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  1. A lot of great offensive sets ran tonight. Love it.
  2. Trayce is soooo bad on pick-n-roll defense. He will be in the G-league his entire NBA career if he doesn’t figure it out. You can’t be bad at that as an undersized 4-man with no shooting ability or right hand.
  3. cchuntsman

    Game Thread: 2/10 IU @ NW 5:30 pm BTN

    Trayce never throws a skip pass or pass fakes when he’s doubled. Infuriating.
  4. cchuntsman

    Game Thread: Iowa at IU 2/7/21 Noon FOX

    In fairness to Fran, they maintained a 6+ point lead the whole time Garza was out until about the last two minutes when we went on that unforeseen 90 second spurt. He may very well have put Garza back in if the game started turning towards IU.
  5. cchuntsman

    Game Thread: Iowa at IU 2/7/21 Noon FOX

    We have a TJD right hand sighting.
  6. cchuntsman

    Game Thread: Iowa at IU 2/7/21 Noon FOX

    Can we petition the B1G to not play anymore noon games on Sunday? We always suck at noon.
  7. The amount of jump passes along the baseline by this team is infuriating.
  8. I’m witnessing hack-a-Shaq on an entire team
  9. It’s almost comical. IU seems to never hit two free throws at the line. They’ve gone 5 times tonight. Went 1 of 2 each time.
  10. cchuntsman

    IUBB @ Nebraska - 1/10/21 @ 6:00 ET on BTN

    Archie isn’t the one that is getting beaten off the dribble over and over again from 23 feet.
  11. cchuntsman

    College Bball Thread

    Texas is putting on a show at Kansas. Defense is impressive as hell. They’re just so long and aggressive.
  12. cchuntsman

    College Bball Thread

    Probably depends on if he’s finished his law degree.
  13. cchuntsman

    Which Players Do You Trust the Most?

    The thing I trust the least right now is Trayce’s pick-‘n’-roll defense.
  14. cchuntsman

    IUBB vs Stanford - 12/2/20 @ 1:30 on ESPN

    I think we all just saw why Leal’s minutes have been limited. Yikes. He was on skates.