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  1. 100%. I was yelling the same from my couch. Love the fire by TJD but Woody was right and knew it. I enjoyed that exchange.
  2. Good thing we have depth. Might need those extra fouls!
  3. I think Reneau got kinda hosed, personally
  4. Dumb foul by Bates. Need to weather their little run and extend the lead after they stop pulling shots outta their @$$
  5. These refs are getting a little ridiculous
  6. TJD is the man. We need guys to step up around. If this offense ever starts clicking we’ll be dangerous. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced it will…
  7. Sadly our offense is going to be an issue…again
  8. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    Don’t you like to watch good basketball games? Personally I find matchups between better programs more enjoyable than watching two bad teams play or a sizable mismatch.
  9. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    I like them because it gives good nonconf data points. A Big 12 matchup would be fun. Also giving flexibility back would just mean half the teams replace the game with a crap game. IU wouldn’t be immune to that, either.
  10. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    We simply disagree about the strategy to achieve “maximum amount of growing.” Btw, I don’t think Woody designed this schedule, so I’m not confident he agrees with you, either. He’s taken steps to improve the schedule, imo. Two big away games and a big neutral site game are great additions. We’ll see where it stands next year. All top teams do not play the number of 300-ish teams we do. We’ve been bad about it for some time.
  11. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    Our top freshman and Bates would play through those mistakes against better teams and be better off for it. They’re going to play through mistakes against B1G opponents. Trading that experience for our young rotation guys for garbage minutes for Gunn and Banks (both of whom I like) seems like a sub-optimal trade-off to me.
  12. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    Exactly. I could not care less about gaming the NET. I’m more worried about getting the team ready and those 250-300+ games are pretty worthless besides making the AD money. Every one of those games saw our guys out athlete those squads eventually, but that strategy was not helpful versus Xavier when we had to shorten the bench and play TJD most of the game. That’ll be more typical of B1G play than games where we get Banks and Gunn a bunch of minutes. I think we learned more about the team in the one Xavier game than all the other games combined. We play UNC and then start conf play. So only two real games to prepare for conf play. It’s not an optimal setup for performance.
  13. str8baller

    College Bball Thread

    I hate our buy games. We’ve played one real game while everyone else has several. That does change for us Weds, at least. Maybe Xavier will beat Gonzaga and make us look better.