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  1. **** that! Do what needs to be done. If you get fired all you have to say in your next interview is you got canned for trying to teach guys to actually make a free throw.
  2. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    Switch that to Oats or Muss and that's where I sit too. Logic is your friend.
  3. But the plan could easily be: $$$$$ for Coach A $$$$ for Coach B or C $$$ for anyone else
  4. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    2021 Coaching Candidate Bracketology 1) Nate Oats Brad * Stevens (2 ------------------------------- ------------------------------- 8) Rabbit in a Hat |------------------------------- -------------------------------| Michael Lewis (7 ------------------------------- | | ------------------------------- 4) Chris Beard |------------------------------- -------------------------------| Eric Musselman (3 ------------------------------- | | ------------------------------- 5) John Beilein |------------------------------- -------------------------------| Mike Woodson (6 ------------------------------- -------------------------------
  5. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    Your source sounds incredibly well informed. What else does he got?
  6. Congrats on losing the jockstrap!
  7. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    You answered your own question. They have had us hiring 10 different guys already and yet none of that has happened. They know NOTHING! C'mon, they're not even making up believable lies anymore.
  8. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    That would be a better fit. He is a good coach and his teams are fun to watch. I'm just not sure if it works without that underdog mindset his guys have.
  9. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    You know who fails almost all of those criteria? Archie Miller So even your worst case scenario is still an upgrade.
  10. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    Thanks for posting this. It was a fascinating read. I have a new favorite candidate. How deep are those pockets?
  11. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    I really hope we can get Lewis on the staff. First time head coach at this level is an awful big swing. Minny and PSU are trying that way though.
  12. BannerVille

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    I wouldn't have then and other than Izzo I still wouldn't. Pikell is probably the best of the bunch. Howard may end up proving me wrong, but we'll see if he can sustain this success.
  13. BannerVille

    General New Coach News

    He's probably been away from his phone and is just now reading the Thursday Brad Stevens rumors. Is he in for a letdown once he scroll a bit further or what?
  14. Stop mixing up the numbers. $10 million was the cost to fumigate AH of the stench of the last 4 years. What we spend and the ROI for the next coach is still totally unknown. Though it's valid to be concerned based on the limited info we have.