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  1. PartyintheVillas

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    It would have been nice to have McNeely still and be looking for a pass first, defense first PG to get the ball to Galloway, McNeely, Mbako, and Reneau for open 3's. This team needs an elite defensive PG more than offense. Once our backcourt D is broken down, we're going to be ugly with Reneau and Mbako guarding the 3-5.
  2. PartyintheVillas

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    So does Jalen Blackmon want to be the third is his family in crimson and cream?
  3. PartyintheVillas

    Fire Coach Woodson + Assessment of Former Posters

    If we're going to ignore the rules on pay for play, not care about the players academic careers, and really not care about them as people and send them packing as soon as they aren't good enough, can we just hire Kelvin Sampson back? Seems like Mike Woodson is Kelvin Sampson but much worse at coaching basketball.
  4. PartyintheVillas

    Fire Coach Woodson + Assessment of Former Posters

    I bet the academic support staff is thrilled with bringing in 9 transfers a year.