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  1. Willkie71

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    My Mom died from Hodgkins when I was 5. He just became my favorite player ever, here's hoping he's a Hoosier soon!
  2. Awesome news! I'm surprised he didn't test the NBA but really glad he's coming back. Maybe Woody told him what to work on to improve his stock, like he did TJD.
  3. Galloway out tonight per Hummel
  4. Willkie71

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    John Wayne said it way before that in the movie "She wore a yellow ribbon". One of my favorite lines but it doesn't work at all in my house! In fact it's probably the exact opposite :-)
  5. just go to Ware every time from now on
  6. Even with a 17 pt lead early we all knew this was coming, we've seen this movie many times
  7. So, what if we send the War and Basketball X to everyone in the portal. Anyone that would still be willing to come here would have to be really tough sons of b****s and not afraid of anyone or the coaches. Might still not be a very good team but but fun to watch. ;-)
  8. If you have any of that bourbon left, or even a beer, Hair of the dog is the way to go. However, just the hair, not the whole dog! lol. And well, after the game win or lose, you may want the whole dog then...
  9. Woody played under RMK, played and coached in most major cities in the country. I’m sure the abuse he has endured his entire career has given him a very thick skin. He probably forgot about it by the time the guy walked away. The money is great but I believe when he said this was his dream job he meant it. He’s always loved IU and RMK and stayed in contact with him right up until the end. I believe he wanted badly to hang that banner he never got to as a player. This job simply isn’t working and deep down I believe he knows it but can’t accept it yet. I really hope Dolson pulls the trigger after this season, it would be better for everyone. I would like to believe Woody will accept it and not fight it. A public fight would be yet another black eye for IU and tarnish his legacy. Time to move on. Bring on Brucie….
  10. I totally get it. Been driving since I was 15 1/2 and been a car guy all my life. So as Charlton Heston would say, "They have to take those keys away from my cold dead hands!" lol
  11. No, I think you're right. He did say something about watching him as a player. Maybe it was the guy himself? :D
  12. Regarding the punk kid who called out Woody at the HS game. I really think it's his fault the program is in such bad shape. I'm pretty sure it must have been his dad who was a student at the time uttered the infamous words "Hey Knight" which was the event that started this train wreck of a program! (Just kidding, sort of)
  13. So no surprise why he never recruited any Indiana kids in 3 years. I guess it's a lot easier to just watch videos of portal players while smoking cigars and drinking wine.
  14. I can't imagine he can even see much of the players sitting on the end of the floor like that. No one would give Woody a seat somewhere around mid court?