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  1. Trish

    Fire Tom Allen

    This program has ZERO momentum going for it at the moment. I don’t see that changing. There’s no big time recruits coming to save the day, NIL money is there for basketball, not football. There’s maybe two exciting prospects on this team. There’s no QB coming to save the day, especially on this current roster. A buy-out seems highly unlikely. Boosters care for the basketball program but do they care about the football program? Look how long it took to close the End-Zone. I’m afraid these next two years will continue to set the program back even deeper into the hole. I expect to see some transfers coming shortly. It’s time to move on but there’s over $20 million dollars between a decision right now.
  2. Trish

    Fire Tom Allen

    Lets hope his wife misses Florida.
  3. I came into the season wanting Williams to start. Why did it take until now?
  4. Looking good. Excited to see what this team can do vs Power 5 programs here in a couple weeks.
  5. Did Jordan Hull’s give Trey his shooting form. Identical as hell.
  6. Shooting is a very hard skill to improve from my experience. It takes time for some. The biggest question mark to this team was the shooting heading into the season. I’m going to judge the team’s shooting once we play the actual schools soon. I’m sure Woodson used his NBA resources to help the shooting woes. But if it’s not improved from last season, our March will be short.
  7. One of the few games I’ll be able to watch live this season. Midrange jumpers from Johnson will not be fun to watch all season. Create for others, get the ball to Kopp or JHS on the perimeter if you’ve already drawn in the defense.
  8. NCAA mandatory day off for Election Day. EDIT: Wasn’t aware they literally just changed the rule to allow practices and games. A lot of program I know are taking the day off.
  9. Play the starters 15-19 minutes together. Mix in a couple lineups with the bench guys you’d like to see. Let the bench get the majority of the run tonight. Play the Walk-On’s and enjoy Tuesday off.
  10. Trish

    Fire Tom Allen

    If we lose out.. then maybe I could see Scott making a change.
  11. I know this is dumb but I’m starting to wonder if IU players are throwing the game.. like you can’t be this bad.
  12. Any projection on season ticket numbers next year? LOL
  13. This Sorbsy kid is about to get sent to the brand new hospital in Bloomington. This O Line couldn’t protect fresh paint.