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  1. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    It’s not a fluke. They play a slow deliberate style prone to upsets. So does Virginia. They get upset a lot. And won a championship.
  2. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Huh? Both of those squads were kenpom top 10. So was Marquette who they also beat. They won the conf and conf tourney. It’s hilarious that we swept them and they lost to a 16 seed, but they were legit good. One of their biggest weaknesses was that they had freshman guards. I think you can reasonably expect them to be better next year. If Edey comes back they’ll be a legit top 5 squad. Top ten, at worst.
  3. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I didn’t say they’ll pull a Virginia, only that one bad upset doesn’t invalidate their squad. They lost in the S16 before that and to that Virginia squad (just barely) in the E8 not long ago. We haven’t been that far in two decades. They have a good team coming back. They’ll be favorites to finish high in the conf. What they do in the tourney doesn’t concern me much because we likely won’t face them there. We’ll definitely see them twice in the B1G.
  4. str8baller

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    I like listening to Woody talk in these things. Lots of coach speak, but he gets his point across. He has a real old school cadence to his media speak which I enjoy.
  5. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    His feedback must’ve been really bad. There’s really nothing he can do to improve his stock. Good for Purdue, tho.
  6. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I would think so. They won the conference last year and were a 1 seed. His backcourt will be a year older. They will be with msu as favorites for the conference next year. The tourney loss is embarrassing for them but UVA won the title after their first round upset, so it doesn’t mean much.
  7. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Doubt we’d push Mbako to a stretch 4 role if our pitch was centered around him being a wing. There will probably be 25 min a game for a reliable scorer off the bench. Kind of what we envisioned Bates doing last year.
  8. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Did I miss the news where Caleb Love committed to Arizona? That’s an interesting landing spot.
  9. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Huge for them. If he was playing well they were tough to beat. 13pts and 6 assts for a guy who split ballhandling duties with Walker. MSU should be tough next year.
  10. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    If they ever decide to start calling people for moving screens again, a whole lot of players are going to have to learn some new skills.
  11. str8baller

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    He’s probably not quite as bad as the 8% would suggest. He was really aggressive and let shots fly. And given most of the minutes we’re clean-up time, that’s a forgivable sin. In the few meaningful minutes he played, I didn’t think he was too bad beyond typical freshman stuff. By way of example, he led the team in 3pts attempted on a per minute basis. Lol… Had he not just been gunning up shots he might’ve ended with a more “respectable “ freshman avg of 15-20%. If he had done that, we wouldn’t be as down on him getting to something like 35% on backup guard type of attempts next season. He could up his percentage most likely by just being more selective. I wouldn’t rule out a contribution by Gunn next year based on that 8% stat.
  12. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Google says May 31 is the last day to drop from the draft. I suspect things will heat up in the next week or two with the bigger names.
  13. Love this. Perfect for Calbert too as I’ve always read he didn’t want to go out and recruit.
  14. str8baller

    B1G Commissioner Kevin Warren Moving On

    Usually that’s pretty heavily ownership tilted in terms of involvement in getting the public financing, which is usually the key to entire deal. So it’ll be interesting to see how he fares. That ESPN article—which could be worth nothing more than the paper it’s printed on—isn’t very flattering.
  15. str8baller

    Offensive Style and Sets Next Year

    Nobody is really going to take over the TJD spot because neither one guy will be able to do what he did. Also there really isn’t a “TJD spot” because Woody adjusted to make sure our All American post got touches where he needed them most. You’ll probably see Ware get a lot of the TJD PnR opportunities. And to the extent Woody feels the need to run sets to get deep low post touches, you’ll probably see Reneau get his fair share of those. Both players will have to get better at shooting from distance to have any chance of seeing a spread/4out type of offense be effective. If they shoot like they did last year, they can pop all day long but no competent defense will chase them out there. Teams stopped worrying about Race beyond the arc and he shot eerily similar to Ware last year. I suspect one or both will show up with some outside skills. But if they don’t, one thing you’ll probably see is Ware in the short corner and Reneau in the high post or FT area. Reneau is a good passer and Woody put him there a bit last year. From there he can lob to Ware, hit cutters or pass back out to shooters. And if the defense plays soft on the ball he can take a couple strong dribbles and bully his way to the post , which is something he did last year to varying degrees of success.