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  1. Looks like Hooserfan 1901 brought this possibility out back in April.
  2. fwgreenway

    (2022) - CG Jalen Hood-Schifino to INDIANA

    Love this pick up........now Noah.........open the flood gates!
  3. Yes, its under the Ticket Exchange Forum of the BTB site.
  4. fwgreenway

    2023 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    The clips from Mike are interesting in that Hart is a right handed jump shooter, but seems to really like going in for the left-handed slams. Looks like a solid player with good vision and hands. Keep developing.
  5. fwgreenway

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to INDIANA

    Chris 007 had this called way back on April 23rd! Very nice pu. Love this
  6. fwgreenway

    (2023) - PG Jeremy Fears

    He grew an inch and gained 10 lbs just from the IU visit? No wonder the family was impressed!
  7. Very interesting story on Daryl's son. Hope he can keep progressing and hears from IU. Stretch 5, nice.
  8. Really like seeing Filipowski coming for a visit. Such great talent at the PF spot that IU is after w/Clowney, Washington and Banks. Hope one or two end up here.
  9. fwgreenway

    Next Year’s Roster

    Sorry ap2345, I'm sure I missed it. I thought he was still in play? Just not for IU?
  10. Hate to see anyone go, but I'm right there getting very greedy with the potential for a 'good big'. Efton Reid?.....ok
  11. fwgreenway

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Best of luck to Joey. To me it's disappointing he went anywhere in the BIG. Makes total sense having a prior relationship to coach Holtman. Close to home must play into the decision as well as potential playing time?
  12. fwgreenway

    Player decisions

    siap...in regards to Race. This is a team captain returning from last year. Don't know how significant that is, but just sayin-
  13. This^^^.....Will coach Woodson "be that guy from the jump"? I'm an old school guy who has been more than willing to let each coach since Bob Knight have their chance to see if it works out. The past 20 odd yrs have been quite a roller-coaster. I don't know jack, but I know marrying the past with the future is now about to really get underway. And Coach Woodson is all IU. No question. I wish him the best of luck in seeing this through.
  14. fwgreenway

    Candidate Thread: Mike Lewis

    Hearing coach Lewis' passion for IU because he lived it and knows what the BB program was and can still be, really makes me want him on the sidelines in one coaching capacity or another. Either head or assistant.
  15. fwgreenway

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    That 1st half against Illinois was very impressive! Great BB IQ by this team. Tremendous coaching system. Wow, just wow. Amazing defense w/help.