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  1. Uh... they all have shot 3s at a higher clip than the guys you think will come in and suddenly start shooting 3s. That doesn't even include guys like Kopp and Ware. Your argument is literally we can't have those guys shooting more 3s because they shoot them at a higher percentage than the guys coming in who will shoot more 3s. Lol... Somehow, you've actually deciphered the Mike Woodsons offense. Having stared into Woodsonpost offense and having it stare back, I can conclusively say....Fire Mike Woodson!
  2. TJD shot 58% from 2. Reneau shot 59% from 2 last year. Both seasons we shot about 15 3’s a game, nearly last in the NCAA. So I guess your conclusion is that as long as Reneau shoots 58+% again from 2, we can count on shooting about 15 3’s per game as a team?
  3. Kopp and Galloway shot north of 40% that season. Why not get them more 3’s that year? That’s even more efficient than TJD shooting two’s. One might argue the combo together might get a tan into that vaunted top 15 offense. Yet, we were nearly last in the country in 3s attempted despite being one of the best 3P shooting teams.
  4. If it weren’t for the players always screwing up and not shooting enough, or shooting too much, or not making shots, Mike Woodson would never lose a game! Players can be pesky like that.
  5. I always love the blame the players phase of a failed coach’s tenure. Can you extrapolate on this further? Kopp averaged more attempted at NW than IU? Why did he suddenly start “passing them up?” Xavier Johnson averaged more 3s attempted at Pitt than Indiana. Why did he start “passing them up” at IU? Is it the uniform? Assembly Hall? Don Fisher? Tell me please…what causes IU players to pass up 3’s?
  6. What's your source for this assertion? We had this exact claim from you and others this time last season regarding Ware. And in fact Ware was capable of playing out on the perimeter shooting 43% from 3 yet he rarely ever played out there shooting only 1.3 per game and was mostly in the lane with Reneau. So you'll have to excuse those of us who don't quite believe the same pitch being sold last year at this time when it turned out to be just the wishful musings of internet fans and not some offensive philosophical shift by Coach Woodson.
  7. str8baller

    Expectations for the 24-25 Season

    I'd like to see how the portal shakes out, but it's looking like we may have the most talented team in the conference and one of the more talented teams in the country. I'd like to have results consistent with our talent.
  8. I'm skeptical on the 3pt volume suddenly taking a dramatic shift but it should increase. The increase in talent should bump our offensive efficiency numbers too. Top 15 offense is probably pushing it and no amounting of stomping one's feet an insisting so will make it come true.
  9. str8baller

    (2022) - PF Kaleb Banks to Tulane

    Surprised a bigger program didn't take a chance on him. I think the potential is there. I hope he puts it all together down there. Seemed like a good dude.
  10. str8baller

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I don't think we need depth at guard. Backup F/C sure. But I can't imagine anyone wanting guaranteed time at guard would sign up. At a minimum you have to beat out Cupps and maybe Newton for just table scraps. I know most on here don't think much of Cupps, but most guys coming in, and the people advisingthem, at the very least see a freshman who was a capable backup and part time starter last year. Thinking you have to beat out that guy for about 5min a game is a tough sell. Seeing you have to beat out Galloway and IU's newest 5* wing for any real mins off the bench has to be a deterrent.
  11. str8baller

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Could be a good spot for him. I'm surprised he went that far from home. Michigan must not have offered him much either. Conwell to Xavier seems like a good fit for him. Glad he is out of the B1G. Under different circumstances I would have liked to see both at IU.
  12. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    Not the least bit surprising. Their new ADs future is tied to Fickell whom he fired Chryst for. Chryst was possibly their most successful football coach since Alvarez. He's not firing a guy that makes the tourney every year. Without knowing the specifics I'd guess the buyout is like most and drops to near zero the last couple years, so this is just giving Gard 2-3 years to continue on.
  13. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    This year, for sure. Basketball is popular but definitely second to football. Although they have a new AD he's a football guy too. I'm no Gard fan but he does just enough to keep the wolves at bay. I think the old timers smartly remember how bad things were before the 90s.
  14. str8baller

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Wahl is an unrelated issue, but I agree a big loss. They historically do a good job of plugging in the next fundamentally sound post player. Supposed to be Winter but we’ll see.Wahl will be tough to replace though. Klesmit was already their backup pg and just slid over when Hepburn was out. He’ll be fine. I agree they still have some holes to fill because they often run a 3 guard lineup and I would bet they were counting on it being Hepburn, klesmit and Blackwell.
  15. str8baller

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Not at all. He’d have played more mins for us last year than he did at UW. If for whatever reason Carlyle or somebody doesn’t come here and Galloway starts again he’d play consistent rotation minutes. Very few teams have the guard depth UW had last year or what IU will have next year if Carlyle commits.