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  1. Willkie71

    Player decisions

    Knight talked a lot about the importance of having players competing at every position as the best way to motivate. Sounds like we may see that this year finally.
  2. Willkie71

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Didn't Jerome get T'd up late in the season? Seems like I remember some comments about maybe he would be our alpha dog, but then was quiet the rest of the year. Seems like Archie quit playing him as much after that?
  3. I'm 71 and lived through two dark periods in IUBB history. The first was the six years between McCracken and RMK and the post RMK nightmare we've been in. I always follow and support the team and tried to get excited during the 2002 almost championship and Crean's number one rated team, but of course those runs were temporary and always ended in mediocrity or worse. Coach Woody has had an amazing career at every level and worked with twenty somethings his whole life, and basketball at all levels. Adding coach Matta is like an amazing benefit. This feels like a return to where we used to be. Win or lose I love that we have someone that's as passionate about IUBB as we are, but I really think this is going to be great. It feels great to be excited again!
  4. I think I heard him say about 5 years ago, ie, Miller time...
  5. I also believe he was very emotional and trying to hold it together. Some of the rest of us got a little choked up lol
  6. I thought it was just me lol. I thought he was having a hard time holding it together too. Would have been epic if he had teared up too haha
  7. Regarding the Matta hire, SD mentioned hiring a "CEO of basketball operations" or something like that in his initial press conference regarding the new coach hire criteria. So, he must have been thinking of this all along even before deciding on Woody. Not sure how this would have worked for the Masshole, but should work great with Woody. Perfect situation for Matta also, allowing him to stay involved in bball, but not so demanding or stressful on his health. Love the hires, excitement is back.
  8. Well we knew not everyone would like the hire no matter who it was. But IMO this is very good and strategic hire, and bold on Dolson's part. I like it a lot. Hoosier Nation will like it, and it could be the first step to getting back where we belong. All true IU fans, young or old, should get behind this and support the new coaches and players. If you aren't going to support it, move on, we're fine. Go IU!
  9. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    so true, we'd need someone on staff 24/7 to respond to all the rumors on these boards, lol.
  10. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    Yep, and then they have to think over, discuss with the wife, negotiate, etc. Takes time.
  11. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    I don't understand why folks think that Dolson should have announced the new coach yet. I'm sure he has a list of those that are interested in the job. But if those guys are still coaching they will not be interviewing until they are eliminated. He will not make an offer until he has interviewed all the interested parties on his list. So, it may be another week or two. I've hired many people during my career and I've learned you need to talk to all of the viable candidates before jumping on the first good candidate. I thing he's determined to make the best hire possible and will take whatever time is necessary. All these rumors are just that. There are no real sources at this point IMO, just people throwing out theories or rumors to get clicks or attention. It's hard to wait but I think the longer it takes the better decision it will be. No way everyone will be happy for sure, but Dolson has more invested than anyone. In the interim this stuff is very entertaining if not informative, LOL. We should have fun with it, but not jump off the cliff before we really know anything, just my 2 cents from another old fart that's been following the Hoosiers since before RMK.
  12. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    Moser has been to the Tournament twice in like 20 years, and overall record is .549. That's worse than Archie.
  13. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    I agree 100% Tired of all the hero worshipping and him laughing at us. Dolson shouldn't be begging and throwing more money at the Masshole. He wants to be an NBA coach and live in Boston, fine. Let's get someone who wants to be here.
  14. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    It's no wonder the players are considering their options. With zero knowledge of what is actually going to happen, the negativity on these boards is so bad it's even beginning to scare me! But with the right hire, many or all can come back. Will totally depend on the hire IMO.
  15. Willkie71

    General New Coach News

    Totally agree. In my management career I hired probably 100 technical positions and interviewed many more than that. One thing I learned is that the resume is only the starting point in the process. A thorough interview to find out how they think and work and fit in the organization is far more important. I think the reason this process is taking so long is that SD is doing the due diligence and consulting folks that know the candidates and asking the right questions. This takes time and is a good thing IMO. Debating candidates is fine but getting worked up over a buddies text isn't productive. No one knows what SD is really doing so we need to let the process play out. No one knows the program better or has more on the line than Dolson.