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  1. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    If not for the refs this game would be over. Keeping Baylor's centers in foul trouble. Here I was, actually okay with Gonzaga winning the championship going into the weekend...but watching these calls go so one-sided to them....I hope Baylor destroys. Edit --> Butler to Baylor...apparently tipsy...
  2. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    I hope Baylor curbstomps Gonzaga. Zaga got every single close call. So frustrating
  3. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    That Gonzaga "block" he not only hit hand, but also the net and the rim, should have been a goal tend
  4. Defenserocks28

    IUWBB vs Arizona - NCAA - 3/29/21 @ 9:00 ET on ESPN

    Did Arizona not kick that ball to their own player? That's legal now?
  5. Defenserocks28

    Candidate Thread: Eric Musselman (Arkansas)

    People were crapping all over Porter Moser for his team's performance, and it was deserved. I'm hoping those same people are doing the same here with Eric.
  6. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    Was on ABC. Really well played overtime, minus the last 10 seconds
  7. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    Michigan vs Baylor highly entertaining
  8. Defenserocks28

    Candidate Thread: Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics)

    10 minutes from now ill be either opening up a beer in celebration, or in sadness. I'll make the day work either way.
  9. Defenserocks28

    IUWBB vs Belmont - NCAA on 3/24/21 @ 5:00 on ESPNU

    Whootttt Sweet 16!!! Elite Eight within our sights!
  10. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    Refs with some really questionable calls the past few minutes. A charge called a block and an obvious foul on a lay-up. When did Gonzaga turn into Duke.
  11. Defenserocks28

    2021 NCAA March Madness - Indianapolis

    The BIG is getting annihilated
  12. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    Rutgers just absolutely imploded
  13. Defenserocks28

    College Bball Thread

    Two fouls on two layups not called, refs screwed texas tech
  14. Defenserocks28

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    I gotta say, I don't understand how Moser hasn't made more tournaments. The team i saw today was incredibly well coached and executed their gameplan to perfection. A team doesn't just fall into playing that well. I mean, it really could be that post Rick Majerus Moser is just a different beast. Watching Arkansas and Texas tech right now, I'm quite unimpressed with the play on the court
  15. Defenserocks28

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    I've been deprived good basketball for too long. I'm just like "oh my god, that shot clock time management... UNBELIEVABLE." Haha.