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  1. BannerVille

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Except if 2 or 3 happen to be true, that alone is grounds for termination. The stated purpose of his tenure was to stabilize the program and put it on solid ground for the future. Those statements are all about him.
  2. BannerVille

    Fire Coach Woodson

    I have to nominate "Mike Woodson to be next bb coach" coming on the heels of the thread that was Brad Stevens. Tough call.
  3. BannerVille

    Fire Coach Woodson

    Now who "can’t separate having their mind made up and being willing to acknowledge reality"? The risk is a fact but the bad move part is only your opinion stated emphatically. This is why you're getting so many negative reactions. Many of your posts start out with interesting discussion points but end with statements like that which negate the whole thing. Hesitant to post all that as I'm not trying to be argumentative but would like to bridge the gap so folks can actually have some of these discussions. As far as this topic, it's also a fact that doing nothing is a risk. Evaluation of that risk is where it gets interesting. You've stated that you believe Coach Woodson will be able to replenish half the roster this off season and establish a more effective playing style next season. That sounds great! On the other hand, we have 3 years of evidence of the same playing style, the same substitution patterns and the same struggles with rebounding, free throws and leadership. So which is more likely to happen?
  4. BannerVille

    College Bball Thread

    Apparently they've been watching our film. Except for the whole outcome part.
  5. BannerVille


    I would like to complain that Wisky beat our *** and then promptly showed their true sucky self, but then I remember that they'd still whoop us in the middle of a losing streak. How many complaints is that?
  6. BannerVille

    College Bball Thread

    Who's going to explain it to them? The only thing B1G refs know about it as that Wisconsin NEVER commits one.
  7. BannerVille

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 01.30.24 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Why was Mgbako the first starter to come out and the last to come back in while we're playing lineups with noone who can score?
  8. BannerVille

    IUBB @ Wisconsin - Friday, 01.19.24 @ 8:30 ET on FS1

    You had to say it out loud. Almost guaranteed to happen now.
  9. BannerVille

    Some new data

    While ultimately the same point that most of you are making, what jumped out at me is the the starters only played together for 64 minutes in 7 games. That's less than 23% of the time or about 9 minutes per game. And despite every metric/eye test/whatever clearly showing the difference in effectiveness. That's the coaching equivalent of malpractice. I wish I had the hope that some of you do that it's going to change. Even it does, how the heck does it take so long to figure out?
  10. BannerVille


    If my friend sucked this bad at his job, I'd fire him myself. It's in no one's best interest to continue in a situation that isn't working.
  11. BannerVille

    IUBB @ Rutger - Tuesday, 01.09.24 @ 7:00 on Peacock

    Were they blindfolded? Anyone who plays regularly can probably hit 4/15 FT's with their eyes closed, so that has to be it. Right?
  12. BannerVille

    IU Basketball News and Notes

    Why do so many talk like X is this superstar who fixes all the problems? He had a good stretch of games in March 2022 and it would be great to have that guy again, but he hasn't been around even when healthy.
  13. BannerVille

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I wouldn't say it was ever common, but you would see it from time to time in days gone by. If you have a guy playing particularly well or poor then it should at least be considered. I think a lot of the frustration is that it should be in play from game to game. You make a plan to attack each opponent and those lineups may not always be the same. You do see that occasionally elsewhere but not much in Bloomington for a while.
  14. BannerVille

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    We have ample room for a guy who can get and make shots. That skill is sorely lacking. The one who doesn't fit is DeLoach. Given the rest of the roster there just isn't a place for him. If he ever got more than a handful of minutes, something has gone horribly wrong.
  15. BannerVille

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    shots...shots...where can i get all the shots?