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  1. Football program is about done. If Woodson doesn’t work out, Scott will be on the hot seat.
  2. Trish

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    Probably. Luckily I got there at the right time. Sold out. Couldn’t find a seat anywhere. Being #1 helps a lot.
  3. Trish

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    2012 was the best Hoosier Hysteria and you can’t tell me otherwise. Looked like a very small crowd yesterday. Tough to see but understandable.
  4. Trish

    Bloomington Food Choices

    I would say, 1 - Pizza X 2 - Swing In 3 - Trailhead Goodfella's on Kirkwood is fun along with Cafe Pizzaria. I think Motherbears is grossly overrated but I'm glad it has some recognition with Bloomington and IU!
  5. Trish

    Bloomington Food Choices

    Motherbears is not top 3 in Bloomington.
  6. I didn't realize Jordan was only 6'6, he looks like he's 6'8". Nonetheless, I would run him at small ball center at times. We have an NBA coach wanting to play an NBA style. Luke won't be ready, we have no idea about this new guy. Jordan and four guards around him that could shoot would be fun to watch imo.
  7. I don't think he'll sniff the court unless we're facing a monster big guy in terms of size. TJD / JORDAN should be the main rotation at center.
  8. Our roster is finally complete. Happy off-season.
  9. Trish

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I can confirm Brad's people sat down and talked to Scott Dolson. There was a chance. We got dumped at prom for the starting QB. But we found a new date with a potential back up QB. Could become starting QB by Sectionals
  10. Trish

    2021 Transfer Portal

    HOW ABOUT YOU ANNOUNCE BRAD ******* STEVENS TO INDIANA!!!! I miss our days. :(
  11. Trish

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Until Galloway learns how to shoot and not to jump pass, ehh.
  12. Trish

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I wonder how Brad Stevens feels about IU looking ok while the Celtics are currently in a free-fall.
  13. Trish

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Woody didn't like Hunter's off-court actions. Neither did Archie.