousandths of a point off the current head coach at Boston's career average which stands at a blistering .559. Winning in the NBA is hard. Very hard. Rick Pitino is considered "not a failure in the NBA" and his lifetime record is .466, and he, despite his misgivings, was/is a pretty decent college basketball coach. The numbers are easy to point to, but they don't mean near as much in the NBA as they do in college, and are not a real accurate barometer of whether or not a guy would/could be successful in college.
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head as to why I am excited. Yea, it may not work, but this time, it isn't a guy chasing a bigger job, or bigger paycheck. MW knows full well what he is getting himself into here, he understands the pain the fanbase has gone through longing for a winner. He knows he doesn't want to fail at his Alma Mater, in his home state. He is here because he loves the place, and it really is his dream job. If IU was really BS dream job, then he would be coming, period. I say fine, stay in the NBA, give me someone who wants it. I keep wondering why no one is mentioning the stones on MW for taking on the challenge. He could have ridden millions in assistant coach or head coach NBA dollars into retirement, but didn't, because this place is special to him, and he knows how special it is to us..

    Assistant Coach Thread

    THIS RIGHT HERE. We are doing this, lets go all in. Can you imagine the salty media/purdue/kentucky tears if this works and was a 100% IU staff? I am all about it.
  15. I don't know if I am as concerned about losing Lander as everyone else. True, he had no business in the B1G last season as a reclass, but his shooting, and general decision making, which should have traveled with despite his size was to me not impressive. At least not 5* impressive. I am not trying to dog the kid, but most players as skinny as he is that are successful, are 7-10 inches taller than he is. That frame is not going to add 25-30 lbs of muscle, and it would inhibit his game anyways. the comparison I keep thinking of is that kid from Syracuse, Dolejai(sp?). Skinny as a rail, but 6-9 and impacted the game at both ends. I just dont see it for KL, hope im wrong wherever he ends up, especially if its with us obviously. Just my thoughts.