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  1. KTBEME10

    General New Coach News

    Good to know. You are probably right. I only catch the early 2000 stuff from others so it’s difficult to get an honest outlook. That’s what I came here for. The thing to me is, if IU is hiring down on purpose, it just seems very irrational to me. They spend so much on facilities, recruiting, marketing and just try to show they are a blue blood, that if they aren’t hiring well on purpose that seems crazy. Post Knight is Davis, Sampson, Dakich, Crean, and Archie. Davis was the recruiter so he probably had a good case from the players and for himself for his hire. Sampson wasn’t a huge name but was someone on the rise IMO. Sanctions or not the dude coached well before IU and has post IU too. Jockitch doesn’t count. Crean I think was the only person with enough guts to take the job after the recruiting sanctions, and Archie was bound to get a big job after his success at Dayton. He was the guy on the rise to most. I don’t think the coaches have been terrible hires, I just don’t think the chips always fall into the right places when needed. But now, now is the time for the great hire to happen. It is so very needed.
  2. KTBEME10

    General New Coach News

    Yessir, McClung hit a shot with 3 to go for the win.
  3. KTBEME10

    General New Coach News

    I have been really impressed with Beard’s development of players. That TT team that went to the Championship and lost to Virginia had like 2, 4-star recruits on it. Everyone else was lower ranked than that. So mostly 3 stars. Culver was the lowest rated 3-star in his class at TT, and he just developed so well. In 2 years he went from that to a lottery pick. I don’t know that Beard is the guy developing his players, he may have a really good support staff, but it sure seems like his kids get better, and that’s the biggest thing in question to me about Archie. I want to like him, but year in and year out, it doesn’t seem like are kids are improving enough.
  4. KTBEME10

    General New Coach News

    If Dakich is right, and that’s a big if. I’m new to the Forum, and a young IU fan. I don’t hold a grudge against anyone, but Dakich is one of my least favorite people. I think he makes brash statements just for attention. Especially when I listen to his radio show. Again I don’t hate the guy but I just take everything he says with a grain of salt. And he could be right. I’m not sure.