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  1. I think they just made a job for Robert’s. Doubt it gets back filled.
  2. Jam

    (2022) - SG Chris Livingston

    Do you think the new staff will have any more traction with him than the last?
  3. Jam

    2024 General Recruiting Thread

    Do you think this staff will have any greater traction with some players offered by the previous staff like Chris Livingston or AJ Casey?
  4. Does anyone have a sense how the IU recruiting priorities may have changed with the coaching staff changes. Are some of the players that were previously offered still be contacted? We recently saw some new offers. Are they higher priority than some of the older ones? Any insight or impressions appreciated
  5. Jam

    Player decisions

    I’m hoping for two more impact players
  6. Yes, the recruiting misses of the two previous coaches were the harbinger of the end of their tenures.
  7. Ivy League doesn’t have athletic scholarships
  8. Always loved the story about his making the second free throw to beat Kansas in 53. In the post game interview, he was told McCracken said that he,Leonard, had ice water in his veins. Bobby responded, that he didn’t know about that but it sure felt warm running down his leg.
  9. Jam

    Player decisions

    There will be recruiting space next year
  10. Jam

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Top of the wish list
  11. Just the rumor of a large catering order from Johnny Jager
  12. If I could write that well, I could’ve written this.