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  1. Stromboli

    UCLA and USC Joining the Big Ten

    Dolla dolla bills y’all… SEC made their move, B1G is responding. With occasional threats of teams leaving the NCAA, I guess this could help bring balance? I don’t know. It’s dumb. And no I don’t love that UCLA would take our position of most titles (by far) in our conference. I think UCLA has more or equal to the rest of the conference combined.
  2. Woooo boy that was a good listen! The best stuff was the overall theme of growing these young men, really caring about them and getting them through ups and downs. Sounds like he and Woody really, really care about the players. It’s a hybrid parenting role. Basketball-wise, one of my favorite unmentioned tidbits was about Trayce. All we hear is “Trayce needs an outside shot, we need him to shoot from the perimeter.” Ya disagrees, says he just needs to do his work where he’s good. I couldn’t agree more, and get tired of people trying to put TJD on the perimeter, where he plays poorly, and take him from the inside, where he is sensational. “It will give him space to work.” Oh shut up. What we need are shooters that demand attention to keep the defense from collapsing on Trayce. The insight into Khristian was good. The call from X was great, and all they said about him. X seems completely coachable and endearing. Ya clearly likes Woodson, appreciates him. Woodson must just be a big figure, and yet he’s been noted so many times for how he delegates and trusts others. Ya even said Woodson thinks it is important for the players to hear from all the coaches, Woodson doesn’t want to be the only voice. I think Woodson is 100% confident that he knows how to turn this into a good program.
  3. Stromboli

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    Absolutely. I can’t believe anyone would whine that we can still manage to be identified as a marquee team. Our defense last year was very good, even early season. We’re experienced. And hopefully our little mini run at the end of the season shows Woodson can get a team ready to play the big games, not wilt. We can’t be the same team we were last year, though. A 9-11 team that gets rocked by SMU won’t get it done. So, get some production from the 2 and 3 spots, create more actions, ball movement and off ball movement. Become an offensive juggernaut to pair with our defense and become dangerous. I’m loving the UNC draw.
  4. Stromboli

    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    Yeah this is nuts. I’m as excited for 2 years from now as I am for this season. What a great talent and attitude to bring in to this team.
  5. Stromboli

    College Bball Thread

    It doesn’t make sense how glad I am to read this! That dude was a load.
  6. Stromboli

    BTown Banners vs. IU team

    I’ll run some stairs and shuttle sprints after the loss. I think WayneFleek’s 118-18 is pretty close. We’d only get the ball after they scored.
  7. Stromboli

    (2023) - PG Miro Little to Baylor

    You have to respect his other two choices. Both great programs with obvious recent success. Without having had the chance to see him play, I like that I can rely on his offer/interest list to feel good about him. And obviously the interviews and shots of him smiling giving Race a high five at the game make me like the dude a lot. Gabe Cupps! We barely know the kid, and he’s this huge deal in Ohio and on Instagram. Now he’s out there helping us recruit other players to his position! I hope we land Little. And I can’t wait to see what our playing style becomes when we’re flush with high level combo guards.
  8. Stromboli

    IUBB vs Penn State - 1/26/22 @ 8:30 on BTN

    Wait. I’m hip too. Pretty sure you guys are talking about green beans.
  9. Stromboli

    (2023) - PG Gabe Cupps to INDIANA

    From the game a couple days ago. Demo gave a better report on Cupps but this helps some. https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdr97sa4/ https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdr9WRgK/ Yes, obnoxious the guy never states Cupps has committed to Indiana. Several in the comments point it out.
  10. Stromboli

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    You should DEFINITELY be a power 6 coach by now
  11. Stromboli

    IUBB @ Iowa - 01/13/22 @ 9:00 ET on FS1

    Um. As a better lawyer, we enjoin him from changing out of his suit. The suit being the status quo we seek to keep. It’s all in the wording. Then you forum shop to file in a court with an IU fan judge. Win the temporary injunction while the case is pending, and just rack up the billables for years. Follow me for more practice tips.
  12. I guess maybe it’s better Booker couldn’t make it for that meeting. Awwwwkwaaarrrdd.
  13. Stromboli

    IUBB vs Minnesota - 1/09/22 @ Noon on BTN

    Galloway coming in off the bench if this keeps up.
  14. Stromboli

    (2022) - SG C. J. Gunn to INDIANA

    Young fella seems to have upped his production