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  1. Dane is well regarded and very well could be our next coach, he's the guy I wanted after masshole. Archie has a personality, you just have to get him out of the office to see it. Check out his interview with HH.
  2. DANE ********* FIFE! He texted Archie after he was fired. Very nice of him.
  3. Trish

    Player decisions

    didn't hunter support the woodson hire on twitter?
  4. Trish

    (2022) PF Jalen Washington

    Just saw Dane was recruiting him as well. Would be a great landing for Dane!
  5. Trish

    Player decisions

    Jordan can play small ball five. I don't think we need another 4 or 5. We need shooting. Give me another SG. Kristian Johnson / Rob Parker / Trey Race / Hunter TJD / Jordan Woody will stagger line-ups as well.
  6. Trish

    IUBB Men's twitter feed

    It's for sure noticeable. It really depends on program to program. In my opinion, Indiana Basketball doesn't need to post as much as other program's because there are already 1 million + followers on Twitter. There is a fan base, they may have decided they don't want to saturate with too much media. Archie may have been stiff on what could've been recorded and posted as well. It's a decision that is made upon the head coach with the amount of content. Indiana has a Creative Director that makes the content and graphics, he gets input as well. Woody is pretty old-school, I'm unsure if it will be a major change in the amount of content posted. It's not a budget issue that's for sure, it's a decision making process.
  7. Trish

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Four part series of a recent interview. Here's part one. Haven't listened to it yet.
  8. Trish

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Haven’t been here in a couple days. Rosemond appears to have not been on a staff for a couple years now. Where are people seeing he’s a shooting expert? I like that he’s younger and could have some nice potential to develop players. It appears this is a recruiting coach perhaps? Interesting he’s been out of a job for two years. Did Woody call his old NBA coaching friend Avery Johnson asking for a name? lol Odd.. I don’t know.
  9. Trish

    Woodson's scheme(s)??

    I think Race has the potential to be a catch and shoot four. He hit a couple this season right? He honestly could have an NBA career if he add a 3 point shot. He reminds me of a Morgan in a way.
  10. Trish

    Woodson's scheme(s)??

    Yes I agree with the transition, we need to see more of that. I'd like to see Kristian and Johnson break out. Which falls back to shooting though, sprint to the corners or space the floor and hope we can make 3's suddenly. We played very little 4 out this past season. Most of it resulted after our initial action. Whether it was our PnR offense or the roll and replace actions, some of it resulted in 4-out type looks. It also didn't help that teams were shrinking the floor on us each night, which basically automatically resulted in 4-Out. This was seen in our small line-ups. There's so many variations of each offense in basketball, we'll find out eventually what the offense looks like in November. Archie switched up the offense this past season despite little roster construction changes. We could see Woodson change his mind based off player progression this summer. It starts and ends with our ability to shoot the 3 though.
  11. Trish

    Woodson's scheme(s)??

    4 out, 1 in. We can predict TJD will be the main guy in, which seems to be the smart move at least. How Woody wants to surround TJD is with creators and shooters. We ran some 4 out, 1 in actions this past year when we went smaller. Problem is, we couldn't shoot and there was a lot of standing around. The players have to become better shooters and that's really honestly the only factor to consider. If our team can't improve shooting, then we'll see B1G team shrinking the floor like they did last year vs us, even if we were to add cuts (motion). No idea on defense, Woody is more of a defensive coach to my understanding. While I'm excited to have Woodson bring back our main core, we still have a significant problem on shooting and scoring. Throw in defense on there. He's going to earn his pay-check this off-season I hope.
  12. Trish

    Player decisions

    Yes, XJ should be much better at getting in the lanes and finding the open man. Kristian will be great at that as well. Rob is average at it so that's okay, he can improve still. I think we have some shot creators for others, but we have to find a way to shoot the basketball from behind that line that counts for 3 points! Losing our best shooter doesn't help. I'm thinking it's a style of play / fit decision for Frank.
  13. Trish

    Player decisions

    Without seeing too many other posts in here, I think his game fits the slow pace of UV really well. He's not the type of player to get to the rim and make big decisions. He struggled with that heavily this year. He can improve but I think he's the perfect Virginia player.